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By: Izza Kazmi

Sun Life Insurance Canada Global Jobs 2023: Our clients enjoy lifelong financial security and improved health. Our mission is to assist our clients in attaining lasting financial security and living healthier lives.

Financial stability and good health: We’re with you every step of the way.

Life is replete with surprises. Some are enthralling. Some are tricky. We are here to guide our clients through life’s most significant occasions.

We serve millions throughout Canada, the United States, Asia, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Our network consists of Sun Life advisors, third-party partners, and other distributors. Through them, we enable our customers to live their lives as they choose, from now until retirement. We are also diligently supporting their wellness and health management objectives. So, people can enjoy what is most important to them. This includes anything from running a marathon to teaching their grandchildren to ride a bicycle.

To do this, we provide a vast array of protection and wealth products and services to individuals, corporations, and organisations, such as:

  • Insurance: life, health, wellness, critical illness, disability, stop-loss, and long-term care insurance
  • Investments.  Mutual funds, segregated funds, annuities, and investment products with guarantees
  • Advice.  Services for financial planning and retirement planning
  • Asset management. institutional portfolios, pooled funds, and pension funds

Additionally, we assist our customers in leading healthier lives as individuals and as members of healthy communities. We achieve this through the following programmes and initiatives:

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  • Millions of dollars are being raised to support global diabetes awareness, prevention, treatment, and research.
  • Health examination clinics
  • Peer-support initiatives at work
  • Programs for the prevention of disease

 Together, we make life brighter.

We are a global organisation with a passion for individuals. As an employee of Sun Life, you will assist clients in achieving lasting financial security and leading healthier lives. Being a team of 42,100 across 27 markets, we have a significant and locally relevant impact. There is strength in numbers. As a member of Sun Life’s expanding team, you will influence individuals in your community and around the world.

Current opportunities

At Sun Life, we are continually in search of exceptional talent. Help us create transformation, sustainability, and innovation for our clients, employees, partners, and communities by joining our team.

Sun Life Insurance Canada Global Jobs 2023
Sun Life Insurance Canada Global Jobs 2023

Choose your region to learn more about working at Sun Life and explore current opportunities


  • Sun Life Canada
  • SLC Management
  • MFS Investment Management

United States

  • Sun Life United States
  • SLC Management
  • MFS Investment Management


  • Sun Life Ever bright (in simplified Chinese only)

Hong Kong, SAR

  • Sun Life Hong Kong


  • BSL Asset Management
  • BSL Insurance
  • Asia Service Centre (India)


  • Sun Life Indonesia


  • Sun Life Ireland


  • Sun Life Malaysia


  • Sun Life Philippines
  • Sun Life Grepa
  • Asia Service Centre (Philippines)


  • Sun Life Singapore

United Kingdom

  • Sun Life United Kingdom


  • Sun Life Vietnam (in Vietnamese only)

How to Apply for Sun Life Insurance Canada Global Jobs 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to work for Sun Life?

excellent work-life balance and supportive management. Excellent for self-motivated individuals who are willing to study and sell themselves on a daily basis. The management is always willing to assist you, and there are weekly check-ins for wealth and insurance advice.

Why are you interested in working for Sun Life Insurance?

As a Sun Life employee, you can: assist others in achieving lifetime financial security and living healthier lives; be a part of a growing team and industry-leading organisation; and have an impact on people in your neighbourhood and around the world.

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