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Passenger Service Agent Jobs in UK 2023 – Apply Now

Passenger Service Agent Jobs in UK: You will be joining our team as a customer-facing ambassador for our global Aviation partners if you are willing to make a firm commitment to providing exceptional customer service and working to high-performance standards. This will allow you to join our team in the role of a Passenger Service Agent. You will make the pre-flight experience for passengers, including checking them in, boarding them, and handling their bags and other goods in preparation for travel, very pleasant.

Details About Passenger Service Agent Jobs in UK:

The Role

We need people who are passionate about providing excellent customer service, are eager to learn and can uphold our TRUE values.

In this role, you will interact with our passengers and travel partners at the port terminal. You will support our customers with all of their travel-related needs, including locating the ideal sailings, checking them in, and providing them with updated information, among other things. You will occasionally assist with the car check-in and terminal cafés.

In addition, you will assist in resolving any pre-travel complaints or dissatisfactions while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism in all interactions in order to promote a positive impression of the product and the organization.

To be successful in this position, you must possess strong communication and administrative abilities, as well as the ability to organize and prioritize work based on company requirements. maintaining product and brand expertise, as well as being aware of the business’s commercial objectives, to maximize income through upselling, cross-selling, and the provision of extra items and services.

You will know how to use computers and be able to keep your cool and act professionally in a high-stress environment while still meeting all deadlines.

Full-time shifts consist of working eight and a half hours every day on a four-on, two-off schedule, including weekends and holidays. However, we recognize that flexibility is essential, and we want you to achieve the work-life balance you require for success. We are willing to discuss your needs during the interview.

If you match the qualifications listed above, we would love to receive your application today.

As a Condor Ferries colleague, you can enjoy a range of benefits from day one, including:

  • Duty-free shopping on board Concessionary 25 days of yearly leave, plus bank holidays, are allotted for family and one other individual’s travel (pro rata for the period of the contract).
  • Life Assurance
  • Full uniform
  • Complete training, STAR honors, and recognition for outstanding performance
  • access to WeCare and MHFA’s workplace support programs for employees.

Salary will be addressed during the interview.

Passenger Service Agent Jobs in UK 2023 Apply NOW
Passenger Service Agent Jobs in UK 2023 Apply NOW

About You

We seek candidates with a good attitude, self-assurance, adaptability, a welcoming demeanor, and, most importantly, a genuine desire to assist others and deliver exceptional service.

You will thrive in a position where no two days are alike, whether in terms of your roster, your team, or the problems you face.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet every single condition. We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and genuine environment; therefore, if you are enthusiastic about this position but lack the ideal background, please apply nonetheless. You might be the ideal candidate for this or other positions.

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If you require any additional information or a copy of the job description, please send an email to

If you would like this advertisement or the job description in a different format, please contact the aforementioned email address.

Important details to know:

  • This role requires weekend and shift work.
  • This position will be based in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands.
  • You must have a Resident Certificate or Permit or an Employment Permit (Right to Work Document) from the States of Guernsey in order to be able to work there.

People Also Ask:

  1. What are the requirements to become a passenger service agent?

    An equivalent to a high school diploma is necessary. Some airlines require passengers to be at least 18 years old. To match the goals and public image of the airline, most companies give their agents with extensive training.

  2. How can I obtain passenger service status?

    How to Become an Agent for Passenger Services
    Complete your schooling. The majority of airlines and ground service providers prefer that passenger services agents have a high school diploma or a similar credential.
    Develop your customer service skills…
    Create a resume…
    Apply for opportunities as passenger service agents.

  3. How much does a typical passenger service agent make?

    Passenger Service Agent salaries in India range from 1.0 lakh to 3.0 lakh, with an annual income of 2.2 lahks. The estimated salary is based on the 223 most recent Passenger Service Agent salaries. 

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