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Latest Job Opportunity at Zipline 2023 – How To Apply

Company Description

Latest Job Opportunity at Zipline: The Zipline standard of care is straightforward: always be dependable and treat every client delivery as if it were intended for a loved one. Whether you are testing new technology, building software, packing an order, or maintaining an aircraft, you are an integral part of the chain. There is no employment at Zipline unrelated to this quest. Only when each of us tries our best at every stage can we rest our heads on our pillows at night and feel good about how we performed.

Job Title:

Finance (Strategic and Operational)
There is a new job opening at Zipline. The company seeks to fill a strategic/operations finance position.

About You and Your Role: 

As a member of the strategic finance team, you will play a crucial role in the development of scalable and lucrative business models, as well as the ownership of the company’s operational plan. Finance at Zipline is responsible for our road to profitability, which is key to Zipline’s worldwide purpose, and we push high-priority projects to achieve this. This position will focus on our operations in Africa, our largest and fastest-growing area.

You will collaborate closely with the operational teams to reduce expenses and maximize economies of scale. The ideal candidate will be eager to “get their feet wet” at our operational sites and learn as much as possible about the company.

In addition, you will collaborate with teams from many departments to translate complicated operational objectives into financial objectives and monitor our progress toward these objectives. You will assist us in seeing around corners and anticipating potential outcomes so that our teams can plan and spend every dollar wisely. The ideal candidate has strong analytical and communication skills and a passion for fostering great relationships at all organizational levels.

Latest Job Opportunity at Zipline
Latest Job Opportunity at Zipline

Responsibilities for Job Opportunity at Zipline

  • Collaborate with coworkers to make decisions and set budgets based on data.
  • Help us examine methods to save money and operate our firm more effectively.
  • Define critical performance measures and provide actionable insights via reporting and ad hoc analysis.
  • Take care of the Distribution Centers’ financial reporting dashboard and profit-and-loss reports, including monthly data updates from finance and operations as well as dashboard cleaning and maintenance.
  • Own reporting on important indicators for enterprise-wide communication (like a “financial newsletter” and KPI dashboard).
  • Participate in the month-end closure processes to gain knowledge of finance best practices and conduct your own variance assessments.
  • Help create dynamic presentations and data visualizations.
  • Check and approve spending, and work with Accounts Payable to make sure the cost codes are correct.
  • Assist the Africa AP team in determining how much cash each of the five countries will require.

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Requirements for Latest Job Opportunity at Zipline

  • You possess a minimum of two years of experience in investment banking, finance, consulting, or a related profession. You are comfortable being a “generic athlete” who can perform a variety of sports.
  • You hold a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, management, or business administration.
  • You are comfortable working with people from different departments and can easily switch roles, skills, and points of view.
  • You are an Excel expert who can create and execute complex financial models.
  • You make decisions based on evidence, but you also want to assist others in making “good,” not “perfect,” decisions quickly.
  • You can talk and write clearly to build good relationships with Zipline teams and people outside of the company.
  • You are skilled at project management and getting things done.
  • You have extensive knowledge of financial accounts, accounting, and investment analysis.
  • You have worked in the field of technology, ideally with extensive operational experience.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How do I join a zipline?

    Application Methods: Methods for Applying
    Those who are interested and qualified should visit the Zipline Ghana Recruitment Portal.
    Then, read the job offer thoroughly.
    Then complete the recruitment form below.
    Then, to submit, click the submit button.

  2. What is Flyzipline’s pay rate?

    How much per hour does Zipline pay? ZipLine pays an average of $31.26 per hour.

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