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Pressing Safety Guard Jobs in Dubai 2023: Demanding Work as a Safety Guard in Dubai With a SIRA certificate, security jobs in Dubai are a great way to build a career and make a substantial income. According to your data, there is a significant need for work as security guards or security officers in Dubai. This job listing is for those in Dubai who are interested in entering the security industry. Dubai needs security guards for its malls, skyscrapers, and neighborhoods because it is the most diverse and populous city in the world.

Safety Guards Jobs in Dubai with SIRA License

If you know where to look, there are plenty of available positions for security guards in Dubai. In addition to advertisements from local employment agencies, there are many job listings available online. Yet, how does one become a security guard in Dubai? How can you get your foot in the door and start building your career? The correct response is “SIRA License.”

“Security guards play a crucial role in preventing crime, monitoring properties, and identifying hazards or threats.” “As a security guard, you will be responsible for monitoring facilities such as shopping malls, banks, hotels, offices, colleges, and other organisations that require constant surveillance.”

Tasks of a Safety Guard in Dubai?

The responsibility of safety guards is to maintain the protection of a structure or property by stopping and responding to emergencies. They also help to maintain order, enforce rules, and prevent unauthorised entry.

Security guards also collaborate with local law enforcement to maintain order. Sometimes, security guards must be able to stand for extended periods of time, and they must be able to handle difficult situations with grace.

A position as a security guard requires someone who is emotionally stable and quick on their feet. They should be able to presume clearly, even under extreme circumstances, and be at ease interacting with all types of folks. Typically, a high school diploma or GED is necessary, but many companies also seek at least some college education or military experience.

We post immediate openings for security guards in Dubai and offer free visas to applicants from Pakistan, Nepal, India, Africa, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. Any small, medium, or large business in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates will require security guards in the near future.

Tips on how to Turn into a Safety Guard in Dubai?

There are two ways to become a security guard in Dubai. To begin, you may pursue direct hiring and apply for a position as a security guard with a private company. You will be working as a regular security guard and can expect to earn a solid income in this circumstance.

In Dubai, it is impossible to automatically become a security guard without a license. It is crucial to understand that every security guard in Dubai is employed by a private company and that the government is not involved. The government is the sole provider of licences and training programmes for security guards.

G4S, Transguard, Emirates, Securiguard Center East, Securitas, and Spark Safety offer the most positions for security guards in Dubai. All of these companies require a valid SIRA licence, and a UAE driver’s licence is an added bonus. To obtain a SIRA licence, it is recommended that you enrol in a course with the Safety Trade Regulatory Authority and pass the licencing exam. You must begin this course at least three months prior to the start of your contract!

What Is a SIRA License?

Prior to 2017, it was known as the Dubai Protective System (DPS), and it is a private security organisation that oversees Dubai’s security firms and personnel.

Tips on how to Get a SIRA License in Dubai?

While applying for safety guard positions in Dubai, a SIRA licence is required. No specific visa class is required to obtain a SIRA license; however, you may apply for any visa status. Anyone can apply for a SIRA licence, regardless of whether he or she already holds a residency visa in Dubai or arrived on a visit or tourist visa. To obtain a SIRA licence, you have two options to choose from.

  • Via Safety Company
  • Make use of your personal 

i) When making use of by a safety firm

When a safety company recruits you for a safety officer position, you must obtain a SIRA licence if you do not already have one. The security company will handle all paperwork and application procedures in order to send you to the Security Cadre Training Center (SCTC) for training and a licence.

ii) When making use of your individual

The second option is to enrol at the Safety Cade Training Center (SCTC) and begin attending classes. After completing the course and passing the examination, you will be granted the SIRA licence.

Pressing Safety Guard Jobs in Dubai 2023
Pressing Safety Guard Jobs in Dubai 2023

Tips on how to Discover Safety Guard Jobs in Dubai?

There are numerous internet job ads where you can look for security guard jobs in Dubai. We recommend posting for as many employment reasons as possible. This can increase your likelihood of being hired, as there are multiple applicants for each job posting.

Local employment agencies are another excellent resource for finding security jobs in Dubai. Several private companies use agencies to find candidates for open positions. If you want to work for a security company, visit these companies to seek employment openings.

You do not have to wait until you are hired to begin working as a security guard in Dubai. With the proper credentials, you can apply for positions as a contractor or contract security guard. It is a great way to get your foot in the door and launch your career. When you pass the initial selection processes, you can expect to be hired full-time upon obtaining your licence.

Safety Guard Job Necessities in Dubai

The requirements for becoming a security guard in Dubai are equal to those in other countries. You must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, be able to speak Arabic and English fluently, and have a high school diploma or GED.

But there are additional skills that can make you more competitive for the position. The ability to converse in Arabic is advantageous but not needed (most bodyguards operating in Dubai should not have a native Arabic audio system). But you must be proficient in spoken and written English.

This is your fortunate break if you’re searching for a well-paying job in one of the world’s most beautiful places! The average salary for security positions in Dubai is between AED 2,250 and AED 5,000 per month; however, if you work on weekends or during vacations, your pay may increase. In addition, many companies provide medical insurance and other benefits, such as free housing, transportation, and paid leave every two years.

Suggestions for safety walk-in interviews in Dubai

As a security guard, you will be constantly on the move, protecting individuals, buildings, and anything else that needs protection. You must always present your best appearance. Consider our suggestions for safety walk-in interviews in Dubai:

  • According to the corporate dress code, do not wear something overly ostentatious.
  • Be punctual
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Maintain an expert demeanor.

Speak with assurance and clear articulation; don’t mumble!
Carry yourself with self-assurance and be calm in the face of hardship. If someone tries to impress you, remain composed and do your job.
The more assured you appear during an interview, the more likely you are to be hired! If you need help getting ready for an interview, check out our articles on how to write a resume and what to wear to an interview. 

The Professionals and Cons of Being a Safety Guard in Dubai

In Dubai, there are many security guard professionals. To begin with, you might obtain employment without formal education or “qualifications.” You also receive a good wage as compared to other low-skilled occupations. Flexible hours and a regular work schedule are available to security guards. Also, you can work as a security guard on a contract basis, allowing you to work at your own pace.

There are also numerous disadvantages to being a security guard in Dubai. Your work requires few skills and pays poorly to begin with. You’ll also be under a great deal of pressure to thrive at your job, and you’ll be expected to keep an eye out for any potential dangers or threats. Also, you will be assigned a variety of responsibilities and must always be able to complete them. Moreover, if you are expected to work, you must be present at your appointed place. This implies that you cannot take leaves or holidays whenever you need them.

Tips on how to Take care of Office Security Issues?

Security is the primary issue for the majority of those considering this profession. Nonetheless, the security industry has a proven track record of workplace security.Dubai exerts significant effort to ensure that all of its employees are secure and safe on the job.

To protect your personal safety, you must enrol in a training programme before applying for security employment here. These classes will cover topics such as first aid response, awareness of terrorist threats, and self-defense techniques for those with criminal intentions. As long as you’re willing to take initiative and have some practical experience before starting your career, you’ll be able to feel secure even in high-risk environments!

Safety Jobs Details:

Job Position:Safety Guard
Profession Stage:Mid Profession
Job Kind:Full Time
Min. Schooling:Excessive College / Secondary
Job Class:Security Guard Jobs in Dubai
Min. Expertise:1-2 Years of Related Expertise
Job Location:Dubai & Throughout the UAE
Salary:AED 2000 – AED 3000 Per Month
Advantages:Glorious Advantages + As Per UAE Regulation
Hiring By:Employer

Tips on how to Apply For Safety Guard Jobs in Dubai?

Security guards are employed by private companies that frequently collaborate with the government. As soon as we receive a new opening for a security guard in Dubai, we’ll post it on this page. But, if you are unable to locate a suitable employment that you have been searching for. Then, the best way to begin is by searching for security guard jobs on websites such as, Definitely, or Monster. You can also search for advertisements in local newspapers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications are required to be a security guard in Dubai?

Age Limit: 21 to 40 Years requires a SIRA certificate or license. with job experience in the UAE

What is the minimum wage for a security guard in Dubai?

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the median monthly wage for a security guard is AED 2,200. The additional financial compensation for a security guard in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is between AED 107 and AED 34,655.

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