Health Research Centre (KHRC) Jobs in Kintampo 2023 – Apply HERE

By: Izza Kazmi

About the company

Health Research Centre (KHRC) Jobs in Kintampo 2023: Africa’s Kintampo Health Research Centre (KHRC) is an established research facility. It is one of three field research centers administered by the Research and Development Division of the Ghana Health Service, a Ministry of Health agency. Health policy and practice in Ghana, Africa, and the rest of the world are affected by KHRC’s work. KHRC is located in the heart of Ghana. It conducts research and provides training on a national and international scale, and its staff is comprised of experts from diverse fields.

Job Description

to provide medical laboratory services and aid in research and clinical care by adhering to standard laboratory procedures and ensuring quality.

Responsibilities of Health Research Centre (KHRC) Jobs

  • perform routine laboratory tests and assist with more complex ones.
  • Do technical work in the lab within a reasonable amount of time and according to safety rules and standard operating procedures.
  • To maintain good laboratory procedures, you should take notes and maintain accurate records.
  • Ensure that the equipment they are responsible for meets all departmental and legal requirements.
  • Establish internal quality control (QC) measures for technical procedures.
  • Assist with research, determining how to implement new techniques, and lab audits.
  • Perform any additional tasks and responsibilities assigned by the unit’s leader.
Health Research Centre (KHRC) Jobs in Kintampo 2023 - Apply HERE
Health Research Centre (KHRC) Jobs in Kintampo 2023 – Apply HERE

Skills or Experience Needed for Health Research Centre (KHRC) Jobs

Educational Qualification

BSc in Medical Laboratory Science with Allied Health Professions Council Certification (AHPC)

Experience skills and attributes

  • a minimum of one (1) year of experience working in a reputable medical laboratory.
  • general understanding of how microbiology, homology, and chemical pathology operate and their applications.
  • Knowledge of quality assurance issues
  • Health and safety expertise
  • having the ability to utilize new, complex equipment.
  • Find out about your experience.
  • able to perform independently while being supervised.
  • The ability to adapt to one’s environment…
  • Show that you are cautious and precise.
  • very good verbal and written skills.
  • proficiency with word processing.
  • How to utilize spreadsheets and the software
  • Demonstrate your ability to adapt and work methodically.
  • The ability to work effectively in a team, to be well organized, and to be self-motivated.
  • good interpersonal skills.
  • capacity to work under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines.

Closing Date: May 26, 2023



Frequently Asked Questions

What degree programs does Kintampo College of Health offer?

Departments and Programs
The physician assistant is a medical professional.
Health-Related Information.
Medical Diagnostics and Radiology
Disease Prevention and Epidemiology
Family Wellness.
Community Psychiatric Health
Sandwich Programmers.

Who oversees the Kintampo Health Research Center?

Dr. Kwaku Poku Asante
Dr. Kwaku Poku Asante, director of the Kintampo Health Research Centre, has advised KHRC employees to adopt the practice.

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