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Visa Sponsored Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2023 – Apply HERE

Visa Sponsored Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2023: Through the Carer Immigration Pilot, the Canadian federal government is actually also making it easier for immigrants to work as carers in Canada and also to immigrate fully to the country. A further significant motivation to relocate to one of the countries listed below (Canada) and also work as a caretaker is that the annual average wage for a home aid labourer in Canada is actually $34,125, but more seasoned personnel can easily make up to $49,591. You may submit applications from Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, South Africa, the Philippines, Kenya, All Countries, or any other region on earth.

Do you wish to make up to $17 per hour as a healthcare professional in Canada? Are you seeking crucial treatment tasks for immigrants and visa sponsors in Canada?

This is a great chance that you won’t want to miss because it will teach you how to get a visa-sponsored job as a carer in Canada. Family Carers, Family Carers, Relative Carers, Child Carers, Live-in Caregiver—Elderly, Child Care Caregivers—Private Houses, Live-in Caregivers—People with Disabilities, Nannies, Children, and Home Care Professionals are urgently required in Canada. A caretaker is a professional who supports people with day-to-day activities and responsibilities to aid their individuals. They are there to monitor and assist with maintenance plans.

Caregiver & Nanny Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

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Duties And Tasks Of a Caregiver

A professional carer performs the following:

  • Helps patients take prescribed medications.
  • Helps consumers navigate their homes or outside (for physician visits, walks, and many others).
  • helps clients with hygiene and personal care.
  • Assist with physical therapy activities for clients.
  • helps in the planning and preparation of meals.
  • makes purchases for or accompanies customers as they shop.
  • Assist customers with simple housekeeping responsibilities.
  • Effectively works and inspires his customers.
  • studies any unexpected occurrences.
  • responds to emergency situations in a timely and ethical manner.
  • provides buyers with easy motivation and emotional support.

Necessities And Expertise Of a Caregiver

As a carer in Canada, you must have and know how to do the following things:

  • ability to deal with and care for older people with love, respect, and dignity.
  • Being able to talk in a warm, friendly, and nice way
  • Background checks by the police and the law
  • Legitimate driver’s licence
  • Permission to work in Canada
  • willingness and determination to help others
  • being available when needed.
  • Finishing an approved carer training programme and getting an HCA (Health Care Assistant) certificate
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure and in the face of opposition. Ability to talk well.
  • It is important to get immunisations and the full COVID-19 vaccine.

Sorts of Caregiver Jobs

  • a person who stays with a child while the parents are away.
  • Carers at home
  • private home for child care.

Jobs Details:

Company: Healthcare Jobs, Hospitality Jobs, 
Job Role:Caregiver Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship 
Career Level:Mid Career
Job Type:Full Time
Min. Education:High School / Secondary
Job Category:Healthcare Jobs, Hospitality Jobs, 
Min. Experience:1-2 Years
Job Location:Toronto,  all over Canada
State:Toronto, all over Canada
Salary:CAD 6000- CAD 12000 Per Month
Benefits:Will be discussed in the interview
Hiring By:Employer

Babysitter Jobs in Canada Compensation

Residential child care providers (NOC 4411) in Canada usually make between $11.75 and $23.08 per hour. People who work as “babysitters” are part of this group.

Visa Sponsored Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2023
Visa Sponsored Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2023

Child Caregiver Jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship :

Child caregiver jobs in Alberta130APPLY NOW
Child caregiver jobs in British Columbia367APPLY NOW
Child caregiver jobs in Canada1254APPLY NOW
Child caregiver jobs in Manitoba13APPLY HERE
Child caregiver jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador1APPLY HERE
Child caregiver jobs in Northwest Territories1APPLY HERE
Child caregiver jobs in Nova Scotia3APPLY NOW
Child caregiver jobs in Ontario473APPLY NOW
Child caregiver jobs in Québec246APPLY NOW
Child caregiver jobs in Saskatchewan1818APPLY NOW
Child caregiver jobs in Yukon2APPLY NOW

The best way to Apply for the Job in case you are an Overseas Employee?

Here are the steps you need to take to sponsor a carer through Canada’s Stay-In Carer Programme:

  • Step 1: Find a carer. If you are an employer, it may be up to you to find an international carer on your own.
  • Step 2: Write your employment contract. By law, both you and the carer must sign a written employment contract. You must include a signed agreement with your LMIA application.
  • Step 3: You’ll need a good LMIA before a live-in carer can help you get the results you want. The evaluation shows that an employee from another country is needed.
  • There are no Canadians who can do the job.
  • Step 4: Make sure the carer will get a good work allowance. If the LMIA is good, the carer should apply for a new one within 6 months. If they qualify, they will get a piece of paper that says you are their employer. It could take a few months to finish this course.

Who Can Apply for the Visa Sponsorships Jobs?

Carer jobs in Canada are only for people who:

  • You were born in Canada or have lived there for a long time.
  • You will be able to do good Canadian work.

Nanny Visa Sponsorship jobs 2023

Tasks Of Nanny

  • Take care of the whole house when the old people aren’t there.
  • Food and things for the home were bought.
  • Help take care of children and clean up while travelling with your family.
  • Wash, iron, and press clothes and household linens.
  • Babies and young children need to be bathed, dressed, and fed.
  • Keep track of what kids do every day and their health.
  • Keep your home environment safe and healthy. Control what kids do, like what they play and where they go.
  • Make and serve meals that are good for you.
  • Prepare kids and babies for times when they can rest.
  • watch over and care for the children.
  • Think about how children feel on the inside.

Work setting

  • home of the employer
  • In its place, free housing with a place to live is given. That is NOT required to get a job.
  • Work within the employer’s or home buyer’s guidelines.
LocationVictoria, BC
SalarySalary18.27 hourly for 40 hours per week
Type of jobTerms of employment Permanent employment
Full time
TimingDay, Evening, Morning

Little one caregiver/babysitter Jobs in Canada

For our 5-year-old child, we are looking for a full-time childcare provider, babysitter, or even sitter. Maintain a healthy and also risk-free home environment; prepare age-appropriate treats and dishes; review tales; sing songs; and also participate in age-appropriate activities with the youngster and also contribute to his or her psychological well-being. The applicant must have at least one year of experience in child care or the training of carers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I apply for a job as a carer in Canada?

    Before working in Canada as a carer, you must obtain a work permit!
    Select the Work Permit Type That Best Suits You…
    Collect the necessary work permit documents.
    Fill up Your Application for a Work Permit. Pay Extra Permit Costs.
    Submit Your Application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (IRCC)

  2. Does Canada hire carers?

    When Canadians and permanent residents are unavailable, families may engage a foreign carer to provide care in a private residence for children, elders, or anyone with verified medical needs. Families can engage foreign carers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Programme (TFWP).

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