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Highest Paying Jobs in Australia 2023

Highest Paying Jobs in Australia 2023: Australia’s highest-paying employment is dispersed throughout a variety of industries. Are you considering relocating to Australia to seek employment? Then continue reading to discover the highest-paying jobs in Australia.

Details About Highest Paying Jobs in Australia 2023

Many individuals move to Australia in search of a slower-paced, more relaxed way of life. Beautiful beaches, good weather, and a healthy work-life balance are promoted. With several employment benefits, such as five weeks of annual leave, long service leave, and paid sick leave, it is not surprising that you are considering emigrating to Australia.

Highest Paying Jobs in Australia 2023
Highest Paying Jobs in Australia 2023

Australia has much more to offer than stunning beaches and a better work-life balance, however. There is also numerous well-paying employment available.

Careers with the highest pay in Australia

Want to learn how shifting to Australia may benefit your finances? We have your back. We searched through numerous sources, including Michael Page’s ranking of Australia’s highest-paying jobs, to build this exhaustive list.

NOJob RoleAverage SalaryPounds/USD Eqv.
1In-House General CounselAU$400,000£218,840 / $298,710
2General managerAU$350,000£191,480 / $261,370
3Company SecretaryAU$342,500£187,370 / $255,770
4Head of operationsAU$325,000£177,800 / $242,700
5Investment directorAU$300,000£164,120 / $224,010
6Chief technology officerAU$300,000£164,120 / $224,010
7Head of technologyAU$300,000£164,120 / $224,010
8Chief financial officerAU$280,000£153,170 / $209,060
9Portfolio managerAU$280,000153,170 / $209,090
10Head of ComplianceAU$277,500£151,800 / $207,230

In-House General Counsel

Average annual salary: AU$400,000 (£218,840 / $298,710)
The tasks of the in-house general counsel include implementing strategy, communicating risks and legal issues involved in decision-making to the appropriate senior management, and comprehending corporate pressure points. As an attorney, you must provide timely counsel to your employer in order to prevent legal issues for the business.

Requirement for the role of an In-house general counsel

A master’s degree and relevant legal education are required for the post of in-house general counsel.

Before entering this field, you need to have extensive expertise in the industry. When you work your way up to this position, you should be able to locate a legal career that is a suitable fit because of the abundance of accessible roles.

General Manager

The average yearly pay in Australia is AU$ 350,000 (£191,480 / $261,370).
General managers are crucial to a company’s output growth as executives.

The general manager’s responsibilities include fostering a healthy work environment, implementing objectives and goals, determining the most effective use of corporate resources, and cultivating talent within the organization.

Company Secretary

Average annual salary: AU$342,500 (£187,370 / $255,770)
Corporate secretaries give support to the board of directors of an organization. They ensure compliance with policies and procedures, as well as timely completion of board agendas and briefings.

To ensure effective communication throughout the organization, all directors work with the company secretary.

Requirement for the role of a Company Secretary

This role may be suitable for you if you have an aptitude for organization and industry-related experience.

Head of Operations

The average yearly pay in Australia is AU$325,000 (£177,800 / $242,700).
Head of operations responsibilities includes collaborating with top management to set plans and achieve SMART objectives, keeping compliance with the law and other regulatory legislation, and monitoring the business’s operations.

Requirement for the role of Head of Operations

This post calls for a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field. In addition, you must have at least ten years of senior leadership experience, a proven track record of managing operational procedures, and an in-depth knowledge of industry regulations. This role would be appropriate for a candidate with customer service expertise.

Investment Director

The average annual wage in Australia is $300,000 (£164,120 / $224,010)
Investment directors are in control of a company’s capital-raising decisions. They often head transaction teams, oversee the execution process, and play a crucial role in capital-raising.

Requirement for the role of an Investment Director

You must have at least five years of experience and additional finance credentials, such as a degree in finance, to be considered for this position.

Chief Technology Officer

The average annual wage in Australia is $300,000 (£164,120 / $224,010)
The chief technology officer (CTO) is responsible for initiating and monitoring the dissemination of technology to clients, vendors, and other businesses. They often have a background in information technology and employ technology to enhance the client and vendor experience.

Requirement for the role of A Chief Technology Officer

This role typically requires a bachelor’s degree in information technology and over ten years of industry experience.

Head of Technology

The average annual wage in Australia is $300,000 (£164,120 / $224,010)
The chief technology officer of a corporation is responsible for managing the implementation of new technologies. They are responsible for establishing SMART objectives for software, data storage, and other technological projects. As the information technology era has developed, the necessity for this profession has risen considerably.

Requirement for the role of Head of Technology

This employment may require relevant work experience, additional licenses, and a bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, the admission requirements may vary based on the organization to which you are applying. On the other hand, pursuing an education in information technology, having a passion for data analysis, and acquiring industry experience are all important steps that could help you succeed in this profession.

Chief Financial Officer

The average yearly pay in Australia is AU$280,000 (£153,170 / $209,060).
A chief financial officer (CFO) is responsible for a company’s financial and operational aspects. The CFO collaborates with the CEO and other senior management members to ensure the financial performance of the organization. To succeed in this field, you must have a solid grasp of metrics, key performance indicators, data analysis, and company operations.

Requirement for the role of a Chief Financial Officer

A bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, finance, or a related discipline can get you started on the path to becoming a chief financial officer. You can move laterally through the company to this job if you have relevant industry experience as an accountant or in a leadership role.

Portfolio Manager

The average yearly pay in Australia is AU$280,000 (£153,170 / $209,090).
Portfolio management is one of the most rewarding positions in the Australian banking industry. A portfolio manager concentrates on the analytical aspect of finance and is largely responsible for developing investment strategies and managing investors’ investment portfolios.

Requirement for the role of a Portfolio Manager

If you have a natural flair for data interpretation, analysis, and research, this position is ideal for you.

Australia mandates a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or economics for portfolio manager positions. Experience in the financial services industry conducting market research and advising clients on investments is a plus. Depending on the circumstances, extra licenses can be required.

Head of Compliance

The average annual pay in Australia is AU$277,500 (£151,800 / $207,230).
Working in compliance often means protecting the legal and ethical integrity of your organization. As the head of compliance, it is your obligation to ensure that both employees and the organization itself adhere to the company’s policies. You must ensure that all members of your organization adhere to the law, industry regulations, and internal policies.

Requirement for the role of Head of Compliance

Obtaining a position in compliance requires a relevant industry certification, such as a Certificate in Quality Auditing or a law degree, as a prerequisite. Then, you should search for relevant experience in compliance roles, such as compliance officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What careers in Australia pay six figures?

Among the businesses in which you might make a six-figure salary are mining, financial and insurance services, electricity, gas, water and waste services, and information, media, and telecommunications.

Which occupations are in demand in Australia?

Here is the whole list of the 2023 Jobs on the Rise with the highest demand:
Technical Program Director
Exercise Physiologist, Clinical
Engineer of site dependability
Sales Development Representative.
Engineer of Platforms
Growth Expertise.
Claims Adjuster.
Engineer specializing in machine learning.

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