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Electrician Jobs in Canada 2023 – Apply Now

Electrician Jobs in Canada 2023: If you are looking for a career with a high salary, high demand, and long-term stability, becoming an electrician may be the right path for you.
The demand for qualified, hardworking electricians to work in Canada and all available vacancies will be highlighted, as electrician jobs are on the rise.

Therefore, if you are a foreigner seeking to immigrate to Canada, you can rest assured that you will have secured employment prior to your arrival.

The Role of Electricians

Electricians are very important because they set up, fix, and manage electrical systems, making sure that electricity is distributed safely and effectively. They work in places like homes, businesses, and factories.

Details About Electrician Jobs in Canada 2023

Without a degree, electricians work as apprentices to acquire experience and earn a competitive salary.

Electrician Jobs in Canada 2023
Electrician Jobs in Canada 2023

In residences, businesses, and factories, an electrician installs, maintains, and repairs electrical power, communications, lighting, and control systems.

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Variations Of Electrician

  • Residential electrician
  • Apprentice electrician
  • Apprentice electrician in the construction
  • electrician for construction
  • Electrician for Installation and Maintenance
  • Domestic and rural electricians
  • Electrician
  • Electrification system technicians
  • Electrical Mechanics
  • Industrial technicians

Requirement To Be An Electrician In Canada

In order to advance your career as an electrician in Canada, you must strictly adhere to all applicable regulations.

Every foreign electrician who wishes to immigrate to Canada is required to have a valid work visa.

Canadian employers are required to obtain a labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in order to meet the growing demand for electricians in local labor markets, industries, and other sectors, as well as to hire efficient and ideal candidates for the occupation of an electrician. This assessment enables skilled workers to obtain a Canadian work permit without difficulty.

How to Become a Canadian Electrician

Time will be required if you wish to become an electrician. Training and licensing are not fast processes.

This occupation is governed by the Ontario College of Trades. To become a journeyperson, you must obtain a Certificate of Qualification (C of Q).

This method involves:

  • Membership in the Ontario College of Trades
  • Having completed 8160 hours of on-the-job training
  • 840 hours of classroom training Completion of the electrician certification exam
  • Applying for certification and registration as a journeyman in the trade
  • That is an aggregate of 9,000 hours. Prior to certification, you will likely spend approximately five years in training and as an apprentice.

Electrician Jobs In Canada – Job Bank Canada

Job Bank Canada is the national employment service and the primary source of electrician jobs in Canada for both foreign nationals and Canadian citizens seeking employment.

Employers in Canada also seek to recruit young, skilled workers who can work as electricians in Canadian industries for an extended period of time.

Consequently, many Canadian provinces and territories have an abundance of industrial electrician positions for qualified candidates.

Numerous electrician positions have been posted on Job Canada by Canadian employers seeking to hire electricians.

All available positions will be highlighted below, including:

Hiring CompanySalaryLocation
1. T.G.L. Inc.$28.00 hourlyMississauga, ON
2. Dynamic Energy Services Inc.$35.00 hourlyBurlington, ON
3. Venne & fils entrepreneur électricien inc$20.16 to $40.31 hourlyVarious Locations
4. Contemar Silo Systems Inc$30.00 hourlyConcord, ON
5. All-Stat Electric Ltd. – YorktonNegotiableYorkton, SK
6. TWI Foods Inc.$32.00 to $38.00 hourlyEtobicoke, ON
7. B&R Crevatin Electric Inc.$34.00 to $40.00 hourlyWindsor, ON
8. DaSilva and Associates Inc.$47.00 hourlyMidland, ON
9. DaSilva and Associates Inc.$43.00 hourlyRichmond Hill, ON
10. Washington MillsNot availablePort Colborne, ON

The Average Electrician Salary in Canada

  • The average annual salary for an electrician in Canada is $62,327, or $31.96 per hour.
  • Annual salaries for entry-level positions begin at $54,550
  • While most experienced employees make up to $72,922 per year.

Top Cities for Electricians

Due to ongoing urban growth and infrastructure projects, electricians can find a lot of work in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.


Starting a job as an electrician in Canada is a good idea because it can lead to growth, stability, and the chance to help the country improve its technology. Whether you’re just starting out or want to make a change, electrician jobs in Canada are open to hardworking people who are ready to power up their careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are electricians in demand in Canada?

    In the third quarter of 2022 (July to September), there were 5,275 job openings for electricians (excluding industrial and power systems) in Canada, an increase of over 51 percent (+51.6%) or 1,995 positions compared to the same period in 2021.

  • How do I find employment as an electrician in Canada?

    Employment requirements
    Trade certification typically requires completion of a four- or five-year industrial electrician apprenticeship program or a combination of over five years of work experience in the trade and some high school, college, or industry courses in industrial electrical equipment.

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