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Paid Internships in Canada 2023 for International Students: We have made a list of paid internships in Canada for 2022 and 2023 for students from outside of Canada. Internships will be available throughout the year in Canada. There are numerous placement programs that assist their participants in finding an appropriate internship. Still, the summer is a popular time to go abroad for an internship because it is between semesters.
There are a lot of internships in Toronto, British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Montreal, Quebec. Toronto, an industrial city that has been called one of the best places to live, has internships in almost every field. Business, media, technology, and theater or performing arts are among the top industries in which to obtain employment. Ottawa, the capital, will also offer students a range of internships.
The cost of living in Canada will vary based on where you choose to reside. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost approximately $1,300 per month, while a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs will cost approximately $1,070 per month. Because Canada is such a huge nation, prices might differ between provinces and cities. The most prevalent business language is English, but if you operate in Québec, you will likely need to learn French. If you are using a placement program, you may or may not be required to take language lessons.

Paid internship in Canada for International Students 2022-2023

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Paid internship in Canada for international students 2022 are as follows;

1#  Mitacs Global Research Internship in Canada 2023 | Fully Funded

A fully funded summer internship in Canada for international students to work in Canadian universities under the supervision of a supervisor. This is a 12-week paid internship programme for foreign students in Canada. Under this internship programme, all expenses will be reimbursed. There are internship opportunities at over 70 universities in Canada. The Mitacs 12-Week Summer Internship encompasses a range of academic areas, including science, engineering, and mathematics, as well as the humanities and social sciences.
Students with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees may apply. Both male and female applicants are welcome. The internship will last for 12 weeks. The application deadline is 1 p.m. Pacific Time on Thursday, September 22, 2022. (PT). Mitacs Globalink Research Internships can provide an unparalleled worldwide experience.

  • To apply click here:
Paid Internship in Canada 2023 for International Students
Paid Internship in Canada 2023 for International Students

2# Google Internship In Canada Fall 2022| Fully Funded

Students who want to finish their BS degree by December 2023 can apply for this internship. We strongly encourage you to apply for the student researcher position if your expected graduation date is after December 2023. To initiate the application process, a current CV or resume and an unofficial or official transcript in English are required (PDFs are preferred). Please provide your anticipated graduation dates (in MM/YY format) and any knowledge of programming languages on your resume. Before October 26, 2022, you must submit an application. To be eligible for participation in the internship programme, you must reside in Canada for the duration of the programme.

  • How To Apply:

3#United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Department/Office:United Nations Environment Programme
Duty Station:MONTREAL
Deadline Period:23 September 2022
Job Opening Number:22-Environmental Affairs-UNEP-190550-J-Montrea

4# Microsoft Internship in Canada

The Microsoft Summer Internships are available to current bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and Ph.D. students. Consider yourself an intern at Microsoft. Join Microsoft today and assist us in innovating and shaping the future of business. The Microsoft interns will be located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • For More Information: 

4.1# Neurodiversity Hiring Program, Intern Opportunities for Students – Technical Support, Technology Sales, Cloud Solution Architect.

The objective of the Neurodiversity Hiring Program is to develop an inclusive hiring strategy that acknowledges and values the strengths of neurodiverse individuals. Neurodiversity spans a broad spectrum of cognitive differences, including ADD/ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia. The start dates for this 16-week summer internship are in May 2023.

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology (IT), or a similar discipline in progress or finished with at least one semester or quarter remaining following internship

  • How to Apply 

5# Amazon Internship in Canada

Amazon is offering summer internship opportunities for students. Whether you are graduating with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, MBA, or doctorate, Amazon teams provide global internship opportunities. Amazon internships are highly paid internships, ranking fifth among the highest-paid internships with a $8,000 monthly stipend.

Eligible Countries: International Students
Education Required: Undergraduate, Graduate & PhD
No. of Interns10,000

6# Tesla Internship Canada

The Tesla internship opportunities will be offered throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and various Asian countries. You are qualified if you are an undergraduate student, a master’s degree student, or seeking further education.

All interns will receive a stipend or other remuneration for their work. All interns will be provided with housing. Interns will get relocation assistance.
How to Apply for an Internship at Tesla The applications can be found online. To submit an application for the internship

  • For more Information

7# WFP Internship Program

Oh. So. The WFP Internship Program for 2022 has arrived. The WFP is the largest humanitarian organisation affiliated with the United Nations. It provides internships for undergraduate and graduate students from around the globe.

This would be a great chance for students who want to work with a diverse group of people and get real work experience. The Global Food Internship Program of 2022 will cover all expenses.

8# WHO Internship Programme

The WHO Internship Program is a fully supported internship program. The programme provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students with a variety of chances to get insight into the technical and administrative activities of WHO and to expand their knowledge and experience in numerous areas.

The World Health Organization offers a fully funded internship with all expenses paid. This is an excellent opportunity for you, as the WHO is a well-known international organisation.

  • For more information

9# Toyota Canada Internships

The Toyota operation in Canada offers so many employment prospects. While pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, one can participate in the summer hours programme or paid internships. These internships also provide a variety of other advantages, such as wellness and health care benefits, vacation perks, etc. These internships do not require IELTS for application.

10#Unilever Summer Internship

Summer Internship at Unilever 2022 Internships at Unilever without IELTS Join the 148,000-person team. Working for a corporation such as Unilever has a promising future. All suitable applications will be considered for the position.

  • For More Details: First, navigate to the Unilever Careers website at Then, scroll down until you see “Beginning your career.” This is for first-year college students. To begin with this, Visit Here.

11# UNICEF Internship 2023

Launch your career with an internship with UNICEF. Those who missed out on the UNICEF Internship 2022 can apply for the UNICEF Internship 2023. The internship is open to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree students.

  • For more details, visit UNICEF’s internship page (Here). Choose the internship contact type (Here). Choose Level of Position “Internship” (Here):

12# Nestle Canada Internship

The Nestle Canada Internship provides numerous internship opportunities. The duration of the curriculum ranges from 1 to 4 months. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree candidates can apply for full-time or part-time internships. Nestle Canada internships do not require IELTS.

13# Summer 2023 Mars Inc Strategic Sales and Business Planning Internship (Mars Canada)

The Mars Internship Experience Program is an investment in you that brings together different student experiences and ongoing learning. If you’re interested in development, the Mars Internship Experience is an excellent starting point. The Mars Internship Experience is an 11- to 14-week summer programme that provides extensive exposure to a variety of real-world Mars initiatives.

14# Huawei Internships

Huawei remains one of the world’s largest providers of telecoms and telecom services across a variety of commercial sectors.

15# Procter and Gamble Internships

The Procter and Gamble Information Technology internships require interns to be enrolled in IT, informatics, computer science, etc., and to be within 12 to 18 months of graduation. IELTS is not necessary, but English language proficiency comparable to CEFR level B2 is essential.

16# McDonald’s Internships

Bachelor’s degree candidates with a minimum 3.0 GPA in Business Administration, Communications, Journalism, or Public Relations are preferred for McDonald’s internships. In the meantime, candidates will receive $25 per hour plus housing stipends. However, there are no IELTS requirements to apply for internships at McDonald’s Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can international students apply for internships that pay?

Yes! With an F-1 student visa, your primary goal for entering the United States is to complete a degree programme at an approved college or university. This visa permits overseas students to apply for internships in the United States with assistance from their universities.

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