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International students can apply online for the Fully Funded Italy Scholarships 2023 for a chance to study for free at any of the top-ranked Italian universities.

Italy is one of the most popular European study destinations. It is also the most desirable country under the infamous Erasmus exchange program. The cuisine, the landscape, and the architecture are additional reasons to study in Italy. Italy is the most competitive country in Western Europe in terms of education. The universities resemble works of art, and the education system uses non-traditional methods of instruction to prepare students for the challenges of professional life.

Italy offers degree programs in both English and Italian.

Italy’s educational institutions formerly taught in Italian. In recent years, however, the majority of higher education institutions have begun teaching in English alongside Italian. The universities offer both Italian and English courses. Students are required to demonstrate their language proficiency in any language they elect to study.

During the course of their studies, English-speaking students must also demonstrate their Italian proficiency. This assists them in interacting with others and prepares them for professional life in Italy.

Can you work in Italy with a student VISA?

Students from the European Union have the same ability to work full-time as Italian students. Students from outside the EU are limited to 20 hours of part-time employment per week (not exceeding 4 hours a day). Students may need a firm grasp of the Italian language in order to find employment after graduation.

Cost of living in Italy for students:

In Italy, the cost of living for a single person is approximately 1,500 Euros. Italy is slightly less expensive than the majority of Western European nations. This cost may increase or decrease depending on the neighborhood or city in which you choose to reside.

Leading Universities in Italy

Higher education in Italy is comprised of colleges, universities, polytechnics, and specialized postgraduate institutions. The top five Italian schools are:

  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
  • Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa
  • Università di Bologna
  • Sapienza – Università di Roma

Italian Awards for 2023:

Almost every Italian university offers its students scholarships and grants. Most institutions of higher education are public. Universities, the government, or private donors provide funding for the scholarships. Let’s examine several of them:

 Italian Government Scholarships

Every year, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) awards Italian scholarships to international students. The grantees may attend any Italian educational institution. These scholarships are available for the study of undergraduate programs, courses related to music, dance, the Italian language, arts and culture, and doctoral programs under supervision.

Scholarship benefits include tuition and enrollment fee waivers, health, medical, and accidental insurance, and a monthly stipend of 900 Euros. The duration of the scholarship is up to nine months.

Politecnico de Milano grants

Each year, Politecnico di Milano awards merit-based scholarships to deserving students. The students must first pass a language examination before being automatically considered for the scholarship. The scholarships are only available for the first two semesters of study. Under merit-based scholarships, there are three types of scholarship programs:

The Platinum Scholarship provides students with a monetary award of 10,000 euros and a tuition waiver. The recipient of the scholarship is only required to pay an administrative fee of around 200 euros.

Gold: The Gold scheme provides a yearly stipend of 5,000 euros and a tuition waiver. The scholarship recipient receives the amount in two or three installments per year.

Silver: The silver plan only includes a waiver of tuition fees. The student will be responsible for covering all of his or her own living expenses. Additionally, he or she will be required to pay the administrative fee.

University of Bologna Scholarships

The University of Bologna offers tuition fee waivers and grants/stipends to its meritorious international students enrolling in First, second, and single-cycle programs. Students in first- and single-cycle programs will receive close to five awards. These awards consist of a tuition fee waiver worth €16,000 and a study grant worth €11,000.

Students pursuing a second-cycle degree will receive 17 awards, including a tuition fee waiver of up to 100,000 Euros and a study grant of approximately 11,000 Euros. These awards are restricted to international students whose previous education was completed outside of Italy.

University of Padua Scholarships

The University of Padua awards approximately 100 scholarships to refugees. The value of the scholarship consists of a tuition fee waiver and other free student services, such as on-campus housing and meals at the university cafeteria.

Engineering, information technology, economics, and management sciences are the subject areas of a second scholarship available to international students only. The scholarship has a one-year duration and provides a monthly stipend of 900 euros. The stipend may be used for living or educational expenses. The scholarship may also be awarded for the second year of the master’s degree if the student meets certain criteria based on the results of the final examination.

Scuola Normale Superiore Scholarships

Scuola Normale Superiore In the fields of data science, molecular sciences, philosophy, mathematics, political sciences, sociology, classics, mathematics, etc., Ph.D. scholarships are available. The number of scholarships is 68, and they are awarded to both domestic and international students.

The benefits of the scholarship include a waiver of tuition fees and an exemption from paying room and board fees as well as accommodation fees. The students will also receive a grant to conduct local and international research.

 Bocconi University Awards

International students are awarded merit-based bachelor’s and master’s level scholarships at Bocconi University. The university grants a tuition fee waiver of up to 12,000 euros per year to bachelor’s students. The value of the award for master’s students is a tuition fee waiver of 13,000 euros per year. Free housing can also be provided for a small number of students.

If recipients meet certain criteria at the end of the first year, they will be automatically considered for renewal for the second year.

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