Poland Work VISA for Worker Shortage Jobs 2023

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Poland Work VISA for Worker Shortage Jobs 2023: In 2023, all of my friends who are searching for high-paying jobs outside of their home country will be able to choose high-demand jobs in Poland and begin working thereby obtaining a Poland Work VISA or work permit. This is not as simple as it sounds because the Polish government, through its immigration department, wants Polish employers to give priority to Polish nationals for job openings. However, if no skilled Polish nationals are available to fill the position, Poland employers are permitted to hire skilled international workers.

List of Professions in Poland in Short Supply in 2023

Poland Work VISA for Worker Shortage Jobs 2023
Poland Work VISA for Worker Shortage Jobs 2023

So this is actually a small hole that you can fill, and to do so you will begin by searching for skill shortage jobs in Poland for which Polish employers do not have local candidates. To give you an idea of some of the skills shortage jobs, here are some examples: handymen, welders, chefs, financial auditors, engineers, doctors, agricultural workers, turners, fitters, forklift operators, porters, and drivers.

Now, if you believe you have skills in any of these professions, I urge you to immediately apply for one of these jobs in Poland, where I am confident you will be hired and will begin earning a significant amount of money in no time.

Poland Employment Visa Categories in 2023

As Poland is a member of the European Union (EU), EU nationals are exempt from Poland’s work visa requirement. This makes it incredibly simple for EU nationals to find employment in Poland and begin working there. In 2023, however, the following categories of Poland VISAs will be available to job-seekers who are neither Poles nor citizens of any EU country:

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Type A Poland Employment Permit:

Employers in Poland are permitted to hire international workers with a Type A work permit for occupations for which they are unable to locate qualified Poles. These jobs are known as Shortage occupation jobs in Poland.

Poland Work Authorization Type C/E:

If you work for an international company that is expanding its operations in Poland or if your employer has an office in Poland and is relocating you there, you will need to register for a Type C or Type E Polish work permit.

Poland NOMAD Freelance VISA

All of my freelancer friends who are looking for a country with low operational and living costs can apply for a Poland freelance VISA because the entry requirements are quite low for this Polish freelance VISA and the operational and living costs in Poland are also quite low, making it more economically viable to conduct your freelance business from Poland.

How to Apply for a Work VISA in Poland?

Friends, I believe you will be relieved to hear that you are not required to apply for a Poland work visa on your own, as your employer will submit your Polish work VISA application with all required documents. As a result, just keep your documents ready, as your employer may ask you to provide them along with a VISA application fee for Poland of 100 PLN, which is typically also paid by employers hiring you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Poland still issue work permits in 2023?

Types of Work Visa for Poland in 2023
Work Permit A – If you have a job offer in Poland, you will be granted this form of visa on the condition that you have a valid residence permit. Work Permit B – If you are an employee of a board member and intend to remain in Poland for more than six months, you’ll need this permit.

How long does it take to get a work visa in Poland in 2023?

Visa issuance decisions are made within fourteen working days of the date the application fee is paid. If the documents require a more thorough review, the deliberation period may be extended to 30 days or 60 days for student applications.

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