Security Guard Jobs in Canada For Foreigners 2023 With Visa Sponsorship

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Security Guard Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2023: If you want to work in security, Canada has a lot of job opportunities for security guards. Since most security guard jobs in Canada pay well and have flexible hours, they may be appealing to people looking for work.

Many jobs in Canada as a security guard allow foreign workers to get sponsorship, which is a plus. Sponsorship for foreign workers opens up a lot of doors for people who might not be able to work in Canada otherwise.

Sponsorship and a work permit allow foreigners to work in Canada for a maximum of four years. This is an excellent opportunity for foreign workers to gain valuable experience in Canada’s security sector.

Canada is a great place to work, and if you’re interested in a career in security, it may be the ideal option for you. We will discuss the numerous security guard jobs available in Canada, the prerequisites for working as a security guard in Canada, and the sponsorship opportunities for overseas candidates. This post is intended to aid anyone seeking a fulfilling career in security.

Roles of Security Guards

When searching for employment opportunities as a security guard, it is vital to consider the type of work you will perform. Some security guard jobs in Canada may require a specialised credential or licence, while others may require on-the-job training.

There are a variety of security guard jobs in Canada, ranging from monitoring residential and commercial areas to working at retail stores, offices, and banks. Security guards must be well-trained and capable of responding rapidly and effectively to security concerns.

Additionally, they must be capable of exercising prudence and handling difficult situations with sensitivity and experience.

Additionally, it is essential to investigate the type of business for which you will be working, as some may have stricter requirements. Security guard jobs in Canada provide an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience in a rewarding career.

With the proper training and experience, security guard jobs in Canada may be rewarding occupations. The sponsorship of foreign workers is a good way for anyone interested in entering the Canadian security industry to gain job experience.

Security Guard Jobs in Canada For Foreigners 2023 With Visa Sponsorship
Security Guard Jobs in Canada For Foreigners 2023 With Visa Sponsorship

Benefits of Working as a Security Guard In Canada

In Canada, security guard jobs provide fantastic prospects for those seeking employment. Working as a security guard in Canada has numerous perks, including a competitive salary, a flexible schedule, and job security.

In addition, foreigners have access to a number of sponsorship possibilities, making it easier for them to settle in Canada and find work. We will discuss the benefits of working as a security guard in Canada as well as sponsorship opportunities for foreigners.

For foreigners, working as a security guard in Canada might be an excellent opportunity. Here are a few advantages:

  • Security guards can earn a respectable salary in Canada, based on their degree of expertise and the organisation for which they work. This is an interesting opportunity for foreigners seeking employment in Canada.
  • The security sector is a developing industry in Canada, providing security personnel with job stability. This ensures that you will have work for an extended period of time.
  • Jobs as a security guard can be fairly flexible, allowing you to work a variety of shifts, hours, and days. This allows you to schedule your job around other obligations.
  • Acquire new abilitiesWorking as a security guard affords the chance to acquire new skills, such as dealing with challenging situations, communicating, and solving problems. This might be an excellent approach to boosting your skill set and professional opportunities.
  • Opportunity for Progression: Working as a security guard also affords the chance to develop experience and advance in one’s profession. This could be an excellent opportunity to advance your profession and maximise your time in Canada.
  • There are a variety of sponsorship alternatives available to foreigners seeking employment in Canada. This can facilitate the process of seeking employment and settling into a new nation.

Overall, security guard positions in Canada offer numerous advantages to foreign nationals. With excellent pay, employment security, and the chance to acquire new skills, this might be an excellent way to make a living in Canada.

Qualifications Needed for a Security Guard Job in Canada

As the demand for security guards in Canada continues to rise, many foreign employees are keen to take advantage of sponsorship possibilities to pursue a career in the field. Even though the specifics of security guard employment in Canada may vary from province to province, there are certain requirements that all aspiring security guards must meet to enter the field.

Security Guard License:

To work as a security guard in Canada, one must possess a valid security guard license. Each province and territory has its own set of criteria, which may include a background check and a certification in first aid.

Typically, you must first complete a training course and then pass a written examination. Training typically combines classroom learning with practical instruction and hands-on experience. Classes are offered by local police departments, private security corporations, and private colleges. After completing all essential training, candidates are eligible to apply for a licence as a security guard.

Work Allowances:

To work in Canada, a valid work permit is also required. Security guard jobs with sponsorship are available through private security companies and government contracts. To qualify for a career as a security guard in Canada, you often need a work permit or study permit. After receiving all necessary documentation, individuals may apply for jobs as security guards that offer sponsorship opportunities.


Many private security companies require at least one year of experience in the security field; however, some may accept applicants with no experience. Depending on the position, government contracts for security guard positions may or may not require experience.

Soft Skills:

In addition to a valid licence, security guards must possess specified skills and talents in order to perform their duties. Several examples include strong communication and customer service skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to operate independently.

Depending on the type of security guard job, they may also need to be physically fit, know how to give first aid, and have basic computer skills.

Sponsorship Options Available For Security Guard Jobs In Canada

Foreigners who want to work as security guards in Canada have a number of sponsorship options to choose from.

  • Permanent Residency: Sponsorship is the primary option for acquiring permanent residency. This involves having a relative or employer in Canada sponsor you to become a permanent resident. Permanent residents are eligible to work as security guards in Canada.
  • Permit to Work Applying for a work permit is another option. If you receive a job offer from a Canadian employer, you can apply for a work permit and become authorised to operate as a security guard in Canada.
  • Open Work Permit: Lastly, you have the option of submitting an application for an open work permit. You can work in any field with an open work permit, including the security guard industry. To be eligible for an open work permit, you must meet certain requirements, such as a certain level of education and work experience.

Before you may work as a security guard in Canada, you must meet the government’s requirements and standards, regardless of the path you pick.

Who Can Apply For Visa Sponsorship?

  • You must have a valid work permit or visa.
  • You must speak fluently in either English or French.
  • The minimum age is eighteen years old.
  • You must possess a security guard license that is valid in the province or territory where you are applying.
  • You must not have a criminal record.
  • You must possess fundamental computing skills.
  • A physical examination, including vision and hearing tests, must be passed.
  • You must produce legitimate letters of recommendation from past jobs.
  • You must be able to respond professionally and effectively to emergencies.

If you meet these standards and are seeking sponsorship for a security guard position in Canada, you are qualified to apply. Numerous firms in Canada seek international workers.

Tips for Securing a Security Guard Job With Sponsorship for Foreigners.

Sponsorship to work as security guards in Canada can be difficult to obtain for foreign nationals. Nonetheless, it is a very attainable objective with the proper guidance and planning. These suggestions will help you acquire the job you desire:

  • Before you can apply for a position as a security guard in Canada, you must receive the appropriate training and credentials. This comprises the completion of the security guard training programme and any other applicable courses.
  • Due to the abundance of security guard firms in Canada, it is essential to conduct research and ensure that you are applying to the correct business. Invest time in examining the company’s values, mission, and objectives to ensure that they correspond with your own.
  • Prepare your resume: A great resume is essential for gaining employment. Ensure that your CV is relevant to the position for which you are applying and that it showcases your security-related abilities and experience.
  • Network: Once your résumé is complete, begin networking! Connect with other Canadian security professionals and get your name out there. This increases your likelihood of receiving recommendations and job leads.
  • Apply for a visa: To work in Canada, you may be required to obtain a visa, depending on your nationality. Start the visa application procedure as early as possible, as it can be fairly time-consuming.
  • If you are eligible for sponsorship, you should apply for it. This will make it much simpler for you to obtain a position as a security guard in Canada.
  • Following these guidelines will assist you in obtaining a job as a security guard in Canada with sponsorship for foreigners.

How to Search for Security Guard Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

You have various options available that will satisfy you. You can find the right job for which you can apply with a sponsorship if you do the necessary research and work.


The best approach for foreigners to locate security guard jobs in Canada is to conduct research. You could begin by visiting the websites of notable Canadian security companies. Look for job postings that include sponsorship or international applicants.

Available Security Guard Jobs In Canada: Apply Now!

1. Guard, protection: full-time, part-time, and casual positions available.

Employer details:

  • Name of company: Paladin Security
  • Lethbridge, Alberta, is the location.

Job details:

  • Compensation: $17.00 per hour
  • Date of commencement: as soon as feasible.
  • Apply Here


In conclusion, foreigners desiring to serve as security guards in Canada must meet the same requirements as Canadian citizens. Acquiring a valid security guard licence, possessing the necessary skills and abilities for the position, and obtaining the appropriate work or study authorizations are examples.

Security guard jobs that can be sponsored are open to foreigners who have the right credentials and paperwork. You can also search for career opportunities on job sites such as Indeed or Job Bank. Many of these job boards have a filter for security guard positions that are open to international applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a security guard, am I eligible for immigration to Canada?

It is not possible to immigrate to Canada on the basis of a security job, as there are already a sufficient number of individuals performing this activity. Obtain an education, then visit the Immigration Canada website to determine if you are eligible for an invitation. It may take up to five years… Is it simple to obtain a Canadian work visa?

What is the minimum wage for a Canadian security guard?

The average annual wage for a security guard in Canada is $33,150, or $17 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level employment is $28,659 per year, while most experienced individuals can earn up to $41,995 per year.

How long does it take to train a Canadian security guard?

To obtain a security guard licence, you must pass a 40-hour training course, which will be useful when applying for entry-level jobs. On the other hand, the Toronto security licence will assist you when you change jobs.

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