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Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023 – Apply Now

Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023: Young individuals embarking on a gap year in Australia and those on a backpacking vacation are drawn to fruit-picking occupations in Australia in large numbers. Since seasonal labor is a terrific way to prolong a working holiday visa by another year, it’s a brilliant way to get more out of your stay. Fruit-picking jobs are available across the entirety of Australia, making them a great opportunity to make money for a trip while traveling the country.

Details About Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023

Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023
Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023

What Does Fruit Picking Involve?

Fruit picking is considered seasonal labor and must last at least three months. Due to fluctuations in temperature and weather patterns, the fruit-picking season in Australia begins around December and ends around May. Fruit picking is strenuous labor, so applicants must be physically fit. Also, they must be prepared to spend the entire day outdoors under the blazing sun.

How much do Australian fruit-picking jobs pay?

Fruit pickers may be compensated by the hour or by the quantity of fruit harvested per day. The wages are based on the wage rate for casual farm labor in Australia, which is around $21.6 per hour.

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Where To Get Fruit Picking Employment in Australia

Australia is a very huge country, so if you want to find a job picking fruit, you’ll have to select where you want to go.


Queensland is responsible for producing around one-third of the nation’s vegetables and fruits, and bananas are a particularly common crop in the Tully region. Throughout the year, over 120 varieties of fruits and vegetables are harvested in this state, hence there is numerous vacant employment.

State of New South Wales

This state also has a large number of seasonal jobs, with November to April being the busiest. Grape harvesting for wineries in the Riverina region is common, as is the harvesting of onions and oranges.


November to April is the peak fruit-picking season in Victoria, and the center-northern region surrounding Shepparton has abundant employment opportunities. Orchard fruits, soft fruits, grapes, and tomatoes are commonplace in Swan Hill and Mildura, as are picking and harvesting occupations.


Tasmania’s fruit-picking season spans from December to March, with the Huon district producing the majority of apples.

southeastern Australia

There is fruit harvesting employment available throughout the year in this region, with soft and citrus fruits growing in the Riverland region and grapes in the Barossa Valley.

Western Australia

The southwestern region of this state is the finest spot to get job harvesting orchard fruits and grapes between October and June.

The Northern Territories

The fruit-picking season in the Northern Territory lasts the entire year, with October and November being mango season in Darwin and Katherine and the rest of the year great for citrus fruits.

Where To Get Fruit Picking Employment in Australia

It’s often possible to wait until you arrive in Australia to find a fruit picking job, but for those who want to be prepared before they leave, there are a number of websites that can be a useful resource, such as the Backpacker Job Board, which lists many vacancies throughout the country with immediate start dates.

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