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Bank Customer Service Assistant Jobs in UK 2023 Apply Now

Job Description

Whitehaven, England

Details About Bank Customer Service Assistant Jobs in UK 2023

  • Customer Service Assistant, Bank, Band 2—WCH
  • The Service Desk, Reception Services, and Security Office of West Cumberland Hospital (WCH) are critical trust functions.
  • In addition to front-line receptionist duties, the holder of this position will help staff the WCH Security Office, which is in charge of a variety of security and emergency response tasks, such as answering emergency or cardiac phones, reviewing on-site CCTV footage, and communicating via bleep and radio systems.
Bank Customer Service Assistant Jobs in UK 2023 Apply Now
Bank Customer Service Assistant Jobs in UK 2023 Apply Now

To effectively manage the site’s service desk and related systems, the person in charge must log all service requests and communicate professionally with Estates & Facilities staff.

As many locations as needed, provide hospital reception services.

This position necessitates the capacity to work 12-hour shifts at a facility that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.

Deadline For Application: 2023-07-20

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What bank pays you to join the United Kingdom?

    FlexDirect from Nationwide pays up to £125 to new clients. Everyone who switches from a non-Nationwide account is eligible unless their current account is in collections or has been frozen.

  2. What prerequisites are necessary to become a customer service assistant?

    You must have customer service abilities.
    to be meticulous and attentive to detail.
    ability to cooperate effectively with others.
    sensitivity and comprehension
    patience and the capacity to maintain composure under pressure.
    the capacity to absorb constructive criticism and perform successfully under pressure.
    good verbal communication abilities.

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