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Portugal Job Seekers VISA 2023-24

Portugal Job Seekers VISA 2023-24: Portugal has established Portuguese job seeker visas for those who wish to go to and reside only in Portugal in pursuit of employment. You may begin working upon obtaining this visa and continue doing so until the visa expires or you obtain a Portuguese resident permit. This visa permits just one entrance into Portugal and is valid for 120 days; however, it can be renewed for an additional 60 days. To obtain a job seeker visa, you must have a work offer from a Portuguese firm.

Visa types for Portugal in 2023

There are many sorts of Portuguese visas available based on degrees and vocations. To apply for a work visa for experienced workers, you must have a job offer in one of the eligible vocations or professions, such as engineer, scientist, IT expert, medical professional, or administrative employee.

To be eligible for a self-employed work visa, you must be a service provider or operate your firm. You can apply for and obtain a highly skilled worker visa if you are very proficient in your field and earn a salary that is greater than 1.5 times the national average gross yearly pay in Portugal.

If you wish to engage in Portugal’s cultural activities, a work visa for cultural activities is the ideal visa for you, since it permits you to take part in programs organized by Portuguese authorities that are centered on Portugal’s cultural activities.

A teaching work visa is issued to those who get a job offer from a Portuguese educational institution or research organization. In addition, you qualify for a tech visa if you receive a job offer from a technology-based firm.

Portugal Job Seekers VISA 2023-24
Portugal Job Seekers VISA 2023-24

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Conditions/ Qualifications for a Portuguese Work Visa

The list of required papers for applying for a Portuguese work visa in 2023 is as follows:

  • National Visa application bearing the applicant’s signatures
  • A valid passport
  • Professional Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport-sized photographs by Portugal visa requirements
  • Evidence of sufficient finances to sustain oneself
  • Your criminal record according to the laws of your country of residence. Also, you must get your criminal history from every nation where you have resided for more than a year.
  • A document allowing the SEF to review your Portuguese criminal history.
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Evidence that you have a residence in Portugal
  • The agreement governing your work
  • Proof of valid entry into Portuguese territories, such as a visa if you are currently a resident.
  • To apply from a nation other than your home country, you must provide evidence of an approved stay, such as a visa or residency permit.

How to/Where to Apply for a VISA for Job Seekers?

Permit to Work Application:

Your employer files your application for a Portuguese work permit if they offer you a job. On your behalf, they must submit an application for a Work Permit to the Portuguese Labor Authorities or the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (Servico de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras – SEF).

Employers are required to provide a set of papers to obtain authorization for a Portugal work visa following verification. These documents include an employment contract, the firm’s tax returns, proof that the company is registered with Social Security, and evidence that the position could not have been filled by a Swiss, EU, or EEA national.

Request for a Portugal Work Visa:

If you are allowed, you may apply for a work permit in Portugal at the Portugal consulate in your country. After obtaining this visa, you may enter Portugal to work and apply for a resident permit. The Portuguese embassy will schedule an appointment for you at the SEF so you may inform them of your anticipated travel dates and residence in Portugal. If you wish to apply for a residence permit, you may review the specifics and procedure on the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service website (SEF).

How Much Does a Portugal Work Visa Cost?

When applying for a Portugal work visa, you must submit multiple fees for different purposes, such as a €90 entry visa fee issued by the Portuguese Embassy (may vary for different countries), an €83 residence permit for work application submission fee at the SEF, and a €72 residence permit for work receiving a fee from the SEF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Portugal accessible for job seeker visas?

Job Seeker Visa holders will be restricted to a single entry into Portuguese territory, making it impossible to go abroad for the original 120 days or the remaining 60 days if an extension is sought.

What are Portugal’s job-seeker visa requirements?

To qualify for a Portuguese work visa, one must: Must have a work offer from a Portuguese employer. The job vacancy must have been listed for a minimum of one month so that the competent authorities may confirm that a Portuguese or EU citizen could not have filled the position.

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