Visa sponsorship Jobs Dubai 2023

Teaching Jobs in Dubai 2023 with Visa Sponsorship

Teaching Jobs in Dubai 2023 with Visa Sponsorship: Teaching jobs are wonderful examples of numerous foreign and international work prospects.

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is a popular location for finding teaching positions that sponsor visas. But, this is only ensured if you have the necessary expertise and act at the right time, as there are hundreds of individuals from all over the world looking for teaching jobs in Dubai, UAE.

Details About Teaching Jobs in Dubai 2023 with Visa Sponsorship

On this website, we will provide information on available teaching jobs in Dubai, UAE, for foreign applicants. Before you do, we recommend that you read the entire job description for teacher/teaching positions in Dubai, UAE, for foreigners below, as it will educate you on all you need to know about the work.

Teaching Jobs in Dubai 2023 with Visa Sponsorship
Teaching Jobs in Dubai 2023 with Visa Sponsorship


Teaching jobs are available in the academic or educational field.

These roles are accessible throughout Dubai, UAE, and may be applied for by a variety of methods, including letters, online recruiting platforms, and emails sent directly to companies.

In the educational industry, there are academic personnel (those who teach) and non-academic staff (those who do not provide direct or indirect lectures).

As a teacher in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, your job is to lecture and educate pupils on a given topic or course.

For foreign applicants, the job range for teaching positions in Dubai, UAE, is broad, since there is a high possibility of getting work regardless of the topic of study chosen in college. When it comes to becoming a foreign teacher in Dubai, UAE, the first step is to submit your application to eligible educational institutions that are willing to recruit international candidates with visa sponsorship to work and dwell legally in Dubai, UAE.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lecture students in a certain area are tasked with compiling lecture notes and assigning homework to students in order to evaluate their skills.
  • In charge of exam preparation and feedback based on student achievement.
  • Students should be instructed on how to use educational resources correctly.
  • Encourage pupils to participate in outdoor activities such as sports and relaxation.
  • Create test questions and scoring criteria.
  • Keep complete and accurate student records at all times.

Employment Requirements/Skills

  • Previous employment experience in a connected sector; must be an active participant; BSc/MSc in a related field of study, submitting an application for
  • An exhibit of Authoritarian/Controller Tutoring Expertise

Teacher/Teaching Job Salary in Dubai, UAE for Foreigners and Residents

The average compensation for a teacher in Dubai, UAE, according to Salary Explorer, is $127,700 per year. This amount is usually between 60,000 (the bare minimum) to 231,100. (the maximum).

Moreover, we corroborated these findings by looking at teaching positions listed by top online recruiting platforms and agencies in Dubai, UAE. According to Salary Explorer, 85 percent of teaching posts advertised in Dubai, UAE, fit inside its wage range.

Negotiating between the two parties engaged in the employment contract, according to ZumaFOX reports, is a critical component in establishing the wage of a teacher in Dubai, UAE.

After examining the bulk of the aforementioned descriptions, are you still interested in teaching jobs for foreigners in Dubai, UAE? Check the table below for a detailed explanation of how to become a teacher as a foreigner legally resident in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The requirements for becoming a teacher in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are similar to those in other countries.

A university qualification in a certain topic or discipline is the primary requirement for becoming a teacher in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If this institution is fully registered, accredited, and recognized as a tertiary institution, it cannot be a Canadian university.

Having these certificates, however, does not guarantee a high-paying teaching post in Dubai, UAE. A teaching certificate from a suitable government institution will usually provide you an edge because it proves that you have the core skills necessary for work as a teacher in Dubai, UAE.

To gain a teaching career in Dubai, UAE, you must also be willing and able to research and apply for available teaching opportunities in Dubai, UAE.

The following are the greatest teaching positions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for foreigners having a visa and a work permit.


  • Teaching Positions at High Schools
  • Teaching and Middle School Education Jobs
  • Private/Home Service Elementary School Teaching Positions

How to Apply for Teacher/Teaching Jobs in Dubai, UAE as a Foreigner

Simply click on the application link provided below to successfully apply for a teaching post in Dubai, UAE, as an international or foreign applicant.

The application link will take you to a website with the most recent teaching jobs in Dubai, UAE, as advertised by employers. To express your interest, highlight the opportunities for which you are the greatest match and follow the application processes described on the job page.

Deadline for Application: 2023-06-16

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I obtain employment sponsorship in Dubai?

No, you cannot do that alone. Employment and residency in Dubai are governed by a sponsorship system. Employers are the proper applicants for employment and residency visas for their staff. This means you must have been hired prior to submitting your employment visa application.

Which educators are in high demand in Dubai?

In 2022, nursery, primary, and secondary school instructors in the subjects of mathematics, chemistry, physics, and English will be in great demand at private international schools in Dubai. Private schools in Dubai continue to add students to meet the rising demand for quality education.

How do I apply for an instructing position in Dubai?

Teachers must hold a valid license or certificate to teach; they must be certified or registered to teach in their native state, province, or region. Additionally, the majority of teaching positions in Dubai demand at least two years of experience teaching at the appropriate grade level and in the relevant subject.

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