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Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarships 2023-24 Apply Now

Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarships 2023-24: These scholarships are comparable to CSC (China Scholarship Council) scholarships, CAS-TWAS scholarships, and any other Chinese scholarship in that the recipient’s education is subsidized by the Chinese government.

Students in the class of 2023-2024 are supported by Chinese government scholarships at HIT. The Harbin Institute of Technology CSC and the Presidential Scholarship Fund provide international students with free education, free housing, funds for health care, and monthly stipends. This China scholarship is one of the numerous initiatives taken to internationalize the Chinese educational system.

Harbin Institute of Technology CSC China Scholarship Sponsorship:

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Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarships 2023-24 Apply Now

The HIT CSC and Presidential Scholarships by the Harbin Institute of Technology go toward paying the recipients’ tuition fees. Based on the applicant’s level of study, the scholarship value is divided into the following categories:

  • The payment of monthly stipends
  • There will be no cost of lodging provided.
  • There will be no tuition charges.
  • It will be granted medical coverage.
  • The professor may provide extra financial support.

Who Can Apply for the Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarship?

  • The scholarship will last for less than four years for people who want to go to the Harbin Institute of Technology for a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.
  • The grant lasts less than a year for people who are enrolled at Harbin Institute of Technology in a program to teach Chinese or another relevant subject.
  • Exchange students and students who have made a big difference in international education can stay at the Harbin Institute of Technology for less than a year. 

Harbin Institute of Technology offers the following Courses:

Scholarships from the Harbin Institute of Technology are available in the disciplines of philosophy, law, economics, history, education, management, engineering, literature, art, medicine, agriculture, and science.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for HIT China Scholarship

The applicants are encouraged to carefully review the eligibility criteria to determine whether or not they are qualified to apply for the scholarship.

  • Candidates must be fluent in the language in which their intended degree program is taught. This differs from program to program and institution to institution.
  • The applicants must be healthy and non-Chinese.
  • Bachelor’s degree applicants must have graduated from high school with honors and be younger than 30 years old.
  • For a master’s program, you need a bachelor’s degree in a related field and to be younger than 35.
  • If you want to get a Ph.D. at the Harbin Institute of Technology, you must have a master’s degree in a related field and be younger than 40.
  • Applicants for graduate study must hold a bachelor’s degree or be in at least their second year of college. These candidates must be younger than 50 years old.
  • Those who want to join a language program must have a high school diploma and be under the age of sixty.
  • Scholars who wish to visit the Harbin Institute of Technology must hold at least a master’s degree and academic titles such as associate professor (or higher). They must be younger than fifty years old.
  • The applicants must satisfy the eligibility requirements of the institution and program to which they are applying.
  • At the time they apply for the Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarship, applicants must not be receiving any other Chinese government scholarship.

How to Apply to the HIT CSC Scholarships?

Here is a detailed guide for applying for the Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarship:

  1. Fill out an online application at the Harbin Institute of Technology’s admissions website.
  2. Also, go to the website of the Harbin Institute of Technology’s office for international students and look for application instructions. Then, send in your scholarship application by following the instructions. 

Which documents do you need to apply for the Harbin institute of technology Scholarship?

  • Bursaries from the Harbin Institute of Technology Application forms can be obtained either directly from the university or by downloading them from the university’s website. The applicants are required to fill out the form carefully before submitting it.
  • the highest degree or diploma obtained (certified copy)
  • Evidence of proficiency in Chinese or English
  • Recommendation letters (at least two)
  • Objective assertion (SOP)
  • Cover letter and passport copy transcripts and copies of all other degrees
  • A photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form is only needed from applicants who want to study in China for at least six months.
  • Applicants who are applying to a degree program or a research-based program are required to submit a study plan or a research proposal, respectively. The study plan should be less than 400 words, while the research proposal should be less than 800.
  • Applicants to programs in music, fine arts, media studies, etc. are required to send in samples of their work.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 must also send in proof that their parents or guardians are legal adults.
  • After getting all of the required materials together, applicants can attach them to the application form and mail them to the address given by the Harbin Institute of Technology. 

Application Deadline for HIT Chinese Scholarships:

The application deadline for Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarships at all Harbin-based universities is March 20, 2023.

Full Funded Scholarships

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