Fully Funded Scholarships 2023

Fully Funded Portugal Scholarships 2023 For International Students

Fully Funded Portugal Scholarships 2023 For International Students: Universities in Portugal are regarded as the best in the world due to the quality of their academic programs. Higher education institutions in Portugal offer fully funded and partially funded scholarships (the European Social Fund contributes 50% of the scholarship’s funding).

Details About Fully Funded Portugal Scholarships 2023 For International Students

Undergraduate programs last 4 Years, Master’s programs 2 Years, and Doctoral programs 3 Years.

If you desire an excellent education, Portugal should be at the top of your list of countries to study abroad. Unbelievably, the Portuguese Government provides a substantial number of Scholarships, including:

Fully Funded Portugal Scholarships 2023 For International Students
Fully Funded Portugal Scholarships 2023 For International Students
  • Grants from the SASUP
  • Grants for academic excellence
  • Scientific fellowships
  • Lisbon Scholarships, University of Coimbra Scholarships, and Additional Assistance.

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Details of Portugal Fully Funded Scholarships, 2023

  • Scholarship Country: Portugal
  • Degree Level: Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate
  • Financial Coverage: List of Portugal Universities Without IELTS that Are Supported
  • Lisbon University New University of Lisbon
  • College of Coimbra
  • The Universities of Aveiro and Porto

Eligible Fields of Courses

  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Biotechnology engineering
  • Nursing
  • Finance
  • Medicine
  • Medicine
  • Finance
  • Architecture
  • Management
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Cooking Arts
  • General Engineering

List of Portugal Academic Awards

Following is a list of Portuguese government-sponsored scholarships.

SAUSP Scholarships

This award is available to students pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Integrated Master’s degree. The SAUSP is provided by the University of Porto’s Social Services. Lodging, food, transportation, and any associated costs are fully funded.

Merit Scholarship

The University of Porto also awards merit scholarships aside from normal scholarships. This scholarship is awarded each year to the students ranked at the top of their class. The University faculties are responsible for the selection of the awarded students.

Scientific Scholarship

The scientific initiation scholarship awards are sponsored by the University of Porto. It is a research scholarship offered to holders of bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees to obtain scientific training in research projects or in national scientific and technological.

University of Lisbon Scholarship

The University of Lisbon intends to grant scholarships and incentives so that its students that is, the ones of renowned merit – may continue their scientific or technological research projects. Click the link below for Lisbon scholarships:

 University of Coimbra Scholarships

The University of Coimbra has a rich academic culture brought about by International Students from more than 100 countries worldwide. The University aims to provide students with better living conditions and study experiences, with a pack of financial support options for International Students. Visit the link below to apply for Coimbra Scholarships:

Frequently Asked Questions

Exist any fully financed scholarship opportunities for international students?

Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship to the USA
This scholarship program is entirely sponsored. Level of Study: Masters, Ph.D., Research. The end date is October 31, 2023.

Which Portuguese university offers scholarships to international students?

The Portuguese government offers Fully Paid Scholarships to international students. Scholarships are offered for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph. D., BE, and ME Degrees in any program. This renowned scholarship is granted by the Ministry of Portugal to the University of Porto.

Full Funded Scholarships

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