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Senior Accountant Job at Plato Consult in Ghana 2023 – Apply HERE

Job Purpose: 

Senior Accountant Job at Plato Consult in Ghana 2023: The successful candidate will be responsible for managing the Treasury Department and making company-wide decisions.


  • thinks strategically and possesses a great deal of integrity.
  • many years of experience operating enterprises
  • Detail Orientation in Team Players 
Senior Accountant Job at Plato Consult in Ghana 2023 - Apply HERE
Senior Accountant Job at Plato Consult in Ghana 2023 – Apply HERE


  • Background in senior-level business management
  • responsible for tax planning for the entire fiscal year.
  • Focus your financial analysis on capital investments, price decisions, and contract negotiations.
  • Meet human resource goals by orienting, training, assigning, and coaching team members, telling them what is expected of them on the job, and planning, monitoring, evaluating, and reviewing their responsibilities.
  • In order for management to make a decision, you should be able to present them with many options and their associated expenses.

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Required Skills or Experience

  • business administration, finance, or accounting bachelor’s degree.
  • at least eight years of expertise in financial reporting and management
  • experience at a senior level with tax and treasury management.
  • solid understanding of how money and accounting operate.
  • Understanding the rules of money
  • For a senior treasury position, at least three years of experience are required.

How to Apply for Senior Accountant Job at Plato Consult in Ghana 2023

Send your resumes to

Just those individuals who make the final cut will be contacted.

Date limit: 2023-04-26

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I find employment in Ghana?

    How do I get a job in Ghana? To work in Ghana, you would require a visa unless you are a citizen of an ECOWAS nation. Before applying, it is suggested that you acquire employment there, as your new company can frequently sponsor your application. You can obtain additional information by visiting the webpage of your local embassy.

  2. What is the primary occupation in Ghana?

    In terms of GDP, Ghana’s abundance of natural resources may be a significant component, but when it comes to employment, a different industry dominates. More than fifty percent of the population is employed in agriculture.

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