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Most Standard Jobs in Canada for Newcomers 2023 – Visit HERE

Most Standard Jobs in Canada for Newcomers 2023: Every year, tens of thousands of individuals from around the globe immigrate to Canada. Yet, where do they find employment? Which career paths do they follow? What are the most common jobs for immigrants in Canada?

According to a 2017 Statscan study, immigrants in Canada are most likely to work in the hotel and food services industry, followed by finance, transportation, and professional services, and less likely to work in public administration or educational services.

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High 5 Most Standard Industries and Jobs in Canada for Newcomers

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1. Lodging and Meals Companies

According to the research, the majority of immigrants in Canada (35%) work as providers of shelter and food. This industry provides the most “survival” or part-time jobs for numerous newcomers who are still finding their feet. For others, it is a way to gain Canadian work experience that opens doors to higher-paying positions. The good news is that Canada’s minimum wage is approximately $14 per hour—enough to live comfortably in the Great North.

2. Finance, Insurance coverage, Actual Property, and Leasing

The banking sector employs the second-most immigrants in Canada (34%), and it makes a substantial contribution to Canada’s annual GDP. It is the location where Canadians acquire, save, borrow, invest, and insure their property. With the fifth-highest employment rate in the world, Toronto is home to the greatest number of financial occupations in Canada. Not to mention the generous compensation that comes with working in this growing industry.

3. Transportation and Warehousing

The transportation and warehousing sector contributes significantly to the number of jobs in Canada that may be in demand in a world following a pandemic. The sector also has the third-highest percentage (33%) of foreign workers in Canada. In Canada, trucking jobs have been among the most difficult to fill during the past five years. As a result, the ICCRC has made it easier for foreign truck drivers to work in Canada by prioritizing their work permit applications.

4. Skilled, Scientific and Technical Companies

The professional, scientific, and technical services industry relies less on equipment and supplies and more on the skills and knowledge of its people. It sells an experience, which is often acquired through college or university instruction. Around 32% of immigrants are employed in this well-paying occupation, and nearly all of them entered Canada through the category for skilled workers known as categorical entry.

5. Manufacturing

About 527, 000 of these high-quality occupations are held by immigrants. The manufacturing industry in Canada is responsible for 1.7 million full-time jobs across the country. Employers in Canada have a high demand for workers in the manufacturing industry, such as machinists and food processors. In reality, foreign trade personnel can immigrate to Canada in less than a year through the Federal Expert Trade Employee Program (FSTP), which is administered under the Express Entry system.

Wish to Work in Canada? Right here Are 2 Methods to Do It!

1) Immigrate to Canada

Canada will find a place for you whether you are an expert worker with advanced training or an intermediate expert worker with experience on the job.Applicants for immigration are judged by either the federal government’s Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) or a provincial government’s factors system, depending on which system you qualify for.

Considerations include the candidate’s age, how well they speak the language, their level of education, their work experience, whether or not they already have a job offer, and how well they can adapt. 

2) Get Employer Assist

People who have job offers in Canada usually get work permits, which let them work in the country for a limited time and for a specific employer.There are many types of work visa applications, including the Seasonal Agricultural Program and the IEC Working Vacation Visa.

A benefit of working in Canada on a temporary basis is getting valuable work experience, which greatly boosts your chances of long-term immigration success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can a new immigrant to Canada locate employment?

    Volunteer in order to boost your resume.
    gain work experience in Canada.
    enhance your English or French skills.
    Create a network of contacts.
    meet Canadians and make friends.
    Find someone who will serve as your reference.
    Demonstrate to potential employers your willingness to work hard.

  2. What talents are in short supply in Canada?

    Howe Institute believes that digital and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills are “probably the biggest category” of skills lacking in the Canadian workforce.

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