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Scholarships in Australia 2023 Without IELTS – Study for free in Australia

Scholarships in Australia 2023 Without IELTS criteria, Australian universities and the government will offer 2023 for the class of 2023-2024. Foreign and domestic students are encouraged to apply before the deadline to avoid any delays in the application process.

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In fact, due to great education, a safe, secure, and pleasant atmosphere, affordable education, partially/fully funded Australian scholarships, tuition grants, and application fee waivers, Australia is always the finest location for overseas students seeking higher education. Non-native English speakers, on the other hand, are exempt from IELTS criteria.

Students can study in Australia or receive a scholarship without having to submit an IELTS score. Hundreds of universities have reduced IELTS standards to help international students who do not meet the required IELTS band. Thus, seize the opportunity and apply for a suitable scholarship without IELTS requirements to make your educational path financially free.

List of Scholarships in Australia Without IELTS in 2023

As previously said, prospective applicants have a wide choice of useful Australian scholarship schemes at their disposal to pay for their education while also receiving other outstanding perks.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships have been announced by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students wishing to finish their further education at TAFE and other Australian universities. Scholarship recipients will get complete tuition coverage, round-trip airfare, OSHC (health coverage), living expenses, fieldwork allowance, PCE fees, and another educational financing.

This award is open to students from the Indo-Pacific region and underdeveloped countries. To complete the scholarship conditions, scholarship awardees must leave Australia and return to their home country for at least two years after completing their degree. IELTS is not, however, the only approved test for Australia Awards Scholarships. TOEFL iBT and PTE scores are also acceptable.

University of Sydney Scholarships

It is not easy to gain admission to a prominent Sydney university. This prominent college offers numerous degree programs, significant scholarships, and research opportunities to both international and domestic students. Applicants should study hard to meet the University of Sydney Scholarship requirements, which include submitting TOEFL iBT, PTE, CAE, and CPE scores. Nonetheless, academic assistance provided by the University of Sydney Scholarships includes scholarship grants, travel fee reimbursement, and more.

Equity Scholarships, Adam Scott Foundation Scholarships, Foreign Students Scholarships, and other significant scholarships are available at the University of Sydney. The acceptance rate at the University of Sydney is 30%. Admission to the University of Sydney requires a 125 AUD application fee.

The University of Melbourne Scholarships

The University of Melbourne has grown in popularity in recent years as a result of a variety of important degree programs and supported scholarships for both domestic and international students pursuing BS, MS, or Ph.D. degrees. Meanwhile, such significant scholarships include tuition fee exemptions of up to 50%, 75%, and 100%, living allowances of up to $32,400, relocation grants, paid sick and maternity absences, OSHC (health insurance), and so on. TOEFL Melbourne University scholarships can, however, be submitted using iBT, DELA, CAE, and PTE.

Graduate Research Scholarships, Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship, Melbourne Welcome Award, and other popular scholarships granted by the University of Melbourne.

Melbourne University 70% to 80% acceptance rate.
Entrance Application Fee for the University of Melbourne: $100 AUD

University of New England Scholarships

Central Queensland University is another prominent university in Australia that plays a vital part in education by providing substantial scholarship schemes to qualified students. Candidates interested in studying for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees can now apply for a number of excellent scholarships that provide the following benefits, such as reduced tuition fees, monthly stipends, return air tickets, and so on.

Central Queensland University’s notable scholarships include Research Training Scholarships, Foreign Student Scholarships, and Undergraduate Scholarships. Central Queensland University has a 66% acceptance rate. There are no application fees at Central Queensland University.

Monash University Scholarships

Monash University is one of Australia’s top-ranked universities, noted for its high-quality education, diverse degree programs, specialist courses, and partially or totally financed scholarship programs. Prospective students can apply for the scholarships listed below to finance their studies and benefit from various educational funding packages such as free housing, a living allowance, a monthly stipend, the opportunity to engage in leadership programs, and other leisure activities.

To meet Monash University’s language competence requirements, applicants must submit any of the following examinations in addition to IELTS: TOEFL iBT/Paper-based, PTE, CAE, CPE, and Cambridge Linguistic General. Monash University offers scholarships to both international and domestic students, including the Sir John Monash Scholarships for Excellence, Earning Potential Assistance Scholarships, Monash Leaders Scholarship, and Monash Mentor Scholarships.

RMIT University Scholarships

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is a public research institution that provides a variety of scholarships to students engaged in online courses, short courses, research programs, and undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. These scholarships provide candidates with a variety of essential perks, including tuition price waivers, health insurance, living stipends, and so on. TOEFL iBT, PTE (A), FCE, CAE, and CPE scores may also be submitted for language proficiency requirements. IELTS substitute.

RMIT University’s Nobel Scholarship programs include Australia Awards Scholarships, RMIT Supported Scholarships for Commencement International Students, Certain External Scholarships, and others.

RMIT University has a 45% acceptance rate.
Entrance Application Fee for RMIT University: AUD 100

Macquarie University Scholarships

Macquarie University is recognized as Australia’s most prestigious yet modest university, with dozens of excellent scholarships and grants available to qualified international students. Applicants, on the other hand, can submit TOEFL iBT, PTE, Duolingo, ELC, or EAP scores to enjoy the benefits of Macquarie University Scholarships, such as scholarship grants, thesis fees, and so on.

Macquarie University scholarships include the Macquarie University Higher Study Scholarship, the Macquarie University Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme, and the Macquarie University Higher Study Scholarship. Admission rate at Macquarie University: 40%.
Entrance Application Fee for Macquarie University: AUD 100

University of Newcastle Scholarships

Newcastle University is another well-known Australian university with numerous undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, Ph.D., and research programs. Candidates enrolling in the aforementioned degree programs, on the other hand, are also eligible for supported scholarships and can receive tuition price reductions, scholarship awards, and other important perks.

Candidates must submit TOEFL, PTE, GCE (A-Levels), C1 Advanced, HKDSE, ELICOS EAP exam, and Australian TAFE scores to be considered for University of Newcastle Scholarships. Some well-known Newcastle University scholarships include the ASEAN Excellence Scholarship, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship, and the Boeing Indigenous Engineering Scholarship. Admission rate at the University of Newcastle: 80% to 87%. There is no application cost for Newcastle University.

University of Tasmania Scholarships

Local and international students who want to study at the University of Tasmania can do so through online courses, short courses, and undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs. Meanwhile, applicants in financial need can apply for supported scholarships and get a variety of incentives such as prizes, fee exemptions, monthly stipends, health care, and so on.

Applicants must complete the TOEFL iBT, PTE, Cambridge CAE & CPE, Cambridge BEC, UTAS English for Educational Purposes, and (AEMG) DEP EAP2 Score for the University of Tasmania language requirements. Candidates may apply for the University of Tasmania scholarships listed below. Deans Merit Scholarships, Tasmania International Scholarships, ASEAN Scholarships, and other opportunities are available. Tasmania University of Technology The acceptance rate is 75%.
There is no application cost for admission to the University of Tasmania (for UG and PG courses). Nevertheless, 110 AUD (for medical courses)

James Cook University Scholarships

James Cook University is well-known in Australia for offering a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, online, and short courses. Furthermore, this university provides several significant scholarships for international students, including dozens of high-value scholarship prizes and other educational funding. TOEFL iBT, PTE, C1, C2, ISLPR, OET, and JCUCEAP scores are required for James Cook University Scholarships.

Local Tertiary Scholarships, Walter and Eliza Hall Trust Opportunity Scholarship, RSL Queensland Scholarship, and other popular scholarships granted by James Cook University. The acceptance rate at James Cook University is 61%. There are no application fees at James Cook University.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get a scholarship without IELTS in Australia 2023?

    Yes, you can apply to study in Australia without IELTS, however, there are some restrictions. Students seeking admission to Australia’s top universities can apply without IELTS scores if they have studied in countries where their diplomas are recognized by the Australian Education System. Ques.

  • Does Australia give full scholarships to international students in 2023?

    The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is now accepting applications for the Australia Awards Scholarships 2023-2024. All international students from across the world can apply for fully funded Australia Awards Scholarships to study in Australia.

Full Funded Scholarships

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