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Latest Remote Jobs in USA for Foreigners 2023 – Apply Here

1. Rater – Cosmetology Needed At PSI Services LLC

Job Description:

Latest Remote Jobs in USA for Foreigners 2023: using industry knowledge to make sound decisions and demonstrate subject-matter expertise (s).
Assesses candidates for state practical exams based on the standards set by the State Board of Cosmetology and/or Barbering in the state where the exams are given.
must be familiar with and adhere to all PSI-established standards, policies, and procedures.

Attendance is needed at all company-mandated training and other activities.

Job Overview

Job Type Part-time
CompanyPSI Services LLC
LocationNot stated
Salary$35.1K – $44.5K

Job Specification

Possess one or more of the following categories of active licenses and meet the minimum number of years required by state contract:

  • Cosmetology, Barbering, Instructor
  • There have been no complaints filed with the State Division of Licensing in the past or right now.
  • Instructor license holders cannot actively work as instructors.
  • A thorough comprehension of contemporary computer applications
  • The proctor must be in front of the people taking the test at all times while the test is being given.
  • have the ability to comply with leadership’s verbal and written directions.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office Problem-Solving Abilities

2. Entrepreneur in Residence Needed At Mechanism

Job Description:

  • Master the mechanism startup model and internalize it.
  • Focus on topics that complement and develop your skills as the founder of a company while working in a variety of Mechanism business units.
  • Explore, evaluate, and assess the viability of business concepts.
  • Conceptualize solutions and validate them with representative clients.
  • Clarify and validate value propositions and important characteristics.
  • Develop and verify go-to-market strategies for a variety of business concepts.

Job Overview

Job TypeFull Time
LocationFully remote
Salary$200,000 a year

About the Company

The mechanism is a venture capital organization that partners with entrepreneurs to develop and scale ambitious companies. In addition, we provide substantial operational help to our companies in key areas such as growth, product, operations, people, finance, and legal. Our in-house professionals are at the top of their professions and are here to give world-class assistance and experience to help our entrepreneurs get off the ground and scale.

Latest Remote Jobs in USA for Foreigners 2023
Latest Remote Jobs in USA for Foreigners 2023

Job Specification

  • Prior experience as the founder of a startup or as an employee of an early-stage company
  • demonstrated expertise in constructing businesses and leading teams.
  • effective at team member recruitment, evaluation, and coaching.
  • Appreciate and flourish in a fast-paced and ever-changing work environment.
  • Strong analytic skills and a passion for data-driven decision-making and marketing are required.
  • A test-and-learn mindset is required as the concept evolves.
  • passion for driving change, promoting adoption, and growing a business from the ground up.
  • Communicate complex thoughts and concepts in simple language.
  • Extreme grit, integrity, determination, fortitude, and resourcefulness
  • Annual compensation and benefits: $200,000
  • Coverage of expenditures for research, experimentation, and feasibility studies

3. Packaging Material & Losses Subject Matter Expert Needed At Anheuser-Busch

Job Overview

Job TypeFull Time
LocationSt. Louis, MO
Salary $78.400 to $88,200 a year

Job Description:

  • Strategic Zone position for the development of our frontline employees in packaging materials problem-solving
  • Utilize standard management tools (VPO) to attain essential metric goals and close performance gaps (root cause analysis, SIC, 5 whys, PDCA and SCDA cycles, etc.).
  • Leading and guiding teams through the troubleshooting and monitoring of critical operating processes and equipment using lean manufacturing and Six Sigma methodology
  • enhance the capacity of Zone Packaging equipment to process materials that meet defined specifications.
  • Utilize ties with AB Material Suppliers to bring external support and knowledge to our frontline personnel.
  • Partner with Zone Quality Commodity Owners to modify important material requirements in order to enhance material performance in Zone Packaging.
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with front-line leaders throughout the zone.
  • Title to NAZ Packaging Losses Monthly Data and Reporting
  • Responsibility for NAZ Packaging Material Line Losses: Strategy and Implementation
  • Identify and implement packaging line loss best practices across NAZ.
  • 25% of your willingness to travel
  • Job Requirements
  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, or a relevant field is necessary.
  • 3-5 years of experience leading lean six sigma continuous improvement programs is required.
  • strong leadership qualities and team orientation; the capacity to drive change
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and technical problem-solving skills
  • Result-oriented and taking a disciplined, systematic approach to delivering solutions
  • Multiple projects require attention to detail, a focus on meeting deadlines, and great planning abilities.
  • capability to extract, analyze, and use process improvement data from suitable systems.
  • self-motivated and willing to assume new duties to support the evolving demands of the department.
  • Experience with the belt technique and/or lean methods is preferred.
  • Experience working in a high-speed packaging or highly automated continuous process environment is preferred.
  • Income and Benefits
  • health benefits, such as medical, dental, vision, wellness, and tax-advantaged savings and spending accounts.
  • Life Insurance and Disability Income Protection Generous Parental Leave and FMLA Insurance Policies
  • Options for 401(k) retirement savings with a workplace match
  • Possibility of working in a fast-paced, owner-managed setting
  • Free Beer

4. Child Protection Consultants Needed At Alight Talent Community Needed At Alight

Job Overview

Job TypeFull-time
LocationFully Remote
Salary$61K – $77.2K a year

About the company

Alight, originally the American Refugee Committee, provides health care and clean water, shelter, protection, and economic opportunities to almost 3.5 million people in 17 nations.

Job Description

  • Assist in supervising the creation, launch, and enhancement of CP programming components as part of Alight’s emergency response.
  • To improve child protection, we need to know more about the situation, the people involved, and the terrain on the ground. We also need to know what the most important needs and priorities are.
  • Strengthen current child protection responses by providing CPIE personnel and partners with needs-based capacity building to standardize the CP response.
  • Collaborate closely with Alight’s other emergency consultants, staff, and partner organizations to build a multisectoral approach to child services.
  • Leading the creation of a multi-sector assessment and, if needed, an interagency quick assessment, including methodology, training, accompaniment, and analysis, with a focus on areas related to children’s and teens’ needs and services.
  • Providing technical help (such as training, practice mentorship, and the development of guidelines) to ALIGHT personnel, partners, and other actors, based on an assessment of their requirements and the context’s priorities
  • introducing and expanding child safety programming harmonization in critical areas such as case management, child-friendly settings, and community-based child protection.
  • Assuring that the goals and priorities of programming and advocacy align with the context, needs, and gaps on the ground

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Job Specification

  • Preferred: A master’s degree in a child- or youth-related subject (such as education, social work, or community work).
  • superior knowledge and comprehension of worldwide child protection and youth policy and practice concerns.
  • experience planning and implementing effective and secure child protection projects and services.
  • experience working with personnel, as well as donor agencies, government officials, and other NGOs; the ability to work with a diverse range of individuals.
  • demonstrate measurable expertise in budget management, grant management, and reporting.
  • Excellent professional track record with at least three years of international management experience in NGO leadership working in child protection in emergency and humanitarian program implementation in conflict or post-conflict contexts.
  • Strong writing and analytic skills, particularly the ability to communicate technical information to a wide range of audiences,
  • minimum of three years of personnel management experience, including staff capacity development and team building.
  • highly developed cooperation and project management skills.
  • proven experience managing and delivering services and providing support for case management.

5. Adult Education Subject Matter Expert Needed At Chenega Corporation

Job Overview

Job TypePart Time
CompanyChenega Corporation
LocationSan Antonio, TX 78240
Salary$39 an hour

Job Description:

  • creates and designs curriculum for educational programs; conducts research; and establishes educational goals, objectives, and methods for achieving program objectives.
  • examines the existing assessments, exams, and training modules.
  • determines formats and methods for achieving program objectives; identifies target audience requirements; and, if applicable to the role, conducts research on national and state trends.
  • Evaluate and validate the content of national certification examinations.
  • As required by the program, writes, edits, and coordinates the preparation of analytic reports, promotional materials, educational materials, training manuals, newsletters, and/or brochures.
  • may direct or oversee the work of subordinate employees and/or student workers.
  • Additional responsibilities as assigned 

Job Specification

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • A minimum of three years of experience directly relevant to the defined duties and responsibilities
  • The completion of one or more degrees from an approved institution may be substituted for one year of experience on a year-for-year basis.
  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as well as the capacity to work effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders in a diverse community.
  • skills in the preservation of records.
  • capacity to draw conclusions and formulate recommendations based on study findings and data.
  • expertise in utilizing personal computers and accompanying software.
  • skills in programme planning and implementation.
  • ability to organise resources and set priorities.
  • capability to administer and administer educational programs.
  • Superior writing and editing capabilities

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People Also Ask:

  1. Can an alien apply for remote employment in the United States?

    This question is at the crossroads of immigration law and tax law, and the short answer is no. There is no law that permits remote labour for a foreign employer in the United States. IRS Publication 519, US Tax Guidance for Aliens, Chapter 3, explains why such remote work is prohibited.

  2. How can I qualify to work remotely in the United States?

    In your situation, the only way to become an “employee” for a distant U.S.-based job would be to:
    The organisation commits to providing you with a work visa chance.
    The organisation has agreed to sponsor you and help you get the work visa.

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