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How to Fast-Track Your Canadian PR 2023

How to Fast-Track Your Canadian PR 2023: To solve the country’s labor shortfall, the Canadian government has adopted a number of immigration laws and initiatives aimed at attracting both qualified and unskilled immigrants. Additionally, the government makes immigration to Canada as straightforward as possible. Experienced professionals, students, business investors, and entrepreneurs can now apply for Permanent Residence (PR) through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in a number of ways. Continue reading to learn how to expedite your Canadian PR.

Details About How to Fast-Track Your Canadian PR 2023

The quickest way to immigrate to Canada is largely dependent on your plans, credentials, experience, career, and objectives when you get in the nation. There are, however, a variety of possibilities for obtaining permanent status and moving to Canada quickly and easily. Continue reading to discover tried-and-true methods for accelerating your Canadian PR.

How to Fast-Track Your Canadian PR 2023
How to Fast-Track Your Canadian PR 2023
  • Proven Methods for Accelerating Your Canadian Public Relations
  • Get a Provincial Nomination (PNP)
  • Apply for PR through AIP.
  • Start Your Own Business

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Get a Provincial Nomination (PNP)

The Canada PNP is the quickest and most convenient method to enter Canada. Provinces in Canada have the authority to invite and propose bright persons for immigration based on in-demand jobs and labor market demands in their particular provinces.

How Can I Get a Provincial Nomination?

There are two ways to get provincial nominations.

Each province has its own procedure for determining eligibility. After being selected under the Fast Entry immigration paradigm, the applicant is eligible for 600 additional points of provincial nomination. While IRCC processing times differ by jurisdiction, PNPs are frequently handled quickly.

Why Should I Participate in the Provincial Nomination Process?

A provincial nomination from one of the 11 participating provinces and territories almost guarantees permanent residency. Additionally, because your talents and expertise are in great demand in a certain province, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is more likely to grant you permanent status, allowing you to live and work in Canada while remaining in that province.

Are PNPs Region-Specific?

Provincial Nominations are made for certain regions to guarantee that they have adequate staff to function efficiently and effectively. While immigrants from all over the globe fuel Canada’s economy, places like Saskatchewan and Yukon, which have a smaller population than the rest of the nation, may have a higher demand for your talents and knowledge.

PNPs have how many streams?

Each province has its own set of streams under a distinct provincial nomination program. There are paths for students, professional and unskilled labor, and even entrepreneurs. The first step in applying for a PNP is to learn about each province’s requirements and how they match your skills.

Apply for PR status via AIP

Once known as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP), the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is now a permanent immigration route.

The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) was established to assist Canadian firms in their search for qualified personnel. Companies steer this career route for bright employees and international grads. The AIP includes Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador as participating provinces.

Who May Apply for Canadian PR via the AIP?

You may apply for the Atlantic Immigration Program if you are a skilled foreign worker in Canada or abroad, or if you have just graduated from a post-secondary institution accredited by Atlantic Canada (university or college).

How can I become eligible for the Atlantic Immigration Program?

In order to qualify for the program;

You must possess a valid work offer from a recognized employer in one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada.
Also, you must have adequate funds to maintain yourself and your family in Canada.
Candidates are required to satisfy specific requirements for job experience, education, and language ability.

How many streams does AIP consist of?

The Atlantic Immigration Program is organized into three categories: immediately skilled workers, highly skilled employees, and foreign graduates. In order to be considered for this category, each of these streams has its own set of standards that must be met.

How Long Does It Take to Process AIP Applications?

The majority of AIP applications are processed within six months. Because it is an employer-driven initiative, it seeks to expedite the immigration of talented persons to Canada.

Why should I apply using the AIP route?

The AIP provides a road to permanent residency for foreign nationals with an offer of employment in one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces. Prior to submitting an application for permanent immigration, individuals must first get a work permit to lawfully work in Canada.

Criteria For A Work Permit

To apply for a work permit, the following documents are required:

  • An employment offer from an Atlantic province-based firm.
  • An endorsement from the province
  • A promise to apply for PR within 90 days following the application for a temporary work permit
  • You will then be issued an employer-specific work visa.

Advantages Of Filing For Canadian PR Using the AIP Method

The ability to work in Canada without a rigorous and difficult-to-obtain Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is another important advantage of applying for this program. While the LMIA certificate is not required to be completed at the time of application, IRCC Processing Times are decreased.

Start A Business

Companies in Canada are able to apply for a range of immigration programs, including investment and start-up enterprises.

If you have enough money, this path can earn you permanent status in Canada quickly. This category is for foreign entrepreneurs and managers who wish to establish a business in Canada. To do so, you might submit an application for a Startup visa or engage in provincial business immigration programs.

Which provincial nominee programs are available for investors?

Various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) provide investment categories for acquiring Canadian permanent residency (PR). For instance, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) provides a Corporate Stream that you can follow. The Manitoba Business Investor Stream is a program for individuals who wish to invest in Manitoba businesses.

How To Accelerate Your Canadian PR With A Startup Visa

The majority of persons who wish to migrate to Canada via the business path utilize the Start-Up Visa. A Start-Up Visa is meant to assist you in launching a business in Canada, but it comes with a number of prerequisites.

Who May Apply for the Startup Visa Program?

The Canadian Startup Visa Program is for immigrant entrepreneurs who are;

  • have the potential and chance to establish enterprises in Canada. Use ingenuity while developing jobs for individuals.
  • possess a firm with global competitive potential.
  • Possess the permanent ability to reside and work in Canada.
  • possess an original idea, a good company plan, and sufficient funds.

Visa Essential For Canadian Startups

A recommendation from a reputable organization is one of the primary requirements for this visa. Moreover, you must:

  • Have a business that qualifies by being, among other things, distinctive and inventive.
  • Take an English or French language exam and meet the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) standards to satisfy the language requirement.
  • Have sufficient funds to settle in Canada regardless of the amount of capital in your firm.

How long does it take for a startup visa to be processed?

The amount of time it takes the IRCC to process your application for a business visa varies on the type of visa you are requesting. When contemplating immigration, bear in mind that you may always apply for a six-month visitor visa to test a company idea.

Summary – Proven Methods for Accelerating Your Canadian PR

Despite the fact that these immigration choices might expedite your Canadian PR, each immigration procedure comes with its own set of laws, restrictions, and possible challenges. As with any administrative procedure, ensure you have the required paperwork to avoid any delays. If you want to get to Canada as soon as possible, you need to recruit an ally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to obtain a permanent resident card in 2023?

As of January 2023, the Section deems the waiting period of 120 days for permanent residents to get their initial PR cards after the issuing of their eCOPR to be excessively lengthy.

What is Canada’s PR score for 2023?

The average minimum CRS score for the previous five drawings that did not target a specific Express Entry program was 486.8 (as of March 29, 2023, the date of the most recent “all-programs” draw).

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