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Visa Sponsorship jobs in Egypt for Foreigners 2023

Visa sponsorship jobs in Egypt for foreigners 2023: Egypt is a stunning nation with one of the world’s oldest histories and a heritage dating back to the sixth to fourth millennia BCE. This country has everything, including fascinating local cultures, enormous pyramids, lush landscapes, breathtaking cityscapes, and excellent employment opportunities. This is the place to be if you want to launch or advance your professional career.

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Numerous foreign nationals have moved to Egypt in search of employment opportunities in order to advance their careers and earn more money.

With numerous multinational and domestic companies dispersed throughout the country, Egypt’s job openings provide numerous opportunities for foreigners seeking to advance their careers or change fields.

Want the most current list of Egyptian Visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners? Do you wish to know what types of work visas Egypt offers? Do you wish to discover which industry dominates Egypt? Or, would you like to know what a decent income looks like in Egypt? If you require answers, please read this article.

Visa Sponsorship jobs in Egypt for Foreigners 2023
Visa Sponsorship jobs in Egypt for Foreigners 2023

Egyptian Work Visa Types

Work visa: Once a foreign national obtains a work permit, their visa, such as a temporary or tourist visa, will be converted into a work visa.

This option is a 30-day, single-entry tourist visa that travellers can obtain upon their arrival in Egypt. It is also the visa required for employment.

Normal visa: A normal visa has a validity period of three to five years and allows the spouse of an employee to obtain a resident visa for the duration specified on their work permit.

Special visa: The special visa is restricted to foreign nationals who were born in Egypt prior to May 26, 1952, or who have resided in Egypt for more than 20 years prior to that date. It has an expiration date of ten years and is renewable.

Additionally, non-citizens must possess a work permit. The initial step is obtaining a temporary or tourist visa and converting it into a work visa. This procedure may result in a work permit if the employee submits an application to the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration. In addition, the applicant must provide proof of potential employment and a physical exam that is unrestricted.

Jobs in Egypt 2023/2024 that sponsor visas for foreign nationals

Below is a list of job openings in Egypt that provide visa sponsorship for foreign nationals.

  • Sales Executive
  • Associate Consulting Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Rigging Engineer
  • The Payroll Specialist HR
  • A Senior Marketing Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Employer Branding & Communication Senior Specialist
  • Senior Construction Engineer-Roads
  • Sales Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Administration Manager
  • Senior Backend Engineer
  • Electrical Field Engineer
  • Field Engineering Lead
  • Senior Full stack developer

Egyptian Work Visa Requirements

Employers in Egypt are encouraged to hire Egyptians rather than foreigners, as hiring foreigners may hinder their ability to obtain work permits. As Egypt also utilises a quota system, work visa restrictions may have an impact on your employees. Non-Egyptians should not make up more than 10% of a company’s workforce and 20% of its payroll, for example.

If there are no Egyptian nationals qualified for a particular position, your international employees may apply for a work permit valid for up to one year. Then, they have the option to renew for three years. Before applying for a work visa, each employee is required to obtain a security clearance from Egypt’s National Security Agency. Other requirements include:

  • A current passport along with a Ministry of Manpower and Training application from the Tahrir complex.
  • Seven photographs of passport size are required.
  • two copies of your organization’s articles of incorporation You should make two copies of the employee’s tax identification card.
  • Two copies of all academic credentials, including diplomas and certificates.
  • a copy of your organization’s commercial registration a licence to practise your profession, if required.
  • A document justifying the recruitment of a foreign national must have the approval of the relevant authority.
  • evidence that a company representative applied for the employee’s work visa.
  • negative HIV test results.
  • paid a 1,000 EGP fee for permission.

What occupation is most prevalent in Egypt?

The type of work and career opportunities available in numerous industries influence salary and job selection, including:

  • Technician, maintenance, and repair jobs.
  • Jobs in sales.
  • PR and marketing positions.
  • Academic and Teaching Jobs.
  • Jobs in hospitality and tourism.
  • administrative positions.
  • Jobs in engineering.
  • Jobs in management.
  • HR jobs.
  • Jobs in medicine, healthcare, and nursing.
  • Jobs in logistics and transportation.
  • Jobs in procurement and purchasing.
  • Jobs in customer service.
  • Arts, design, and creative jobs.
  • Jobs in quality control.
  • Legal Jobs
  • Jobs in research and development.
  • Jobs in cleaning services.
  • Jobs in journalism and writing.
  • Careers in IT
  • Jobs in accounting.
  • Jobs in manufacturing.

Before relocating, it is often necessary to confirm the Egyptian Embassy’s visa requirements, depending on the departing country. Foreign nationals typically require work and residency permits to be employed in a country.

Application for a Work Visa in Egypt

After a work permit is granted, the Ministry of Labor and Immigration will notify the nearest Egyptian embassy to issue a tourist visa. Then, your staff can travel to Egypt and apply for a four- to six-week work permit. They may work during this period if they submit all paperwork required for a work permit.

Additional Important Factors for Egypt Work Visa

All employees are required to register with the police upon entering Egypt. The government recommends approaching the summertime tourist police, who wear white uniforms. When employees check into their hotel, they can also assume this responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it easy to get a job in Egypt 2023?

    In general, however, foreigners are compensated more than natives. Even if you lack extensive experience, it is possible to find a job in Egypt with the aid of the Internet, despite the difficulty of job hunting from abroad.

  • What is a normal salary in Egypt 2023?

    The average monthly salary in Egypt ranges between 2,330 EGP (USD 148) and 41,100 EGP (USD 2,615), with 2,330 EGP representing the lowest average salary and 41,100 EGP representing the highest average salary (actual maximum salary is higher)

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