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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Belgium For Foreigners 2023/24

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Belgium For Foreigners 2023/24: There are skilled and unskilled jobs in Belgium that can support visas for foreigners in 2023 and 2024. Belgium is a country in Western Europe. It is known for its Renaissance building, its cities from the Middle Ages, and for being the center of government for both the EU and NATO.

Belgium is split up into different parts. In the east, people speak German, in the south, people speak French, and in the north, people speak Dutch. Grand-Place is the bilingual heart of Brussels. It has beautiful art nouveau buildings and grand guild halls.

Do you need a job in Belgium to get a visa if you’re not from there? Trying to get the most up-to-date list of Belgian companies that pay for visas You might want to work in Belgium, right? Do you want to know what needs to be done before a work visa can be given?

On this page, you can find out about the work permits you need to work in Belgium, as well as the jobs that will support your visa in 2023 and 2024. You will also learn how to apply for a work visa in Belgium and more about what you need to do to get a work visa for Belgium.

Jobs in Belgium that can sponsor visas for foreigners in 2023/24

Belgium has many job choices for people from other countries. Below is a list of some of the jobs in Belgium that can help foreigners get visas:

  • Electronic Test Technician
  • International HR Consultant
  • Junior Traffic Engineer – traffic planning
  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Administrative Assistant
  • Junior Communication Officer
  • Junior Marketing Specialist
  • Customer Operations Advisor
  • Administrative Support
  • Management Assistant
  • Sales Assistant
Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Belgium For Foreigners 202324
Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Belgium For Foreigners 202324

Belgian Work Permit

Finding a job in Belgium is the first step to getting a work visa for that country. Before you can apply for a residence or work permit in Belgium, it’s best to have a job. This is because your work visa is tied to your position as a resident.

Work visa categories in Belgium

In Belgium, foreigners who want to work there can get one of three types of work permits. The following make up these groups:

  • Work Permit Type A: To get this permit, the candidate must have had a Type B permit for at least four years during a continuous ten-year stay in Belgium. Type A permits are good for life.
  • Work Permit Type B: This paper lets foreign workers take jobs that Belgian citizens can’t do. It can be updated after it has been used for a year.
  • Type C: Students and other short-term travelers can get this type of work pass. It can only be used for up to a year.

Type B is the most common type of work visa, which your staff will likely need. Employees who want to stay in Belgium must have both a work permit and a resident visa.

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Conditions for a Work Visa for Belgium

For a work visa in Belgium, you’ll need the following:

  • Passport. You need to get a valid visa.
  • The right to work. Before you ask for a work visa, you should have a job in Belgium. If you have a work pass, you can live and work in Belgium.
  • Proof that you are healthy. You must show that you don’t have any health problems that could hurt the health of the general people.
  • Proof that a change was made In Belgium, you have to show that you have somewhere to live.
  • Proof of being able to pay You must show proof that you have enough money to live in Belgium.
  • Proof that you’ve never been found guilty of a crime. You should demand that the police officer write down that you have never been found guilty of a crime.

How to apply for a work visa in Belgium

Foreign workers who want to live and work in Belgium must get a work pass. Before applying for a work visa, the business must prove that there are no qualified job-seeking Belgians who would be able to fill the role. Then the application process can begin. Here are the steps in the procedure:

  • The employer goes to the Belgian immigration officials and asks for a work permit.
  • When a work permit is accepted, a copy is sent to the Belgian Embassy in the country where the potential employee lives.
  • The worker goes to the Belgian Embassy to ask for a visa to live there.
  • Once the visa and permission are in hand, the worker can go to Belgium.
  • When the employee arrives in Belgium, they let the right people know and give them their address.
  • The worker fills out a form to get an ID card.
  • The worker gives their fingerprints and gets their ID card in return.
  • Before the worker can start working for your company in Belgium, these steps must be taken.

Process time for a work visa for Belgium?

Getting a work visa could take between 8 and 10 weeks. Since he has to apply for you, it depends on the company for which you would work.

How to Obtain a Residence Permit for Employment Once in Belgium

When you first get to Belgium, you must sign up in the foreigner’s registry at your town hall or government. After that, you’ll have to fill out an application for an ID card and have your fingerprints taken. Once you meet these requirements, you will get your ID card, which is also your permit to live in the country.

Can my family travel with me?

After you and your family have found a good place to live, you can bring them with you. You should be able to show that you have enough money to take care of them. Your family members must apply for a type D visa for family reunification at the Belgian embassy where you live.

How long am I permitted to work in Belgium on a visa?

In most European countries, a work visa is only good for one year. In most of them, you can, however, make it longer. You can renew your work visa at the customs office in your city hall. After living and working in Belgium for five years, you can apply for either permanent residence or a type A work card.

People Also Ask

  • How much does a work visa for Belgium cost?

    A visa to work costs €180. This fee pays for all types of long-stay cards. When you go to the Belgian Immigration Office to ask for a visa, your company will pay the fee. It’s for each person.

  • Is a Visa Required to Work in Belgium?

    If you are not from Belgium and you have a job offer in Belgium, you need a work pass. It also affects people who live in Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway but are not part of the EU.
    If you are not from the EU or EEA and want to live and work in Belgium, you must apply for a work pass. Before you can go to Belgium, you have to apply for a long-stay visa. Once you’re there, you have to apply for a resident pass that lets you work.

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