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General Manager Job at Epiroc in Ghana 2023 – Apply Here

Job Summary

General Manager Job at Epiroc in Ghana: Your responsibilities will include strengthening the organization’s leadership in safety and sustainability, building a high-performing organization, growing and reaching our market potential in all divisions, and developing the West African market with customer satisfaction and customer-centricity as your guiding stars.

You are a strong, inclusive business leader who is able to increase market share, expand clientele, and foster a great, inclusive, and flexible work environment where employees can thrive and feel protected.

Responsibilities for General Manager Job at Epiroc in Ghana:

Your primary responsibilities in this role will be:

  • Ensure that the safety of our employees is our top priority and establish the most stringent requirements for SHEQ and sustainability.
  • Develop the customer center to be the finest place to work in the region, with innovative and effective people procedures, a thriving culture, and a robust talent pipeline.
  • Make Epiroc the clear market leader in terms of sustainability, and communicate this in a variety of ways.
  • Ensure that every time you hire someone, you consider gender diversity and make significant adjustments annually.
  • Develop long-term sustainability plans in line with Epiroc’s 2030 objectives.
  • Establish a long-term vision, goal, and strategy for the region, and ensure that all employees are aware of these.
  • Implement effective sales, fleet, and territory management throughout the entire region.
  • Focus on intelligent, RCS-based machines to expand your global market and client base.
  • With a strong emphasis on emerging technology, we hope to expand our customer base and product offerings.
  • Construct an aftermarket organization that is customer-focused and provides world-class service.
  • Improve departmental coordination so that we can communicate with our customers as one voice.
  • Improve profitability through effective price management and cost reduction whenever possible.
  • Support the development of the current supply chain.
  • Working capital management (inventory and payments) should be continuously enhanced, with the greatest focus on out-of-date inventory and overdue payments.
  • offer our customers a wide variety of products and information through lean and cost-effective logistics.
General Manager Job at Epiroc in Ghana 2023
General Manager Job at Epiroc in Ghana 2023

Experience and requirements for General Manager Job at Epiroc in Ghana 2023 :

  • extensive knowledge of the African market, perhaps gained through experience in similar industries.
  • Leadership abilities that have been put to the test, as well as a track record of constructing organizations in various locations and in complicated matrix organizations,
  • Successful experience managing operations and sales teams in large areas
  • Skilled in agile methods
  • Experience in industries with a great deal of innovation and new technology is a plus.
  • MSc in engineering or another equivalent discipline
  • Having a command of the English language is a positive characteristic.
  • You are a powerful leader who inspires others and facilitates their development. You believe in keeping your promises and leaving something tangible behind. You are a role model because you lead by example and demonstrate the significance of our corporate principles.

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Personal Characteristics for General Manager Job at Epiroc in Ghana:

Your approach to managing a firm is goal-oriented and harmonious with others. You harness the organization’s diversity to ensure its growth is lean, adaptable, and consistent with its strategic objectives. If you have a growth attitude, you thrive in multicultural environments and are confident that diversity improves our company. You care a great deal about sustainability and innovative ideas, and you want to make a difference by elevating our company to the top of the industry.

How To Apply for General Manager Job at Epiroc in Ghana?

Please submit your application, together with your CV and cover letter, through our applicant tracking system as soon as possible, but no later than March 3, 2023. We review applications as they are received. Due to the limitations in place, we are only able to review applications submitted through our system and not via email or social media.

People Also Ask:

  1. What does Epiroc Zambia do?

    Epiroc is a dependable business partner. We provide mining, construction, demolition, and recycling in addition to water, oil, and gas. We offer goods, services, and solutions for mining and rock extraction.

  2. What type of business is Epiroc?

    Epiroc AB (Epiroc) is a provider of infrastructure and mining equipment. It designs, manufactures, and distributes rotary drilling equipment for exploration, construction, mining, water wells, and shallow oil and gas applications worldwide.

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