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By: Izza Kazmi

Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2023: Undoubtedly, your abilities and hobbies should be the most significant considerations, but it’s also critical to understand which job titles make the most money based on statistics. These are the most desirable jobs in Canada.

Picking a decent professional path is perhaps the most difficult decision we will face in our lives.
Undoubtedly, your abilities and hobbies should be the most significant considerations, but it’s also critical to understand which job titles make the most money based on statistics.
Compensation rates are used in the annual Canadian Business Top Jobs Ranking 2022. Job advancement and future prospects will lead you to the professions with the best pay and most opportunities.
It should come as no surprise that many of Canada’s top occupations are in social insurance, marketplaces, and STEM fields.

Yet, there are some amusing shocks that may appeal to your inner five-year-old, such as the fact that railway engineers appear to have a promising future.
Have a peek at the top 10 listed vocations on our list.

Jobs in Canada 2023 for Foreigners Apply Now
Jobs in Canada 2023 for Foreigners Apply Now

1. Oil & Gas Drilling Supervisor

  • Supervising oil and gas drilling personnel is part of this job.
  • Scheduling, analytical thinking, and contracting decisions are all possible responsibilities.
  • Oil and gas drilling supervisors earn an average of $85,000 a year.

Elevator Mechanic

This role is in charge of maintaining the world’s lifts and elevators.
Installing equipment, troubleshooting problems, and performing deterrent maintenance are all possible responsibilities.
Elevator mechanics earn an average of $81,000 per year.

Financial Manager

Every business needs a bookkeeper to maintain accurate financial records.

This industry is in charge of the accounting and finance divisions. They develop goals and methods for measuring performance, and they create reports for high management.
Making financial summaries, coordinating spending plans, and informing management about trends that may affect how a company displays its budget are some of the responsibilities.
Finance managers earn an average of $96,000 a year.

Head Nurse & Medical Supervisor

Any nursing facility, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and mental facilities, is likely to have a chief nurse. This position may entail supervising nurses, ensuring that care is coordinated with other health services, and managing budgets.

Everywhere nurses work, including emergency clinics, hospitals, centers, nursing homes, and psychiatric facilities, there may be a head nurse. People in this role may be responsible for supervising medical caregivers, coordinating treatment with other health administrations, and managing budgets. This employment will be on the list of the best in Canada for decades.

A chief nurse’s annual salary is $83,000 on average.

Power Line & Cable Worker

These workers install, repair, and maintain overhead and underground power lines and cables, as well as the equipment that allows these lines to function.

You may be required to utilize hydraulic buckets to work on hydro poles, install street lighting systems, or work in tunnels or excavations for this employment.
The average salary for this position is $80,000 per year.

Police Officer

The primary responsibility of police officers is to protect the public, prevent crime, and maintain social order. Among the police officers in this category are detectives, railway police, and highway patrolmen. This will remain one of Canada’s top vocations for decades to come. A police officer’s annual salary is on average $88,000.

Electronics Engineer

These engineers are responsible for the public’s electrical systems and electronic equipment. Some of their jobs are to plan and design electronic circuits, build new electrical distribution networks, look into electrical problems, and keep an eye on and run the whole electrical system.

The median compensation for electrical engineers is $90,000.

Construction Manager

Construction managers are critical to public construction projects because they supervise building workers and ensure that projects are completed on time and correctly.

They also create budget estimates, timeframes, and construction milestones.
Construction managers are paid according to their level of experience.

They make an average of $83,000 each year, which is 14% more than five years earlier.

Engineering Manager

Engineers must be instructed on what to do in accordance with their job description. That person may be you! Engineering managers plan, supervise, and assess projects.

They operate in both the private and public sectors, for example, in scientific research and consulting organizations.
Because this appears to be a significant part of our life, I believe it will remain on the list of the top ten greatest jobs in Canada for a long time.

The average salary for engineering managers is around $106,000.


You know what a dentist does (if you don’t, it’s time for a checkup).

Dentists maintain your teeth and mouth healthy by detecting problems, treating them, and advising you on how to avoid them.
The average annual salary for a dentist is $93,600.

Nurse Practitioner

As the population ages, there is a greater demand for healthcare professionals. These primary healthcare practitioners work with physicians and other experts to provide a wide range of services.
This job group also includes physician assistants and midwives, in addition to nurse practitioners. These workers may be found in hospitals, community clinics, or birthing facilities.

Your duties could range from providing vaccines to delivering babies. This employment will be on the list of the best in Canada for decades. The median salary for this occupation category is $104,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How may a foreigner obtain a job offer from Canada?

How to locate a job offer in Canada for Express Entry
First, format your CV according to Canadian requirements…
Write a cover letter that Canadian employers will adore…
Step Three: Ensure you’re maximizing LinkedIn’s benefits…
Apply for the appropriate jobs.

Which city in Canada offers foreigners the most employment opportunities?

Halifax, Newfoundland
Halifax has maintained a robust economy relative to other Canadian cities in recent years. Increased immigration to Halifax, paired with its low cost of living, has inspired greater investment confidence among businesses. Halifax is also a startup and high-tech hub.

Does Canada seek immigrant workers?

Employment seekers may include Canadian residents, immigrants, refugees, international students, and temporary foreign workers. Using WorkBC’s job platform, you may post positions and locate candidates.

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