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Crew Leader Jobs in New York 2023 Apply Now

Crew Leader Jobs in New York 2023: Do you enjoy all things related to movies? In that case, you could be a good addition to our team. Improve your communication, leadership, and time management skills with AMC and benefit from our career advancement prospects. The AMC crew gets daily free popcorn, 50% off food and beverages, flexible scheduling, the ability to collaborate with colleagues, and, most importantly for us moviegoers, FREE movies at all of our theaters around the country.
To provide our customers and workers with the most cutting-edge experience imaginable, AMC’s corporate culture prioritizes innovation and diversity. We set a good example by doing the right thing and are accountable for our actions and the success of our organization.

Job Details

Part-time$16.35 – $16.85 an hour


  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Flexible schedule


  • Leadership communication competence
  • Time management
  • Guest Services
Crew Leader Jobs in New York 2023 Apply Now
Crew Leader Jobs in New York 2023 Apply Now


Deliver exceptional service when interacting with AMC guests and key employees.
Round-by-round, optimize crew placement for each job function.

  • Help with the distribution of breaks and responsibilities within a specific area.
  • The staff will reiterate the Wardrobe 101 Standards.
  • Peer mentoring for the AMC Stubs sales pitch
  • Handle visitor questions, complaints, and issues, including pass distribution as necessary.
  • Focus on providing pleasant, clean, and timely Overall Satisfaction (OS) drivers.
  • Follow up on daily opening and closing duties, as well as responsibilities for the Theatre Clean Up Program (TCUP), Kitchen Clean Up Program (KCUP), and MacGuffins Clean Up Program (Mac-CUP).
  • instruct and assist theater employees in the execution, coaching, monitoring, and coordination of safe and clean protocols.
  • Control line checks, inventory, the Freestyle/condiment section, and the back bar/hot food assembly.
  • Banks that distribute (box office, concession, guest service, and arcade).
  • Provide change as needed through a remote supply bank or floor safe.
  • Remove cash from drawers and drop boxes and hand it to a manager or supervisor to help with timely drops.
  • Distribute inventory to support the food and beverage station.
  • As the theater closes, keep the inventory safe.
  • Restock the CAABO cash supply (Cash Accepting Automated Ticket Offices).
  • Assist with stockroom organization and inventory management.
  • Help with cancellations, refunds, and blocked seats, as well as line management.
  • As needed, assist with maintenance requirements.
  • Help with the revision of marketing items such as posters, standees, and handouts.
  • Assist with booth operations.
  • Help with Radiant’s performance scheduling.
  • Carry out actual crew functions as directed by corporate levels.
  • Additional responsibilities as given by management (must adhere to crew access policy).
  • Keep consistent attendance for all scheduled shifts to ensure assignments are completed on time.
  • Maintain AMC’s business practices and program compliance.


  • Excellent guest service skills.
  • ability to successfully communicate and work with guests in a high-volume workplace.
  • Interpersonal and leadership characteristics that are effective
  • effectiveness in interacting with supervisors and coworkers.
  • aptitude to perform with minimal monitoring.
  • ability to meet deadlines
  • capable of displaying competency in all areas of the crew


  • nametag and red T-shirt furnished by Theatre
  • Provided by Associate: black pants, black slip-resistant shoes, a black belt, and black socks.
  • AMC and its subsidiaries adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local employment laws and are committed to equal employment opportunities. AMC prohibits and will not tolerate discrimination based on race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, military status, veteran status, genetic information, or any other reason prohibited by federal, state, or local law, regulation, or ordinance. This policy applies to all employment terms and conditions, including hiring, promotion, punishment, salary, benefits, and termination of employment.

Compensation Information

When necessary, AMC gives a salary range for open positions. In determining actual remuneration, factors that may be considered include, but are not limited to, specific skill sets, appropriate experience, and geographic location. Depending on the needs of the organization, the pay range for this role may be lower or higher in different areas.

This position’s remuneration ranges from $16.35 to $16.85 per hour.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Age 16 and up; other age restrictions may apply depending on the region.
  • Performable requirements, with or without appropriate accommodation:

Frequent standing, walking, lifting, twisting, and bending are required.
Capable of transporting up to 50 pounds for up to 90 feet (or depositing into a dumpster or trash compactor). 

How to apply?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one become a crew chief?

Crew Chief Qualifications: high school diploma or GED
Hospitality management experience with a proven track record
and a food handler’s certificate.
expertise in the food service industry.
The capacity to function effectively in a fast-paced situation
strong management skills.
Outstanding organizational and time management abilities

Which positions are in demand in New York?

Health care, education, and finance are among the leading industries in New York. New York’s average weekly wage in 2021 was approximately $1,690. Transportation and storage employees are among the most in demand. Also experiencing shortages and high demand are positions in healthcare support.

At what age may a person begin crew?

Rowing can be a physically difficult activity, and high school is often where children join the crew. Children younger than this age also participate, but they cannot compete. According to many, the typical age to begin rowing is 12. This can vary based on the ability and strength of your child.

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