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By: Izza Kazmi

Job Description

NURSES Health Care Jobs in Canada 2023


The Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre is a multi-site hospital in Nunavik. It serves seven settlements along the shore of Ungava Bay, including Kuujjuaq, the administrative headquarters. It includes close to 500 full-time employees, a team of physicians, dentists, and pharmacists, and an $80 million budget.

We are now looking for people that appreciate a challenge and are eager to join one of our teams in Kuujjuaq or one of the six Ungava Bay villages. (It might be a permanent full-time position or a temporary full-time position for at least six months with the possibility of becoming permanent in the near future.)

If you are currently employed by the Health and Social Services Network, you may request an unpaid leave of absence to work in a northern institution (ref.: article 17.05 of the FIQ collective agreement).

RESPONSIBILITIES: Identifies gaps in health services, contributes to diagnostic procedures, and provides and directs nursing care needed for health promotion, treatment, and rehabilitation. Nursing care is also essential, according to the UTHC Collective Orders Handbook.

If necessary, the nurse will also have to visit one of the seven LCSC service centers, such as Kuujjuaq community health. The post will be placed in Kuujjuaq for informational purposes only.

NURSES Health Care Jobs in Canada 2023 Apply Now
NURSES Health Care Jobs in Canada 2023 Apply Now


Member of the O.I.I.Q.
Expertise in the emergency room and in obstetrics would be a big benefit.
Must have recently completed Extended Role training or have an understanding of community health and distant outposts (Enlarged Role).
The ability to speak and write in French and English, as well as an understanding of Inuktitut, is necessary.
capacity to work alone as well as part of a versatile team
Characteristics include adaptability and adaptability.
Must be able to travel by plane to different communities.

Conditions and benefits

The base wage will be set using the health and social services network’s nomenclature of job titles, wordings, rates, and compensation scales, as well as relevant work experience.

The retention premium varies per village and ranges from $269.23 to $326.92 per week.
Depending on the village, the NORTHERN PREMIUM ranges from 203.66 to 240.25 dollars per week.

Depending on the hamlet, the HIGH-COST LIVING PREMIUM ranges from 61.16$ to 132.64$ per week.
CLSC PREMIUM: $ 200.00 per week for the 1911 (clinical nurse alone) and 2491 (dispensary nurse) positions (CLSC premium is already included in the hourly rate).
Throughout the duration of the temporary contract, any employee recruited in Quebec who lives more than fifty (50) kilometers from the place where he or she is to execute his or her activities is entitled to compensated flight, and transit expenses from home to the airport, and free housing.

Additional details

We invite you to submit your application to the Department of Human Resources by email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Are nurses welcome in Canada in 2023?

You may be able to immigrate to Canada as a nurse through one of the numerous federal and provincial economic immigration programs. As a nurse, there are primarily four entry points to Canada: Entry expedited. Quebec Immigration

Which types of nurses are in demand in Canada in 2023?

The list of in-demand jobs includes nursing assistants, orderlies, and patient service employees.

Are nurse jobs in Canada in demand in 2023?

A workforce crisis in Canada has made nursing one of the most in-demand professions. And it is projected that this deficit will endure. In locations across the country, there are several chances for immigrants to work in nursing. In Canada’s health care system, registered nurses (RNs) perform a crucial role.

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