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SERVICE AIDE (STORES) Jobs in New York 2023 Apply Now

Job Description

Regarding NYC Health and Hospitals

Service Aide (STORES) Jobs in New York 2023: Elmhurst Hospital Center (EHC) is the largest provider of tertiary care in Queens. The hospital includes a Level I Trauma Center, an Emergency Heart Care Station, and a 911 Receiving Hospital with 545 beds. It is the premier health care provider in critical areas such as surgery, cardiology, women’s health, pediatrics, rehabilitation medicine, renal care, and mental health services.

At NYC Health + Hospitals, our goal is to provide health services that are always of the highest quality. Every employee shows the ICARE values (integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence) by communicating and working with everyone with empathy and respect.

Under direct supervision, does work of average difficulty and responsibility in the areas of food service, housekeeping, and grounds maintenance, as well as other related tasks.

Duties & Responsibilities

1.Only in the realm of food service operations: 1. supplies assigned station with necessary supplies prior to meal service; inspects cleanliness before beginning food preparation.

2.assembles food on trays for patients based on menu cards or special diet lists. delivers trays to patients and collects soiled trays for return to the kitchen. Participates in daily menu discussions and food service operations of the cafeteria or dining room, including setting up the serving area, collecting dishes, and resetting the tables.

3.Assists with cooking operations and prepares between-meal sustenance and cold foods (e.g., salads, sandwiches, desserts, etc.) for patients in accordance with oral and/or written instructions; reconstitutes hot foods in microwave ovens.

4.serves meals at the correct temperature using the required cooking equipment.

5. cleans the dining room and kitchen.Dishes, work surfaces, utensils, and equipment are all cleaned, sanitized, and/or sterilised.

6. Collects, transports, and/or disposes of rubbish and trash in designated containers; runs appropriate objects through a dishwasher with the correct cleaning and sanitising agent(s).

7. pulls inventory from refrigerators and/or storage areas.loads and unloads inventory, as well as distributes and stores supplies.

8.as allocated, attends in-service education programmes.

9.performs additional related responsibilities as assigned or requested.

SERVICE AIDE (STORES) Jobs in New York 2023 Apply Now
SERVICE AIDE (STORES) Jobs in New York 2023 Apply Now

In the area of Housekeeping Operations:

1. Empties wastebaskets, sweeps, dusts, vacuums, and washes/mops floors, walls, ceilings, window sills, Venetian blinds, furniture, and medical equipment with the appropriate cleaning equipment, solutions, and disinfectants.Bags of filthy linens

2. Scrubs and disinfects toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers with appropriate cleaning tools, solutions, and disinfectants.

3. Cleans contaminated trays and equipment.cleans and sanitises metal containers, the chamber for sputum disposal, and equipment. Patients are given clean sputum cups, garbage containers, and paper bags. collects and discards cups and garbage, as well as handles and discards sputum specimen containers. Fills the ice compartment with oxygen equipment and collects oxygen tanks as needed.

4.The polishing of metal maintains floors by stripping, waxing, and shining them using the proper cleaning tools.

5.collects, empties, transports, and/or disposes of trash and debris in designated containers. Relines garbage cans with appropriate liners and transports infectious waste to designated locations.

6.assists with the loading and unloading of trucks and the fulfilment of stock requests. transports home goods and equipment and supports the supervisor with chores such as cleaning supply distribution.

7. Moves furniture and equipment and helps set up and break down beds (including putting them away in the right way).

9.maintains control over equipment and tools. maintains mechanical equipment in working order.

  • Auxiliary services may be performed in laboratories, pharmacies, and other unique areas of the health care setting.

maintains grounds, mows lawns and bushes, and cleans walkways, including clearing snow, in order to maintain a physically safe environment for pedestrians and cars. contributes to the removal of trash.

  • Helps load, unload, and store supplies, tools, and/or equipment at points of pickup, delivery, and distribution.
  • Fills and distributes or transports requisitioned records, materials, supplies, and equipment, including, but not limited to, food stock, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and equipment for ground maintenance.

Minimum Qualifications

  • ability to read and write English and to comprehend and follow straightforward directions.

How To Apply

Please be warned that proof of immunisation against COVID-19 is required prior to employment.

To submit an application for this position, please visit employment.nychhc.org.

Included in NYC Health and Hospitals’ competitive benefits package are:

  • Comprehensive health benefits for workers recruited for 20 or more hours per week
  • Savings for retirement and pension plans
  • Loan forgiveness programmes for qualifying workers
  • Paid Holidays and Vacation Time Based on Employee Preferences collectively negotiated agreements
  • savings on college tuition and possibilities for professional development
  • Multiple discount packages for employees

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do assistants earn in New York City?

    What is the salary of a school assistant in New York City, New York? As of January 27, 2023, the average school assistant salary in New York City is $35,884 per year. In the event that you require a basic pay calculation, this equates to around $17.25 per hour. This equates to $690 each week or $2,990 per month.

  2. Which positions are in demand in New York?

    Health care, education, and finance are among the leading industries in New York. New York’s average weekly wage in 2021 was approximately $1,690. Transportation and storage employees are among the most in demand. Also experiencing shortages and high demand are positions in healthcare support.

  3. Is it challenging to find employment in New York?

    New York’s job market is competitive, so be sure to allocate sufficient time for your search and consider submitting unsolicited applications. Finding housing in New York City is tough and expensive.

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