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Babysitting Jobs in Germany 2023 – Apply Now

Babysitting Jobs in Germany 2023: Providing temporary care for a youngster is babysitting. Babysitting can be a paid profession for people of all ages, but it is most commonly associated with young adolescents who are not yet qualified for employment in the wider market. It offers independence from parental authority, disposable income, and exposure to childcare approaches.

Typically, a babysitter is paid by the hour to care for another person’s children. A father may employ a babysitter to care for his girls while he attends yoga class. Typically, a babysitter spends an evening or day at home, playing with or caring for children while their parents are absent.

Parents may hire babysitters on a full-time or freelance basis. Freelance babysitters, often teenagers and young adults from the area, are more convenient for parents leaving their children for a single night.

Details About Babysitting Jobs in Germany 2023

Babysitters care for minors whose designated guardians are absent. Given the limited independence of these children, babysitters frequently attend to their basic and recreational needs.

Babysitting Jobs in Germany 2023
Babysitting Jobs in Germany 2023

To be successful as a babysitter, you must adhere to the rules established by the parents. An exceptional babysitter will co-create a tranquil and adaptive home environment while on duty.


These tasks are associated with Babysitting Employment in Germany.

  • As necessary, review caregivers’ instructions and request clarification.
  • Observing self-directed feeding, hygiene, and cleaning behaviors.
  • If necessary, assist minors with everyday duties.
  • At dusk, fortify every entrance point.
  • Individual and group play should be cognitively stimulating and of adequate quantity.
  • Increasing compliance with non-negotiable curfews.
  • Unless considered inappropriate, demonstrating behaviors that resemble the carers’ values.
  • As needed, obtaining assistance from medical, familial, and similar institutions.

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Babysitting Positions in Germany

The regular babysitter:

The permanent babysitter is a babysitter who babysits on the same day and time each week or month.

This may be the case when the parent has a date night, a workout, or a night shift at work. This type of babysitter may be a full-time babysitter who works steady hours to match the parent’s usual business hours or an occasional babysitter who babysits on a long-term basis at consistent times.

Weekend Babysitting:

weekend-only, as opposed to the weekday babysitter’s weekday-only schedule. This could occur during the day or evening. Generally speaking, the weekend babysitter is available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Summer Babysitter:

The summer babysitter is a babysitter who often only works during the summer. This may occur for several reasons, such as when the babysitter has a school break. This can be useful as a prospective side employment or part-time career for high school or college students. It can be quite useful for working parents who cannot necessarily take care of their children during all hours of the day during school breaks. Thus, summer babysitting jobs are growing more prevalent.

  • Secondary school diploma.
  • Uncontested legal standing.
  • Successful childcare experience must be demonstrated.
  • Own driver’s license.
  • Beneficial is direct experience with child-related emergencies.
  • Perceptive of significant safety hazards.
  • Capacity to provide age-appropriate instructions.
  • Observance of babysitting-related requests from caregivers.

Jobs Available in Babysitting in Germany


They are seeking a reliable Babysitter to care for children during a brief, often scheduled periods of caregiver absence. The babysitter must direct feeding duties, manage hygiene-related responsibilities, and enforce curfews. Also, you should reinforce all weak points at each property.

  • Transport children to and from school and extracurricular activities.
  • Help children with their assignments and projects.
  • Involve youngsters in enjoyable activities, such as sports, arts & crafts, and games.
  • Supervise and prepare meals and snacks.
  • Bathe and dress youngsters.
  • Children should be put to bed according to a routine.
  • Do washing, chores, and other light housework.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • CPR and First Aid certification.
  • A valid license and a spotless driving record.
  • Some familiarity with child development.

Pay For Babysitting Positions In Germany

In Germany, the average salary for a Babysitter is €22,439 per year or €11 per hour. The typical Babysitting wage range is between €17,592 and €25,513. On average, the highest degree of education for a Babysitter is a High School Diploma.

How to Apply for Childcare Positions in Germany

Below is a list of the processes required to apply for Babysitting Jobs in Germany.

  • When routed to the official website, use the application link below to seek a job.
  • You can utilize the search box, which is subdivided into numerous categories, to narrow down your job search results.
  • Examine the job posting and role description.
  • Ensure you meet all requirements before continuing.
  • Choose the Online Application button.
  • Fill out and apply.
  • Verify that you have received a confirmation email for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average wage for babysitting in Germany?

In Germany, the average salary for a Babysitter is €22,818 per year or €11 per hour. The typical Babysitting wage range is between €17,889 and €25,944. On average, the highest degree of education for a Babysitter is a High School Diploma.

Can I work in Germany as a nanny?

During your time as a nanny in Germany, you will have the opportunity to study the German language or prepare for an apprenticeship or academic program. As a foreign candidate under the age of 27, you can work as a nanny in Germany. These positions are open to applicants from outside the EU and do not necessitate any specialized expertise.

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