Hotel Jobs In Portugal For English Speakers 2023 – Apply Now

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Hotel Jobs In Portugal For English Speakers 2023: This post will uncover and discuss the most recent and real English-Speaking Hotel Job Openings in Portugal. This post will explain the essential qualifications for English-speaking hotel jobs in Portugal for native English speakers.

If you are interested in obtaining hotel employment in Portugal as an English Speaker, you should read this post and find a suitable position. When applying for a job, you must check that you are qualified and supply all necessary documentation.

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Job Description

There are several employment options in the hotel sector, including positions in management, administration, housekeeping, and food service. Working in a hotel may be a challenging and rewarding profession with prospects for growth and travel.

In general, hotels provide regular employment and the potential to progress through hard effort, as well as additional incentives such as discounts and bonuses.

Some hotels provide employee benefits based on the employee’s position or length of service, while other benefits apply to all hotel employees.

Not all hotels offer permanent full-time employment. Several hotels in Portugal hire additional workers during peak seasons such as the high tourist season, conference season, and ski season. Some hospitality employees work part-time, particularly at smaller establishments.

Hotel Jobs In Portugal For English Speakers 2023 - Apply Now
Hotel Jobs In Portugal For English Speakers 2023 – Apply Now

Available Hotel Jobs In Portugal For English Speakers


When a guest enters one of their rooms, picture their first impression of the space. Then, a sigh of relief since they have arrived at their temporary home, whether for a night or a week, and it is great. Everything is in its proper location.

Pressed, crisp linens Nicely positioned cushions. A shimmering mirror. Every element contributes to the positive experience their guests have because they know they are in good hands during their stay. This is the effect of your efforts, which becomes much more crucial when these interactions result in consumer loyalty.


  • Replenish guest room furnishings and supplies.
  • Fold linens and make beds.
  • Remove garbage, soiled linens, and goods from room service.
  • Welcome guests and attend to their requests.
  • Put desk items, furniture, and appliances in order.
  • Walls and furniture should be dusted, and polished, and blemishes removed.
  • Vacuum carpets and provide floor maintenance.


  • A friendly, people-focused approach;
  • A team-first mentality;
  • An aptitude for paying close attention to the smallest of details.

Reservations Agents

Their historic hotel, located in the center of Lisbon, embodies the cultural heart and spirit of Portugal. Inside, art-deco tendencies blend with a modernized Louis XVI design, and a collection of significant local contemporary art fills the corridors. Outdoors, views of the city’s rolling hills and colorfully tiled facades unfold in front of you.


  • Collect sales from incoming reservations calls and arrange reservation data. Fill out internal booking forms
  • Handle general reservations emails, gather and distribute mail, and process brochure requests.
  • Address complaints from guests in accordance with Four Seasons’ policy.
  • Manage WRO, Trust, Internal Reservations, and FIT bookings
  • Call to confirm and/or guarantee non-guaranteed reservations, and to cancel waitlist reservations.
  • Inform the manager of any Special Attention or VIP guests and aid the CIS leader in determining their arrival schedules.
  • Check Front Desk reservations made the previous evening and address any recurring problems.
  • Before guests’ arrival, contact guests or trip planners to clarify any inconsistencies in preferences or demands.
  • Processes Employee Comp claims and handles Friends & Family claims under the direction of the Department Head or Assistant Manager.
  • Conform with Four Seasons’ sales and marketing standards, while working professionally and in harmony with coworkers and the planning committee.
  • React in accordance with the resort’s crisis management plan to any safety or emergency scenario.


  • Good communication and organizational abilities; Prior experience with customers and the capacity to operate successfully under pressure.
  • Computer literacy and proficiency with Microsoft Word, Opera, Salesforce, and other applications as required.
  • Attention to detail and problem-solving skills;
  • Capability to prioritize and perform multiple tasks every day;
  • Experience working in a team atmosphere and building relationships;
  • The applicant must possess the proper license to work in a European nation;
  • Reading, writing, and oral English proficiency.


You have intimate knowledge of their menu and cannot wait to share your knowledge with their customers. Your pleasant greeting, impeccable table settings, and cheerful manner are not overlooked when they dine with you. Regardless of the day, you aim to present each visitor with a dining experience that will be remembered for the duration of their stay.


  • Greet customers and attend to tables immediately.
  • Deliver food and beverages to guests while offering appropriate recommendations.
  • Share your expertise in the cuisine in order to assist guests with inquiries and special requests.
  • Record transactions in the MICROS system in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Check-in with guests to ensure that each course and beverage has been enjoyed.
  • Clear tables, execute closing responsibilities and replenish tableware and other supplies.


  • Excellent conversational and teamwork skills.
  • Good perspective and outgoing nature.
  • Prior serving experience is a plus.

Salary On Hotel Jobs In Portugal For English Speakers

An individual with Hotel Employment in Portugal Typically, English speakers make approximately 1,840 EUR per month. The lowest average pay ranges from 700 euros to 5,120 euros (the highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). This is the monthly average wage inclusive of housing, transportation, and other benefits.

How To Apply For Hotel Jobs In Portugal In English Speakers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a job in Portugal if you only speak English 2023

Must you speak Portuguese in order to work in Portugal? No, Portuguese is not required to work in Portugal. Non-Portuguese speakers have ample employment prospects, especially in the hospitality and tourism industries. If you speak a language other than English, you can nearly always find work in a call center.

What is Portugal’s basic salary?

In 2023, the monthly minimum salary in Portugal is €760.00. It went into effect on January 1, 2023. The amounts are displayed in Euro.

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