Factory Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners 2023 – Apply Now

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Factory Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners 2023: Factory Jobs For Foreigners In Singapore enables the commercialization of various factory jobs for foreigners. This post will discuss key aspects of Singapore Factory Jobs and the website where applications may be submitted.
Foreigners and newbies must ensure they follow each step and method outlined on the website in order to gain jobs easily.

Details About Factory Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners 2023

The Background of the Singapore Factory Job

  • This essay will describe the existence of Singapore, one of the Asian countries, and factory work.
  • Singapore was founded by a prince from Sumatra who, upon landing on the island, saw a suspicious lion and interpreted it as a sign of good luck.
  • Present-day Singapore is derived from Singapura, which translates to ‘lion city’; it has a small population of European towns and smaller trading ports.
  • Singapore is the finest nation for employment and business exploitation, and it has been ranked well for intellectual property protection on multiple occasions.
  • As one of the top places to study and conduct business, Singapore receives a great deal of international praise for its academic standards.
  • Singapore’s health status is also among the greatest in the world, with a quality medical system and a ranking as the world’s healthiest nation.
  • The Factory Job in Singapore has an exceptional level of factor management analysis responsibilities.
Factory Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners 2023 - Apply Now
Factory Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners 2023 – Apply Now

Essential Candidate Requirements for the Singapore Factory Job

These are the prerequisites for candidates:

Minimum AgeThe candidate should be not less than eighteen (18) years
Maximum Age The candidates should not be more than forty-eight (48) years of age
Educational RequirementSchool Level-High School Level in the factory-related field. (However, education is not necessary).
Health Status The candidates must be mentally and physically stable and possess health stability.
Criminal Status The candidates should have a clear record of criminal activities.
Work ExperienceTwo years plus (2+) of work experience is preferable for candidates.

How to Apply for Singapore Factory Jobs

Here are the application instructions:

  • Here is the application link to search for available jobs: https://sg.jobsdb.com
  • Provide the right information.
  • Enter the right email address.
  • Use recent photos & newest CV/ resume
  • Click the submit button.
  • Deadline: 2023-08-23

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Responsibilities Of A Singapore Factory Machine Operator

The Singapore factory accelerates output, luring critical commodities in the manufacturing sector.

The machine operators in the Singapore factory have a thorough understanding of how the factory’s machinery functions.

The fundamental duties of machine operators have a substantial effect on heavy and delicate types of machinery and equipment.

For proper machinery operation, operators must adhere to all factory-related instructions.

The Responsibilities of Singapore’s Machine Operators

They are accountable for the following:

  • The Machine operators organize a strategic arrangement for the manufacturing facility.
  • Machine operators assist in industrial operations.
  • Machine operators aid in the maintenance of machinery.
  • The Machine operators adhere to each and every instruction in the machinery’s folder. The Machine operators find a solution that can positively impact the equipment industry.
  • The Machine operators provide sufficient labor to the factory.

The Benefits for Machine operators of the Singapore Factory

The Machine operators require the following possible advantages from the Singapore factory:

  • Payment yearly
  • Life Insurance
  • Pension scheme
  • Health coverage
  • Illness leave
  • Disability coverage

Lists of Singaporean Manufacturing or Factory Companies

These are the following factory companies in Singapore below:

  • Flex Ltd Micron Semiconductor Asia Operation Pte Seagate Singapore International Headquarters Pte Avago Technologies International Sales Pte Olam International Limited.
  • Cloud Network Technology Singapore Pte., a subsidiary of Sia Engineering Company Limited, is a provider of cloud network technology in Singapore.

Singapore Factory Worker Job Openings in 2023

Here are the job openings in Singapore in 2023:

Production Operator

Name of JobProduction Operator
Salary SGD 2k-2.8k per month

General Worker

Name of JobGeneral Worker
Salary SGD 1.6k-1.9k per month

Production Worker

Name of JobProduction Worker
Salary SGD 1.5k-1.6k per month

Production Operator (Golden Luck)

Name of JobProduction Operator (Golden Luck)
Salary SGD 1.3k-1.7k per month

Machine Operator

Name of JobMachine Operator
Salary SGD 1.8k-2.5k per month

Production Installer

Name of JobProduction Installer
Salary SGD 1.5k-2.3k per month


Name of JobOperator
Salary SGD 1.3k-1.6k per month

Production Specialist

Name of JobProduction Specialist
Salary SGD 3.8k-4.2k per month

Stock and Machine Operator

Name of JobStock and Machine Operator
LocationJurong East
Salary SGD 1.8k-2k per month

Electrician Cum General Workers

Name of JobElectrician Cum General Workers
Salary SGD 2.2k-3.5k per month

Food Processing Workers

Name of JobFood Processing Workers
Salary SGD 1.2k-1.3k per month

Car Groomer/Polisher

Name of JobCar Groomer/Polisher
Salary SGD 1.8k-2.3k per month

Reach Stacker Operator

Name of JobReach Stacker Operator
Salary SGD 1.7k-2k per month

Factory Jobs In Singapore 2023

These are the factories below:

Name of Factory JobSalary Dollars ($)Location
Sugar Production Operator3,200Singapore
Factory Cleaner2,000-2,500Sembawang
Chemical Technician2,500-3,500Central Singapore
QA/QC Technician2,700-2,900West Singapore
Food Production Technician2,400-4,000Singapore
Production Packer1,800-2,400Singapore
Packaging Operator1,800-3,000Singapore
Electrical Technician2,300-2,500West Singapore
Production Operator1,400-2,000Singapore
Junior Graphic Artist1,600-2,000Central Singapore
Process Operator1,500-3,000Boon Lay
Part Quality Engineer2,900-4,200Central Singapore
Production Operator (Medical Devices)3,200Singapore
Store Assistant1,800-2,800Singapore
Hand Packer2,700-3,300Singapore
Operator (Manufacturing)900-1000Bukit Merah

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one obtain a job offer in Singapore?

How to obtain employment as a foreigner in Singapore
Understand the Singaporean work culture…
Investigate the industries with the most demand.
Choose a platform for your job search…
Think of studying in Singapore…
Comprehend the prerequisites for employment in Singapore…
Create your application documents.

What qualifications are required to work in a factory?

Abilities and expertise required for thoroughness and attention to detail.
ability to cooperate effectively with others.
patience and the capacity to maintain composure under pressure.
the capacity to control and operate the equipment.
to be adaptable and receptive to change.
physical capabilities such as strength and coordination.

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