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10 New Unskilled Jobs in Canada 2023 – Apply Here

10 New Unskilled Jobs in Canada 2023: People with different levels of education and skills can find different kinds of jobs in Canada. For those who lack specialised skills, there are still a large number of unskilled job opportunities available in the United States.Below are ten new unskilled occupations in Canada to consider:

  1. Warehouse employees: Warehouse employees are accountable for receiving, storing, and transporting items. They load and unload cars, maintain inventory, and organise goods at a warehouse.
  2. Meal service Employees work at restaurants, cafeterias, and other facilities that provide food service. They put together and prepare supper meals, serve prospects, and clear the kitchen and eating space.
  3. Retail sales associates: Retail sales associates work in shops and stores, assisting customers with their purchases, stocking shelves, and handling cash transactions.
  4. Janitor: Janitors are responsible for cleansing and sustaining buildings, places of work, and other services. They clear flooring, carpets, restrooms, and usual areas.
  5. Landscaping employees: landscaping employees are accountable for maintaining gardens, lawns, and different outdoor areas. They mow the grass, trim the trees and bushes, and plant flowers and bushes.
  6. Supply driver: Supply drivers are accountable for transporting items and packages to their vacation spots. They load and unload cars, inspect the condition of packages, and ensure their timely delivery.
  7. Safety guard: Safety guards are liable for sustaining the protection and safety of humans and property.  They monitor safety cameras, patrol sites, and reply to alarms.
  8. Housekeepers are in charge of cleaning and maintaining homes and other residential properties.They vacuum the carpets, dust the furniture, and clean the bathrooms and kitchens.
  9. Farm labourer: Farm labourers are answerable for planting, harvesting, and sustaining crops. They operate machinery, fertilise fields, and select fruits and vegetables.
  10. Private care employee: Private care personnel are liable for supplying aid to elderly or disabled people with routine actions reminiscent of showering, dressing, and grooming. In addition, they provide friendship and emotional support.

These unskilled occupations give a stepping stone for people to realise their expertise, improve their job skills, and work within their means as much as higher-paying positions. Many of those careers also provide opportunities for part-time work, which can be beneficial for those who have other responsibilities, such as education or childcare. 

Details About 10 New Unskilled Jobs in Canada 2023

Company: Agriculture, Government Jobs, Construction Jobs
Job Role:10 New Unskilled jobs in Canada
Career Level:Mid Career
Job Type:Full Time
Min. Education:High School / Secondary
Job Category: Agriculture, Government Jobs, Construction Jobs
Min. Experience:1-2 Years
Job Location: Ontario, Canada
State:Ontario, Canada
Salary:CAD 2000 – CAD 12000 Per Month
Benefits:Will be discussed in the interview
Hiring By:Employer

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Responsibilities for 10 New Unskilled Jobs in Canada 2023

  • Assist a crew of welders and fitters by arranging equipment and assisting with the preparation of supplies.
  • Assist painters/sandblasters by organising their equipment.
  • Help the mechanical crew by helping with the setup, meeting, and disassembly of assorted mechanical elements
  • Provide tradespeople with standard housekeeping and ensure a continuous supply of consumables.
  • Do unskilled tasks on board ship, such as cleaning tanks and bilges, providing security and heath watch, general housekeeping, and assisting the professional trades.
  • As a Confined Area Attendant, perform air high quality checks, monitor entrances and exits of confined areas, and communicate with various crew members in addition to the Confined Area Rescue Group. Anticipate any sizzling work to be performed.
  • Maintain the yard, store, or equipment as directed by a lead hand.
  • Assist with the docking and undocking of vessels entering and leaving dry-docks.
  • Use of respirators, SCBA equipment, fall arrest harnesses, etc.
  • Different duties are required.

{Qualifications} & Expertise for 10 New Unskilled Jobs in Canada 2023

  • Be of legal age to work in Ontario.
  • Get the physical means to do heavy manual labor for long periods of time.
  • Basic development skills are an asset.
  • Proficiency with hand tools is an asset.
  • This means working at heights using scaffolding, main lifts, ladders, etc.
  • This means working in confined areas
  • This means working outside year-round in all weather conditions (cold, heat, wind, rain, snow, etc.).
  • That means carrying a maximum of 80 lbs. Heavy objects can also be lifted with different crew or gear.

In conclusion

There are many unskilled job alternatives in Canada that provide people with opportunities to earn income and gain work skills. The ten jobs listed above are just a few examples of the alternatives out there, and those interested in exploring these job alternatives can visit job search websites or local employment companies for positions there. can check for

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Canada accept unskilled workers?

    Immigrating to Canada as a low-skilled worker in 2023 is easier than one might think. This is because the economy depends not only on traders but also on unskilled laborers such as farm workers, truck drivers, waiters and janitors who are considered to be the foundation upon which large industries depend.

  2. What is the salary of unskilled workers in Canada?

    How much does an unskilled earn in Canada? The average unskilled salary in Canada is $37,538 per year or $19.25 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $34,613 per year, while most experienced workers earn up to $56,363 per year.

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