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Nanny Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship 2023 – Apply Now

Nanny Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship 2023: If you have a passion for caring for children and want to get a nanny job in the United Kingdom, you should read this article.

While visa sponsorships are available for nanny work in the United Kingdom, this site will contain all pertinent details.

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Before applying for the requirements you must first meet in order to be granted, read this post carefully out of eagerness and anticipation.

If you find nanny work appealing and wish to relocate to the United Kingdom while pursuing a sponsorship visa, continue reading.

Job Description

It is common knowledge that nanny jobs are in high demand in the United Kingdom and worldwide due to parents’ busy schedules.

Due to the expense, the majority of nanny jobs do not sponsor visas, and the majority of nanny jobs listed on websites are deceptive.

This essay, however, will uncover a legitimate agency that supports nanny visas for interested people. Note that this information does not contain any disinformation, and all supporting evidence will be noted.

Nanny Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship 2023 - Apply Now
Nanny Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship 2023 – Apply Now

Nanny Jobs In The Uk With Visa Sponsorships

The Silentnight Private staff is one of London’s premier household employment firms, providing private workers for families and estates around the United Kingdom.

In addition to providing Maternity Nurses, Night Nannies, Sleep Consultants, and Nannies, we also offer Housekeepers, House Managers, Governesses, and Tutors.

Currently, they are sponsoring nanny visas for those whose UK work permit is invalid, i.e., they do not have a work permit (visa).

They specialize in different nanny types, such as

  • Day Nannies
  • Night Nannies
  • Norland Nannies

Requirements/ Job Roles For The Types Of Nanny

Day Nannies

Silentnight Private Staff is excellently positioned to provide the right Day Nanny to provide childcare according to the needs of the employing family. All Day Nannies have vast experience in providing children’s safe and productive environment.


  • Cleaning and dressing youngsters.
  • preparing and managing the morning meal
  • Preparing youngsters for school.
  • Monitoring children’s play, with an educational and developmental component.
  • Maintaining safe and clean play places and toys.
  • Cooking meals for children.
  • The laundering of children’s apparel.
  • Investigating and planning activities.


  • Full-time nannies are required to hold a Pediatric First Aid Certificate and an upgraded DBS Check.
  • While formal qualifications for a day nanny are NVQ Level 3, CACHE Level 1 – 5, or City & Guilds, informal qualifications include NVQ Level 3, CACHE Level 1 – 5, or City & Guilds.
  • On their resumes, individual Day Nannies detail their experience and qualifications.
  • Gross weekly pay ranges from £550 to £950.

Night Nanny

Before being matched with a family, applicants for the position of night nanny must complete our rigorous screening process.


  • Night feeds
  • Changing Nappies
  • Settle baby to sleep
  • Prepare and sterilize baby’s bottles
  • Dressing baby in the morning
  • Giving help and advice on getting baby into a sleep routine
  • Cleaning a circumcision and umbilical cord


All Night nannies are required to possess a Pediatric First Aid Certificate and an upgraded DBS Check.

No. of KidsSalary
Night Nanny – Single Baby£9 – £11
Night Nanny – Twins£9 – £15
Night Nanny – Triplets£9 – £15

Nanny Vacancies

Today, all of the most recent job openings in the United Kingdom will be displayed for quick application. They consist of;

  1. Live Out Nanny – South Kensington
  2. Part-Time Live-Out Nanny/Housekeeper – Uxbridge
  3. Temporary Nanny – Walthamstow
  4. Temporary Nanny – Ashford, Surrey
  5. Temporary Nanny – Balham
  6. Full-Time Live-In Nanny/Housekeeper – East Horsley
  7. Temporary Nanny – Southwark
  8. Full-Time Live-In Nanny – Southampton
  9. Night Nanny – Walmer, Kent
  10. Live in Nanny – Parsons Green
  11. Housekeeper Nanny – Sevenoaks
  12. Night Nanny – Banbury
  13. Full-Time Live-out Nanny – Westerham
  14. Full-Time Live-in Nanny – Maida Vale
  15. Full-Time Live Out Nanny – Harrogate
  16. Night Nanny – Newham
  17. Part-Time Live-out Nanny – Ilford
  18. Temporary Part-Time Nanny – Islington
  19. Full-Time Live-in Nanny Housekeeper – Hackney
  20. Full-Time Live-in Nanny – Manchester
  21. Night Nanny – Camden
  22. Full-Time Live-out Nanny – Lambeth
  23. Part-Time Live-out Nanny Housekeeper – Bexley
  24. Full-Time Live-in Nanny – Merton
  25. Full-Time Nanny Housekeeper – Enfield
  26. Full-Time Live-in Nanny – Bexley
  27. Full-Time Live-in Nanny/Mother’s Help – Dupont Circle, Washington DC
  28. Temporary Full-Time Nanny – Southwark
  29. Full-Time Live-in Nanny – Southwark
  30. Temporary Nanny – Hemel Hempstead

How to Apply For Nanny Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sponsor a nanny in UK in 2023?

    Hold a valid Sponsorship Certificate from your employer (your employer must be an approved sponsor license holder) Serve as an au pair, child care assistant, nanny, or babysitter. Have a minimum wage of £25,600 per year, or £10.10 per hour.

  • Are nannies in demand UK in 2023?

    The present high demand for nannies in London is mostly driven by the pandemic, Brexit, childcare provider shortages, and the rising cost of nursery places. As a result, nanny pay in the United Kingdom has increased by 13%, the largest increase in five years, and by 8% in London.

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