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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in South Korea for Foreigners 2023-24 – Apply Now

Visa sponsorship jobs in South Korea for foreigners 2023-24: There have been multiple reports of people having trouble finding respectable work, and I feel that a significant contributor to the issue is a lack of information. Finding opportunities that would take care of job seekers’ requirements as well as the procedures for acquiring a visa and remaining in a foreign country is a major comfort for job seekers.

Details About Visa sponsorship jobs in South Korea for foreigners 2023-24

In this post, you will learn about the jobs in South Korea that sponsor visas for foreign workers, c well as the many types of work visas that are available in South Korea, where to look for jobs that sponsor visas for foreign workers in South Korea, and a whole lot more.

Jobs in South Korea that will sponsor foreigners’ visas in 2023:

See what positions are available in South Korea to sponsor foreigners for visas:

Technical Sales Representative CEG Internal Communication Specialist Field Service Engineer Research Associate, School of Business SFE Specialist Senior Manager – Infrastructure Engineering & Member Solutions Research Associate in Advanced Manufacturing Sales Development Representative IT Automation Associate Product Manager Market Lead for SMB, Korea
Senior Clinical Research Associate Senior Solutions Consultant Senior Workforce Management Forecasting Lead Senior Market Access Customer Experience Specialist Senior Workforce Management Planner Senior Data Scientist/Senior Machine Learning Engineer Swine Marketing Manager

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South Korean Work Visa:

Any businesses looking to employ people in South Korea must sponsor their work visas in order to remain legal. On the other hand, depending on the type of skilled worker, South Korea has a variety of temporary visa types and at least eight different work permit categories.

Businesses may find it more challenging to identify which visas their employees need and how to apply for them as a result of this issue.

Work visa categories in South Korea:

There are several types of work visas in South Korea that permit long-term employment. These permits enable your staff to stay for an extension past 90 days.

  • E-1 faculty visa
  • E-2 foreign language teacher visa
  • E-3 Research visa
  • E-4 visa for technological guidance
  • E-5 visa for particular professions
  • E-6 visa for artists and culture
  • E-7 visa for specially crafted activities
  • D-5 visa for sustained news coverage

Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for South Korea:

Each work visa for South Korea has a unique set of requirements. But for the majority, you’ll need to submit an application form in its whole, copies of your passport, and a colored passport-style photo. Other requirements could be:

  • a copy of the employment agreement
  • educational and professional experience certificates
  • a criminal record
  • recommendation letter

Application Methodology:

Both online and in-person visa applications are accepted by South Korea, including:

  • Visa site for e-visa applications
  • application from a foreign diplomatic mission representing South Korea
  • the portal’s confirmation of a visa
  • At a South Korean immigration office, the certification of a visa

The kind of visas your employees need and how they should apply for them are frequently determined by their jobs. Remember that your business must be a South Korean legal entity in order to get an application for each employee. After that, you will serve as the sponsor for all of your applications for work visas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for a work visa in South Korea?

    To apply for a South Korean work visa, foreigners can apply for a visa through their visa portal or physically at their embassy. Foreigners need a sponsor letter from their company or the relevant South Korean government department to apply for a work visa.

  2. What is the age limit for Korean work visa?

    Image result
    The application and visa process must be done at the consulate of the Republic of Korea Embassy in your country of citizenship. You cannot apply for a working holiday visa in Korea. You should be between 18 to 30 years of age at the time of application. You must not have a criminal record.

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