Latest Job Opportunities at Chemonics International 2023 – Apply HERE

By: Izza Kazmi


Latest Job Opportunities at Chemonics International 2023: The USAID GHSC-PSM Project will be the main way that USAID will 1) buy and give out health supplies, 2) give Ghana technical help to improve its supply chain management, and 3) work with important international stakeholders to promote global health goals. 

Main Duties (Essential Functions)

  • The Monitoring, Evaluation, and Communications Consultant (MEC Consultant) will provide strategic technical and operational support for the implementation of country monitoring, evaluation, and communication plans, with a particular emphasis on COVID-19 M&E interventions.
  • The MEC Consultant assists the GHSC-PSM in monitoring and reporting COVID-19 and other project outcomes. Additionally, the officer will assess the COVID-19 M&E and reporting system, provide technical suggestions to enhance it, and monitor the project’s development.
  • The MEC Consultant will assist the Senior M&E and Communications Advisor in developing and implementing the yearly COVID-19 and other M&E and communications strategies for the project.
  • Provide technical assistance for the annual work plans and other project interventions of COVID-19. As required, assist with the development of the performance monitoring plan (PMP) to organise, plan, and document the gathering of project performance data and to keep it current.
  • Support the use of COVID-19 vaccine monitoring accountability tools. In addition, he or she will analyse the tool, identify any gaps, and provide technical input to the rest of the technical team in order to improve its use.
  • Watch the entry of COVID-19 vaccination data and the visibility of GhiLMIS to find and fix any gaps.
  • Support COVID vaccines and tracer routine vaccines within the national M&E framework to improve transparency and accountability in the regional and district supply chains.
  • analyse COVID-19 vaccines with the purpose of enhancing the pharmaceutical traceability system.
  • Assist with the development of supportive supervision and data quality evaluation instruments for the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain and other project activities. Participate in COVID-19 field monitoring and supply chain oversight.
  • Quantitatively and qualitatively analyse data and provide visualizations and dashboards for project decision-making.
  • Moreover, support monthly, quarterly, and annual project activity reports, including COVID-19, as needed by stakeholders.
  • He or she is responsible for creating, developing, and publishing COVID-19 and other project communication materials. He or she will collaborate with members of the field office technical team and the headquarters KMC team to deliver on-time, high-quality communications.
  • Assist with the development of web, print, and audiovisual project materials.
  • Proofread and brand all communication pieces in accordance with project specifications.
  • Help with operational studies of the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain to improve the management and accessibility of the last mile of supply.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned.
Latest Job Opportunities at Chemonics International 2023 - Apply HERE
Latest Job Opportunities at Chemonics International 2023 – Apply HERE

Qualifications Required for Opportunities at Chemonics International

  • Master’s degree in M&E, Communications, Journalism, Public Health, International Relations, Marketing, or Management; M&E and Communications experience
  • minimum of two years of experience in monitoring, evaluating, planning, and managing development project programmes.
  • Preferred are analytical skills and SPSS or STATA experience.
  • designed M&E tools for data analysis, quality evaluation, and application.
  • advanced mathematical abilities, particularly the use of statistical software.
  • organised and attentive to detail.
  • manage many tasks and adhere to deadlines; capable of adjusting to shifting priorities.
  • experience with writing, proofreading, and publishing.
  • Basic editing and style guide knowledge is desired.
  • Gathering, analysing, and arranging website and social media material is a familiar task.
  • Display initiative and teamwork to coordinate and direct M&E initiatives.

Closing Date: April 20, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Chemonics headquartered?

The nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.
Chemonics International, Inc. is a Washington, D.C.-based private international development corporation. It was established by Thurston F. in 1975.

What is the salary at Chemonics International?

What is the salary at Chemonics International? The average salary at Chemonics International is $66,701 per year. Annual salaries at Chemonics International range between $46,241 and $101,331 on average.

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