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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Kenya For Foreigners 2023/2024

Visa sponsorship jobs in Kenya for foreigners that can help people get visas Are you looking for a job in Kenya in 2023 that will pay for your visa? We have made a list of visa sponsorship options in Kenya that are open until 2023, which is good news. Do you want to move as a stranger to Kenya? You should read these good things.

Many people have had a hard time getting good jobs, and I think that’s partly because they don’t know enough.

You will find a lot of information on this page, such as the Jobs with visa sponsorship in Kenya for foreigners in 2023/2024, how to get a Sponsorship in Kenya, things you should know about working in Kenya, and much more.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Kenya for foreigners 2023/2024

Below are the available visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners in Kenya

  • Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Junior Quantitative Analyst
  • Junior Analyst
  • Junior Trader
  • Growth product manager
  • Senior Accountant
  • Director of product
  • Senior product manager
  • Senior Growth product manager
Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Kenya For Foreigners 20232024
Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Kenya For Foreigners 20232024

Types of Work Visas in Kenya

Kenya divides its work permits into many different groups based on the jobs that people will do there. The groups are made up of:

  • Class A: For people who want to explore or mine.
  • Class B is for people who like farming or taking care of animals.
  • Class C: This is for people who are in a certain field and want to work alone or with others in Kenya.
  • Class D: This visa is for people who have been offered specific work with a company, the Kenyan government, a Kenyan government agency, the United Nations (UN), or a recognized agency. For a class D Kenya work permit, you have to have skills and certifications that you can’t get in the country.
  • Class F: This is for people who want to do certain kinds of factory work.
  • Class G: For people who want to get into a certain trade, company, consulting role, or profession.
  • Class I: For people doing religious or charitable things on their own.
  • Class K: For regular residents who are at least 35 years old and make a certain amount of money each year from sources other than work.
  • Class M: Anyone who has been given refugee status in the country can get this pass.

Remember that most work permits are good for two years and can be extended for another two years if needed.

Your workers can refresh their work permits as many times as they want, but they have to do it at least three months before the permit runs out.

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Requirements to Obtain Kenya Work Visas

As the company, you have to apply for work permits for your workers. Even though each type of Kenyan work visa has its own papers, they all need the same things:

  • I filled out the application form and signed it.
  • Cover letter from you, the boss. Copies of the foreigner’s passport. Two passport-sized photos in two colors.
  • The cost of the application must be paid.

Kenya prefers to hire locals over foreigners, so a commission looks at a work permit application and decides whether to approve it or not based on how the job would affect the income of the country. They also think about how many jobs it would create for Kenyans and look at the economy, crime rate, and security risks of the applicant’s home country.

Work visa applicants don’t have to make a certain amount of money, but they do have to teach a Kenyan to take their place. Keep in mind, though, that the types of work permit your employees can ask for could change at any time, which would change the requirements.

Application Process

The first steps to getting a work permit are to apply at the Department of Immigration and fill out all the required paperwork. The department sends the plan to a committee for approval after two to six months. Your staff will find out whether or not their application was accepted.

Anyone from outside Kenya who wants to stay for more than three months must register as an alien with the Department of Immigration and get an alien registration card.

The goal of both a residency permit and an immigrant card is the same. Keep in mind that getting a residence permit could take anywhere from two to four months.

Other Important Considerations

The Citizenship and Immigration Act says that any foreigner who comes or works in Kenya without a valid work permit is breaking the law. Employees who come to work without the right paperwork will be fired. You can’t work in Kenya just by asking; you have to wait until your application is approved.

Tips To Secure Sponsorship In Kenya

These are the most important tips to follow if you want to find the best support quickly.

  • Look for ways to get sponsored.
  • Find out who might sponsor you. Find out what you need to know about the sponsor.
  • Fill out your form.
  • In your application, be clear about who you are.
  • Check your work for mistakes, and then make any changes that are needed.

Cost of Living in Kenya

If you have to pay for your own private health care and/or want to save for retirement, you should include these costs in your budget. Kenya is cheaper than most other African countries and popular place for expats on other continents. The 2015 Mercer Cost of Living Survey ranked Nairobi 104th out of 207 cities around the world. Because of this, it is cheaper than, say, Chicago or Vienna, but there are some area differences that must be taken into account.

You’ll spend at least a third of your money on a nice place to live, and if security isn’t included in your rent, you may want to hire a separate service.

Imported food and market goods can be very expensive, but local produce is very cheap. The most expensive part of a family’s budget is the cost of sending their kids to school abroad. Employers may pay some or all of your children’s school costs, but the days of an all-inclusive ex-pat deal are probably over. Don’t forget that under Kenyan law, all bonuses and in-kind perks (like company housing) are subject to income tax.

Understanding Your Role and Position in the Workplace

Even though most business hierarchies in Kenya are vertical, and decisions are made from the top down, the general attitude is friendly. Most people are nice, and it’s important to keep good relationships with everyone. Education, work experience, and knowledge are highly valued, and you should respect your elders, which are the management or senior staff members.

When it comes to Kenyan manners, it’s important to be polite and mild-mannered and to avoid open disagreements or putting dirty laundry out in the open. People will stop respecting you if you raise your voice and lose your cool at work. If you don’t agree with a coworker, for example, try to have a quiet conversation about it over lunch.

People can get close to work and form an “office family.” Sometimes, they will get Harambee to help someone. The goal of a Harambee fund is to help a family member or friend in need. Kenya’s national phrase is “Harambee,” which roughly means “Let’s all work together.” Even though expensive gifts for business are rare, you shouldn’t be afraid to give some Harambee money. But until you know the workplace very well, you shouldn’t worry about things like asking for special treatment or getting something in return.

In Nairobi’s business world, gender roles are a lot less strict than they are in rural Kenya. Many businesswomen in Kenya are successful because they are smart, persistent, and put in a lot of hard work. Some older Kenyan men, on the other hand, may still find it hard to take orders from their female bosses or leaders. If you are a woman who lives abroad and works in Kenya, you should think about these things.

People Also Ask

  • How can a foreigner get a job in Kenya?

    A Class D Employment Work Permit is an immigration document that is given to qualified foreign nationals who have been offered work in Kenya by a certain company and whose work will be good for the country. Most work permits are good for up to two years, but they can be extended for up to four years.

  • Is it easy to get a work permit in Kenya?

    To get a work permit, you must first fill out an application at the Department of Immigration and send in all of the above documents. The application is then given to a group for approval, which can take anywhere from two to six months.

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