Pharmacy Technician Jobs In Canada 2023 – Apply Now

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Pharmacy Technician Jobs In Canada 2023: Candidates interested in Pharmacy Technician Jobs in Canada should read this article to obtain the most recent information on available positions and to acquire employment without difficulty.

Hence, if you are looking for Pharmacy Technician Jobs in Canada, continue reading. When applying for this position, ensure that you meet all of the qualifications and submit the necessary paperwork.

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Job Description

A Pharmacy Technician helps the Pharmacist prepare and distribute drugs to patients. Prior to delivering the medication to the patient, their key responsibilities include processing orders, filling prescriptions, and confirming that the Pharmacist has confirmed and approved the prescription.

Canada is a North American nation. Its 10 provinces and three territories run from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and into the Arctic Ocean, making it the second-largest country in the world by total area.

A Pharmacy Technician’s daily responsibilities are of the utmost importance. A Pharmacy Technician aids in the everyday treatment of patients by carrying out particular activities and responsibilities.

Pharmacy Technician Jobs In Canada 2023 - Apply Now

Available Pharmacy Technician Jobs In Canada

Regulated Pharmacy Technician

As a health care professional, the licensed pharmacy technician supports the pharmacist’s work by managing all areas of drug distribution that do not need the pharmacist’s clinical knowledge, skills, and judgment.


  • • Receives new or repeat prescriptions and maintains and produces patient records. Evaluate prescriptions for clarity, completeness, veracity, and compliance with legal requirements.
  • • Understand prescriptions, which may contain abbreviations, numbers, and symbols. Calculate pharmaceutical quantities.
  • • Record proper medication information in patient records.
  • · Notify the pharmacist of real or prospective drug therapy issues.
  • • Prepare either non-sterile or sterile items. Packaging and labeling products to ensure their integrity and compliance with legal regulations.
  • • Coordinate with the pharmacist on the release of products, with the pharmacist examining the prescription and patient record. To patients who require it, pharmacists provide counseling, and prescriptions are released to the correct client or agent.
  • • Identify and maintain inventory needs adequate for patient safety and operational efficiency. Audit the inventory (in accordance with applicable regulations, policies, and procedures) and report any inconsistencies to the pharmacist. For example, narcotics, regulated substances, and targeted substances
  • • Help patients in choosing and employing drug delivery devices, diagnostic and monitoring equipment, home health assistants, and other non-drug measures.


  • A high school graduation or the equivalent in work experience is required.
  • Graduation from a program authorized by the Washington Board of Pharmacy for pharmacy technician training, or its equivalent.
  • One year of experience in the retail or outpatient pharmacy.
  • Current certification as a pharmacy technician in Washington State.

Pharmacy Technician(Michael Garron Hospital Canada)

The Pharmacy Technician will collaborate with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to deliver and support patient care using their knowledge. They will demonstrate dedication to the quality and safety of the health care system, proficiency in drug distribution systems, and professional and ethical behavior. The Pharmacy Technician will comply with all applicable legal and administrative requirements. The Pharmaceutical Technician may be required to work at multiple locations.


  • Completion of a pharmacy technician diploma program at a community college or an equivalent program.
  • Current and active registration as a Registered Pharmaceutical Technician (RPhT) with the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP), or the ability to gain registration within four months of employment.
  • Evidence of participation in ongoing education or professional development.


  • Good attendance and work performance is expected.
  • Becoming a member of a professional pharmacy association is advantageous.
  • All workers of Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), a division of Toronto East Health Network (TEHN) [formerly Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH)], agree to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario.
  • By adhering to and following MGH’s rules and procedures, all workers are responsible for contributing to a transparent culture of patient and staff safety.
  • All personnel is responsible for maintaining their own and their coworkers’ psychological health and safety by adhering to MGH’s policies and procedures.


  • Maintaining professionalism and composure while under duress.
  • Capable of lifting light to moderate weights.
  • Gotta be able to bond.
  • Applied interpersonal, communication, and organizational abilities of the highest caliber.

Salary Of Pharmacy Technician Jobs In Canada

The average annual pay of a pharmacy technician in Canada is $49,325 or $25.29 per hour. Entry-level occupations begin at $38,013, while the majority of experienced workers can earn up to $59,007 annually.

How To Apply For Pharmacy Technician Jobs In Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salary Of Pharmacy Technician Jobs In Canada

The average annual pay of a pharmacy technician in Canada is $49,325 or $25.29 per hour. Entry-level occupations begin at $38,013, while the majority of experienced workers can earn up to $59,007 annually.

Is pharmacy technician in demand in Canada in 2023?

The Key Takeaway In Canada, a pharmacy technician is an in-demand occupation. These professionals can earn over $50,000 annually. To become a competent PhT, you must complete a training program and obtain a license and a degree.

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