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Jobs in Canada for Web Developer 2023 Infinite PR Marketing Ltd – Apply Now

Jobs in Canada for Web Developers 2023: A web developer is in charge of how a company’s website is coded, designed, and laid out. Because the role is focused on user experience and functionality, you will need skills in graphic design and programming.

We want a great web developer to build, design, and lay out the website. The web developer is in charge of making our website from scratch, starting with the home page and going all the way through the layout and features.

Details About Jobs in Canada for Web Developer 2023 Infinite PR Marketing Ltd

  •  Location: Calgary, AB
  •  Salary: $28.85HOUR hourly for 30 to 40 hours per week
  •  Terms of employment: Permanent employment
    Full time
  •  Start date: Starts as soon as possible
  •  vacancies: 1 vacancy
  • Verified


  • Utilizing optimal software development principles, write well-designed, testable, and effective code.
  • Use HTML and CSS best practices to create a website layout and user interface.
  • Integrate information from many back-end services and databases.
  • Gather and refine requirements and specifications based on technological requirements.
  • Create and manage documentation for software
  • Be accountable for site maintenance, expansion, and scalability.
  • Utilize evolving technologies and industry trends in your operations and daily activities.
  • Cooperate with site designers to achieve the desired visual design.

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Requirements for Jobs in Canada for Web Developer 2023 Infinite PR Marketing Ltd

  • Proven web programming track record
  • Superior programming skills and a comprehensive understanding of HTML and CSS
  • familiarity with at least one of the programming languages listed below: PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript, or Ruby on Rails are acceptable programming languages.
  • a comprehensive understanding of how web applications function, including security, session management, and best practices for development.
  • knowledge of relational database management systems, object-oriented programming, and web application development.
  • Practical knowledge of network diagnostics and network analytics technologies
  • Basic understanding of the search engine optimization procedure
  • Problem-solving abilities that are aggressive and innovative
  • Strong organizational abilities and business savvy to handle various tasks within the confines of deadlines and budgets
  • capacity to work and thrive in a fast-paced workplace, as well as the ability to learn quickly and master a variety of web technologies and approaches.
  • Bachelor of Science in computer science or a similar discipline

Job Requirements




College, CEGEP, or other non-university diploma or certificate from a one- to two-year program, or equivalent experience


1 year to less than 2 years

Specific Skills

  • Perform research and evaluations on various interactive media software packages.
  • Create prototypes and storyboards.
  • Consult with clients to determine and record website specifications.
  • Lead and organize different groups of people to build a website’s graphics, content, capacity, and ability to interact with users.
  • Use software for graphics, databases, animation, and other things to make and improve website content.
  • Create a website’s architecture and analyze its hardware and software needs.
  • Planned, develop, write, change, integrated, and tested code pertaining to websites.
  • Conduct tests and carry out quality and security checks.


Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Individual Appropriateness Initiative, Organized;

Who can apply for this job?

The following parties may submit applications to the employer:

Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents
Other candidates, with or without a legal work visa in Canada,

Application Deadline: 2023-12-21

How to apply for Jobs in Canada for Web Developer 2023 Infinite PR Marketing Ltd

By email

By mail

4838 Richard Rd SW suite 300
Calgary, AB
T3E 6L1

Advertised until


  • Important notice: This job listing was put directly on Job Bank by the company. The Canadian government has taken measures to ensure its accuracy and reliability but cannot guarantee its authenticity.

People Also Ask

  1. Are web developers in demand in Canada?

    As a result of the high demand for Web developers in Canada, web development-related occupations are placed on the NOC list (National Occupation Code In Demand List), making Canada an attractive country for permanent residency immigration.

  2. What is the starting wage for a web developer in Canada?

    What is the salary of a web developer in Canada? The average annual compensation for a web developer in Canada is $60,449, or $31 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level employment is $50,700 per year, while most experienced individuals can earn up to $87,674 per year.

  3. What is a reasonable starting salary in Canada?

    How much does an entry-level position pay in Canada? In Canada, the average starting wage is $38,905 per year, or $19.95 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level employment is $31,200 per year, whereas most experienced individuals earn up to $60,000 per year.

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