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Electrical Technician Job Vaccancy at Unilever 2023 – Apply HERE

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Electrical Technician Job Vaccancy at Unilever 2023: Unilever uses management development (MD) as a strategic strategy to achieve its short- and long-term objectives. In recent years, Unilever has faced a period of rapid transformation, and MD has played a crucial role in conveying this transition throughout the organisation and preparing people to adapt.

Role And Responsibilities for Electrical Technician Job Vaccancy at Unilever

Install and maintain electrical systems and equipment.

  • Constructing an electrical system
  • Based on engineering data and knowledge of electrical principles, install and repair motor-control devices, switch panels, transformers, generator windings, solenoids, and other electrical equipment and parts.
  • under the direction of the Electrical Engineer, modifies electrical prototypes to resolve operational issues.
  • Determine why electrical equipment is not functioning or has stopped functioning, and perform both preventative and corrective maintenance.
  • documents the outcomes of routine electrical tests and recommends or initiates the replacement of equipment that does not meet acceptable operating standards.
  • Inform the electrical engineer of the status of daily duties and labour.
  • Follow the maintenance schedule or plan and complete all of the assigned production maintenance tasks.
  • Non-routine maintenance or maintenance required because something broke should be performed.Work with electrical engineers and other personnel to identify, define, and resolve electrical issues.
  • communicates with several departments regarding various electrical maintenance tasks.
  • communicate with individuals in different maintenance and service departments to coordinate building and plant repairs and routine maintenance.
  • Utilize the most effective “best practise” production techniques to improve productivity and reduce CoPQ (the cost of poor quality).
Electrical Technician Job Vaccancy at Unilever 2023 - Apply HERE
Electrical Technician Job Vaccancy at Unilever 2023 – Apply HERE

Requirements for qualifications and education

  • HND in Electrical Engineering minimum of two years’ work experience
  • Excellent communication and organisational abilities, as well as the capacity to work in a dynamic, fast-paced atmosphere,
  • Show that you know how to use different tools to find and fix electrical problems.
  • Assist the maintenance manager in controlling and organising the necessary tasks.
  • must have fundamental knowledge and expertise with electrical systems.

The Unilever

Unilever is committed to equity, inclusion, and diversity in order to drive our business success and make a better future for our many employees, global customers, partners, and communities every day.

We think that having a diverse staff will help us reach our growth goals and make the organization more welcoming. At Unilever, we want everyone, including you, to bring their “whole selves” to work. So, if you need help or special access, please let us know when you apply so that we can help you through the whole process of hiring.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should you apply to Unilever?

    When you work with Unilever, you can bring your personal mission to life through your job. You will collaborate with beloved companies to enhance the lives of consumers and communities. You will work with ideas that contribute to the expansion of our business and the betterment of the environment and our society.

  2. Why ask interview questions about Unilever?

    Possible and past Unilever video interview questions: motivating questions
    What do you know about us?…
    What is your favourite among our products?
    What are your objectives for the placement?
    What are your professional goals?
    Why might you be a good fit for one of our positions?

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