Visa Sponsored General Labourer Jobs In Canada 2023

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Visa Sponsored General Labourer Jobs In Canada: Jobs As A Common Laborer Include A Wide Range Of Handbook Duties In Several Industries Such As Development, Manufacturing, Warehousing, And Agriculture. A normal laborer’s first function is to perform a variety of bodily duties that require little or no specialized expertise or training. These responsibilities can range from loading and unloading supplies to cleaning up job sites and performing other primary duties as needed.

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The demand for regular laborers in Canada is high, and it is a necessary occupation in many industries. According to the Canadian Job Financial Institution, normal laborers are classified as semi-skilled occupations with a medium employment outlook, and the number of job openings for normal laborers is expected to grow in the coming years.

Laborer jobs in Canada frequently require a high school diploma or equivalent, but no formal schooling or coaching is required. Employers may, however, prefer candidates with experience in manual labor or related fields. Many common laborer jobs are entry-level positions, providing opportunities for individuals to gain work experience and develop new skills.

Visa Sponsored General Labourer Jobs In Canada 2023
Visa Sponsored General Labourer Jobs In Canada 2023

About Heddle Shipyards

Heddle Shipyards is the largest Canadian ship repair and development company on the Great Lakes. The Company Is Entering An Unprecedented Period Of Development Driven By Alternatives Created By Canada’s National Shipbuilding Technique. At the same time, the corporation is implementing the Ontario Shipyard Modernization Challenge (OSMP), a multi-million-dollar initiative that is revolutionizing shipyard operations in Ontario and, eventually, Canada.

Position Summary

The basic laborer is responsible for assisting the various expert trades with their work duties and assisting with general yard duties.

The individual will perform duties to ensure the well-being and security requirements are met, which corresponds to performing as a confined house attendant and a hearth watch. They will ensure proper housekeeping for security functions, such as keeping workstations clear and removing slip hazards (E.G. Snow Removing, Sanding The Bottom).

This Successful Applicant Will Collaborate Closely With Several Expert Tradespeople, Offering Studying And Development Opportunities.

The responsibilities of a regular laborer in Canada may differ depending on the company or organization for which they work. A Normal Laborer’s Frequent Tasks Include:

  • Loading And Unloading Supplies: Loading And Unloading Supplies, Instruments, And Tools From Vehicles, Ships, Or Trains Could Be Charged To Common Laborers.
  • Cleansing and Maintaining Work Areas: They may be charged for keeping work areas clear and organized, which may include sweeping, mopping, and waste disposal.
  • Helping Expert Employees: Common laborers may assist expert employees with their duties, such as carpenters, electricians, or plumbers.
  • Working Equipment: In some cases, ordinary laborers may use equipment such as forklifts, cranes, or hand tools to assist with duties.
  • Transporting Supplies: They may be paid to transport supplies, instruments, or tools from one location to another.
  • Handbook Labor: Common Laborers may be required to perform Handbook Labor, such as digging, lifting, or carrying heavy objects.
  • Following Security Procedures: They Must Comply With All Security Procedures And Wear Acceptable Protection Equipment To Avoid Harm While Performing Their Duties.

The average hourly wage for regular laborers in Canada ranges from $14 to $20 per hour, depending on the business and placement. Wages, however, may vary depending on the employer and the extent of the employee’s expertise. Some laborer jobs are full-time, while others may be part-time or seasonal.


  • Assist a welder/fitter crew by setting up equipment and assisting with the preparation and delivery of supplies.
  • Assist a painter/sandblaster crew by establishing equipment.
  • Assist the mechanical crew with the setup, assembly, and disassembly of various mechanical elements.
  • Provide basic housekeeping to tradespeople and ensure an ongoing supply of consumables.
  • Perform unskilled duties on board ships such as cleaning tanks and bilges, providing security/hearth watch, basic housekeeping, and assisting the expert trades.
  • As A Confined Area Attendant, I Carry Out Air High-Quality.
  • Exams, monitoring confined area entrances and exits, and conversing with numerous crew members in addition to the confined area rescue crew.
  • As a standing hearth, keep an eye out for any scorching work that is being done.
  • Carry out basic yard, store, or equipment maintenance as directed by a lead hand.
  • Assist in the docking and undocking of vessels as they enter and exit dry docks.
  • Respirators, SCBA equipment, fall arrest harnesses, and other safety equipment are used.
  • As needed, perform various duties.


  • Be of Legal Working Age in Ontario
  • Have the physical ability to carry out lengthy heavy guides Labor Fundamental Building Expertise Is An Asset Expertise With Hand-Powered Instruments Is An Asset Working At Heights Using Scaffolding, Man Lifts, Ladders, Etc.
  • This entails working in confined spaces.
  • This entails working outside in all weather conditions all year (Chilly, Warmth, Wind, Rain, Snow, And So On.)
  • This entails lifting up to 80 pounds. Heavier objects could also be lifted in groups with different workers or equipment.

Jobs Details

Company: Agriculture, Government Jobs, Construction Jobs
Job Role:General Labourer In Canada
Career Level:Mid Career
Job Type:Full Time
Min. Education:High School / Secondary
Job Category: Agriculture, Government Jobs, Construction Jobs
Min. Experience:1-2 Years
Job Location:Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
State:Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Benefits:Will Be Discussed In The Interview
Hiring By:Employer

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a general laborer earn in Canada?

What does a General Laborer earn in Canada? In Canada, the average general laborer’s salary is $31,697 per year or $16.26 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level positions start at $28,275 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to $39,000 per year.

What is the general Labourer in Canada in 2023?

The General Labourer I position is in charge of a variety of production tasks such as loading materials into production machines, removing, packing, and sorting raw materials, and…

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