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Prestigious CFR Summer 2023 Internship Program: The Prestigious CFR Summer 2023 Internship Program is an excellent option for anyone seeking an internship in international affairs. In a changing world, CFR’s work as a leading nonpartisan resource for information and ideas on foreign policy is more important than ever. At CFR, interns participate in one of the highest-paid internship programs in the field of foreign policy. They do work that matters in a diverse and inclusive environment with smart and dedicated staff. Interns are paid a competitive hourly wage while gaining valuable experience through exposure to leading foreign policy experts. They are also given professional development training as a foundation for future work in the field of foreign policy and international affairs. Internship opportunities are offered through the Blavatnik Internship Program and the Robina Franklin Williams Internship Program.

Details About Prestigious CFR Summer 2023 Internship Program

Intern, Asia Studies, Summer 2023

Prestigious CFR Summer 2023 Internship Program
Prestigious CFR Summer 2023 Internship Program

The Asia Studies program of the Council focuses on the broad challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region today, including China’s rise, regional political and security trends, economic development, and technological innovation, as well as the options available to U.S. policymakers in confronting these challenges. This internship will be an integral part of the team supporting the fellow’s book and opinion piece research, as well as the management of the new website. The intern will obtain knowledge of the most recent China policy changes and debates.

Intern, Audio Podcast, CFR Digital, Summer 2023

As the podcast department continues to grow, an intern is needed to assist in the creation of competitive audio content and the expansion of the CFR podcast brand. The intern will be of tremendous assistance in accelerating our audio editing and cleanup capabilities. With the crew, they will concentrate on these core audio duties for multiple shows with diverse production features.

Intern, CFR Digital, Podcast, Summer 2023

The podcast of the CFR aims to convey key IR topics to a new and broad audience. Under the supervision of the Multimedia team, the podcast intern will conduct research on episode subjects and assist with various logistical and production duties.

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Communications and Foreign Affairs Marketing Internship, Summer 2023

The department of Global Communications and Media Relations is seeking an intern to assist with promoting Foreign Affairs site content, issue launches, and other events. The intern will support the rapidly-evolving media landscape and ensure that products from the Department of Foreign Affairs reach their intended audiences.

Summer Internship in Digital and Internet Policy, 2023

The David Rockefeller Studies Program at the Council on Foreign Relations is one of the nation’s largest foreign policy think tanks with a well-regarded and powerful research staff. Through its writing, publications, public outreach, and dialogues, the Studies Program aspires to enhance the discourse on American foreign policy and international affairs. The intern will work under the supervision of the Director of the Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program and Ira A. Lipman Chair in Emerging Technologies and National Security (DCP).

Product Intern, Digital Services, Summer 2023

The intern will aid in the creation of more comprehensive guiding papers that will serve as the basis for UX, development, and QA operations throughout the calendar year 2023. In addition, they will improve the organization and prioritizing of product backlogs, paving the way for more effective project planning and execution.

Foreign Affairs Internship, Audience Development, Summer 2023

Foreign Affairs is implementing projects focusing on editorial taxonomy, SEO Research, and website optimization as it seeks novel means to increase the magazine’s readership. The intern will gain knowledge of Google content optimization in relation to international politics and political science. The intern will also learn the practical uses of categorization concepts and apply them to the user experience of

Foreign Affairs Internship, Editorial, Summer 2023

There is an internship position in the Editorial Department of Foreign Affairs magazine. The intern will have the rare opportunity to observe the inner workings of a major magazine and journal of international policy.

Intern, International Affairs, Marketing Design, Summer 2023

The Foreign Affairs, Marketing Design intern will learn the fundamentals of magazine publication and promotion. Students will develop and hone their graphic design abilities for a reputable company and be exposed to various marketing methods, including digital operations, social media, and analytics. Since we seek to target certain populations, the intern will also learn about specialized marketing. The intern will acquire office, organizational, and marketing strategy expertise.

Product Intern, International Affairs, Summer 2023

In an agile setting, the Foreign Affairs, Product intern will gain significant project management skills. They will gain knowledge of the process of transferring designs to development, leading and managing a team of developers, and obtaining requirements for launching new products.

Intern, Global Business, Summer 2023

The Corporate Program, the Council’s primary point of contact with the commercial sector, solicits the participation and support of the business community in Council operations. Corporate members include almost 200 U.S. and non-U.S. companies from a variety of industries, including financial services, legal, manufacturing, consulting, technology, and media, among others. The program hosts approximately seventy events annually in New York and Washington.

Summer Internship in Global Communications and Media Relations

The Global Communications and Media Relations department focuses on maximizing CFR’s presence in print, broadcast, and online media outlets and promoting CFR’s products, such as on-the-record events, CFR books, Council Special Reports, Task Force reports, working papers, online publications and interactive features, and Foreign Affairs articles. Also, the department aims to increase the visibility of CFR experts in the news media.

Summer Internship in International Economics and History

The intern will assist a senior fellow with research, editing, and administrative activities while aiding a research associate in the studies department. The intern will acquire hands-on experience with the methods used by academics to examine economic policy and historical issues.

Summer Internship in Latin American Studies, 2023

The program on Latin America explores the dynamic interactions between the United States and Western Hemisphere states. Ongoing initiatives investigate the causes and impacts of common events such as democratization, globalization, migration, and economic development on Western Hemisphere internal politics, foreign relations, and transnational links.

Summer Internship in National Program and Outreach

With over a third of its members residing outside of New York and Washington, DC, National Program and Outreach aim to stimulate foreign policy dialogues across the nation. The National Program assists and connects members of the CFR across the nation. Outreach exposes academics, religious and congregational leaders, state and municipal politicians, and local and regional journalists to CFR resources and programming.

New York Meetings Internship, Summer 2023

The Meetings Program strives to establish a mix of speakers and topics that reflects the interests of a diverse membership of the Council and adapts continuously to the emerging concerns influencing American foreign policy. The Meetings intern assists the department in all aspects of meeting planning.

Publications Internship, Summer 2023

The Publications Department is responsible for the editing, production, and marketing of CFR Books, Task Force reports, Council Special Reports, the Annual Report, and other papers. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in a writing or editing career.

Intern, Russia Studies, Summer 2023

The Russia Studies team focuses on U.S.-Russian relations and contemporary events throughout the former Soviet Union. The intern will acquire a deeper comprehension of the present and historical patterns between the two nations. They will acquire a robust set of abilities in policy-related research and editing.

Intern, U.S. Foreign Policy, Summer 2023

The Council offers an internship in the Department of Studies. The intern will provide assistance to the research associate and fellow with research, editing, and administrative duties. The intern will acquire hands-on experience with the methods used by scholars to assess the ramifications of U.S. foreign policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the majority of summer internships begin?

A Primer on Summer Internships
Depending on when the student graduates, summer internships typically begin in May or June and last through August. The most usual duration for summer internships is from the week following Memorial Day through the first week of August.

How long does a summer internship last?

Summer internship opportunities. Summer internships are typically eight to eleven weeks long and follow the school semester. Depending on when the student graduates college or high school, summer internships typically begin in May or June and last in August.

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